How To Remove Dometic Refrigerator From an RV (Removal Tips)

When it comes to replacing your old fridge, you may face one giant obstacle. If it was built-in, you may not remove it very easily. In fact, it may be too large to get out of the RV or trailer door. The reason for that is that the fridge was placed inside the RV before the door was installed.

Many fridges in RVs and trailers are larger than the door opening. That means you have to find an alternate path for the fridge. Removing a large window might be your only option. But fridges are heavy and you will need a lot of muscle to get it out that exit.

To learn more about this problem and how to solve it, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the answers you need to solve the problem when it happens to you. It is a tricky problem to solve.

Does an RV Fridge Fit Through The Door?


Not necessarily. It will depend on two factors- the size of the door and the size of the fridge. If you have a standard RV or trailer door, you would need a smaller fridge to be able to get it through the opening without removing the door.

The main problem in this project is that many customers have written or called the RV brands and asked that they put in larger fridges. When the RV brand complies, then it is almost impossible to get the fridge out the door.

Many people have had to remove the door, the door frame, the cooling unit, the handles, and other items to get their fridges out. RV brands do not have this problem as they can put the larger fridge inside at any time and probably do it before the RV or trailer is finished.

That way they have easy access and the labor time is cut down. Once the fridge is in place, the company can install everything else. That is how they can get the larger fridge in place without delays or hassles.

After the fridge is installed and the RV or trailer is completed, the rest is your problem. This a cold way to look at this situation but it is the truth.

How To Remove Dometic Refrigerator From RV


The process we are about to describe may not be the one you will use. The reason for that is RVs and trailers all come with different floor plans and designs. We can only give you a basic set of instructions which will need to be adapted according to your design situation.

Of course, you may not need any instructions if the Dometic fridge is a very small unit. It should fit through the door with ease. The problems come in when you have a large fridge inside your RV or trailer.

1- take measurements. This is a bit complicated as one, you will need to know the size of the fridge to buy. Taking accurate measurements helps you avoid buying a fridge that is too large for the space.

Two, you need to know the exact size of the fridge to see if it will fit through the door or not. That is without any extra work involved.

2- this step has you removing any screws holding the fridge in place as well as removing any trim that makes the area look nice. You will want all obstructions out of your way before you physically move the fridge.

3- Remove any exterior frame that may be in your way.

4- shut off the gas and do this at your propane tank. Then disconnect any wires attached to your fridge. You may want to mark those wires so you know where they are supposed to go when you hook up your new fridge to your electrical system.

5- remove the old caulking that holds the fridge in place. You may have to remove some more screws at this time but that depends as well.

6- now you can remove the fridge from its spot. This process has not included getting the fridge to the door and out the door… yet.

7- when you do your measurements, make sure to measure your path to the door. You may have a tight fit and need to remove other items to get a wide enough path.

8- when you are at the door, the fridge may fit through with no problem. However, you may have to remove the door and the door frame depending on the width of the door and the fridge.

That is the basic process. Your situation may be more difficult or it may be simpler than this one. Needless to say, it can be a frustrating task to do.

How do I Disconnect My RV Refrigerator?


Unless you have an open back design, your RV or trailer should have an access panel to get to the hardware at the rear of your fridge. The first step is to locate your access panel. It should look like a vent cover but with screws.

Then you need to remove the access panel to get to the gas and wire connections. Before you start fiddling with those connections, first unplug the fridge. Then shut the gas line off at the tank and cut the power to the fridge at your breaker box.

There is no need to run the risk of getting a shock while you work. Once everything is turned off, you can unhook the gas line. Make sure to put a cap over that line so dirt and debris, etc., do not get inside.

After that is done, start unhooking the electric wires. It is good to label them as that will make reconnecting the wires a lot easier. All the disconnection work is simple and like every other gas line or electrical connection.

Just use the proper tools to get the job done right.

How do You Remove a Dometic RV Refrigerator Door?


The door removal will depend on the design of the fridge. There are fridge models where the door opens both ways. That means you cannot use the conventional method of removing the door.

To remove this type of door, you have to open one side and look for the two pins at the top and bottom of the door. These are located in the middle top and bottom and are not hard to find.

Next, you need to use some very strong tape and tape those 4 pins down so they do not work. After you have secured those pins, you pull on both sides of the fridge door at the same time.

This releases those pins and then you pull the top straight back towards you. The door should come out nice and easily. For conventional fridge doors, you need to remove the cover over the freezer door.

Then remove the screw or screws from the hinge and the door should fall off into your hands. The fridge door should have the same set up. You remove the screw that holds the door to the hinge and the door comes off nice and easily.

It is best for the conventional method to have someone holding the doors while you work. The cover over the screws may only be a little larger than the screw head. Once you get the top screw out, the doors should lift off the bottom hinge without any problem.

RV Refrigerator Removal Tips


1. In most cases, you will need someone to help you move the fridge from its resting spot. Just make sure they have some muscle as fridges are not always light.

2. Make sure to measure everything before you start the project. That means the fridge, its cabinet, the path to the door, and the door itself. Once you know what you are up against, you can devise a good removal plan.

3. Always turn the power and the gas off to the fridge before you start doing any hands-on work. This can wait till you do your measuring and figure out your plan of action

4. Remove all food and other items from the fridge. This includes shelving, plastic holders, any thing that can break or adds weight to the fridge.

5. If removing the door and the door frame does not give you the room to remove the fridge, consider using a large window.

Some Final Words

Removing an RV fridge is not like it was in the old days. In the early years of RVs, the fridges were very small and could easily be removed. Today, many customers want regular-sized fridges in their units and that change creates this removal problem.

The key to doing this project is to take accurate measurements. You do not want any surprises at any point in the removal process. Just make sure you have good help as well.

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