Insignia Fridge Not Cooling: Troubleshooting Problems Guide

It is a common problem. Whenever your fridge stops cooling, there are a lot of sources that may be the problem. The trouble is finding the correct source which can take some time. It is not always the more famous parts that have gone bad on you

One of the main sources that could cause this issue is the center flap. Sometimes it is not positioned right and the pin misses the guide channel that closes that flap. When it misses the flap stays open and the cool air escapes. Just adjust the channel to get the flap to close properly

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can start checking off those sources until you find the correct part that has failed. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Insignia Refrigerator Troubleshooting


Even if your Insignia fridge model has been discontinued, there are manuals available still to help you with some of the basics. Plus, you can always contact the company and ask them.

The manuals will give you basic guidance like making sure your fridge is plugged in when it does not seem to work. Or check your power supply, wires, fuses, and so on to make sure they are all operating normally.

Then if your fridge has a bad odor, make sure to clean the interior, leave a box of baking soda inside or throw out any food that has gone bad on you. Sometimes many problems are very simple to fix.

When you are not getting any cool air, check the compressor and other key components to make sure they are not broken or worn out. Also, check to see if the door closes properly, if the air from the freezer is making it to the fridge section properly, and so on.

It may take some time but you will eventually find the part that is causing the problem.

Common Insignia Refrigerator Problems


One common problem will be how the fridge sits in its place. Sometimes RV owners push the fridge back too close to the wall and it does not have enough airflow to work right. To work correctly, this fridge needs plenty of clearance and ventilation.

Another common problem will be the seals have worn out. Or not installed correctly. When that happens your cool air leaks out and your fridge never gets cool.

When your compressor does not turn off or frequently turns on and off, then your problem may be the room temperature is too high, or someone is in the fridge too often during the day.

Some odd sounds are normal, according to the manual, but there are other sounds that may not be normal. Those can be caused because the fridge is not level. Check the level and also check to make sure the shelves are installed correctly.

Insignia Fridge Not Cooling


There is a number of reasons for this problem. One is that you set the temperature level inside the fridge too high. Or you have left a door open or opened and closed it too often.

Then, you may not have placed the fridge in a position where it gets the ventilation it needs to keep cool. If it is too close to the walls then you need to adjust its positioning.

Another source that can cause this problem is that you put too much food inside. You may be a great cook and do not like wasting food so you put it all in the fridge. That excess stops the air from circulating, etc., and does let the fridge cool down.

If none of these is the problem then check to see if the compressor and other cooling components are working. If not, then you may need to get a technician to come in and fix the problem.

Insignia Refrigerator Freezer Not Freezing


Again, you may have several sources to check before finding the right one. The first is to check the seals. If the gasket is not sealing correctly all the cold air is escaping and not freezing any food.

Another source is that the food inside the freezer is blocking the evaporator fan. Change the seals for the first problem and rearrange your food for the second.

But there may be some mechanical issues as well as the start relay may have gone bad on you or the condenser coils are dirty. Then it could also be that the evaporator fan is malfunctioning.

Those are just a few items to get you started. If you can’t find the source or it is beyond your skill set to diagnose and fix, then call in a technician and let him handle it for you.

Insignia Refrigerator Door Shelf Replacement


If by chance you have broken a shelf or it got damaged in some other way, then you do not have to worry. Insignia is a well-known brand and there are many refrigerator repairs, parts, and accessory outlets that should have the part you need.

A quick internet search should turn up something near you or you can always try Amazon. Their products may be generic but might be compatible with your Insignia fridge.

Also, you can try the Insignia company directly. They have an online store that may be able to help you find your replacement. Just be careful though, they have a lot of discontinued items listed in that store.

If your fridge has been discontinued, contact them directly to see if they still have the parts you need.

Some Final Words

Fridges are basically the same. The problems you have with your Insignia will be found in all brands of fridges. Yours will not be new nor a surprise to any technician you call. Sometimes the problem is very simple to fix

Just make sure your fridge is not under warranty before you start tinkering with it. You do not want to lose that protection.

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