Where To Find Grand Design Replacement Parts (Parts Lookup)

Parts will break on you. This is a fact of life. But when they do, you do not need a hassle trying to find a replacement. Yet, that is the way it is sometimes as RV companies may not have the right license to sell parts directly to their customers.

One of the key places to find replacement parts will be the Grand Design dealers. Since the company cannot sell directly to their customer, getting replacement parts can be done through specific dealers in your area. Or you may find a parts store that carries the same part after you search the company’s website for the right part number.

To learn more about where to find Grand Design parts, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to have handy when those parts start to wear out on you or fail. Take a couple of minutes to see how valuable this information is.

Online Grand Design Parts Lookup

According to one of the people who work at Grand design, this RV company does not have the proper license to do retail sales. We are not sure what is involved in procuring a license but it seems it would be beneficial for the company to have that option.

However, to help you find the part you need, the company has a web page that helps you find the right part number. That web page can be found at this link. Or if you land on their home page or some other web page at their website, just go to the top right-hand corner and look for owner support.

Click on that and then a drop-down menu will appear and you go to sales and warranty. Don’t click on that but look at the new menu that appears once your cursor touches those words. In the new menu, you will find the parts look-up link and click on that.

Once you are on that page, you move to the left side and start using the filters. It took us 4 clicks to get to the part numbers for the items we were using to test their system. The parts results come with both a description of the part and an image so you can double-check to see if you found the right number.

It is a simple system to use and it works quickly. But what do you do with the part number once you find it? Read the next section to find the answer.

Where To Buy Grand Design Parts

Grand Design does not sell retail or directly to their customers. The one reason, as mentioned earlier, is the fact that the company does not have the correct retail license to offer that service.

If you contact the company, they will most likely direct you to one of their dealers closest to your location to purchase the part. Armed with that information, you can either call them up, send an e-mail or drop in and talk to them in person.

If you cannot pick up the part, the company suggests having the dealer drop ship you the part you need. These are the details you would have to work out with the dealer and not the company.

We do not want you to get confused as to when you go to the shopping tools menu, right next to the owner support link, and click on it. You will find that Grand Design does sell different products.

However, those products are not parts for your RV. Those items constitute clothing, camping accessories, sale items, and a lot more. There are even Grand design pet-related items you can buy.

So while you can shop directly at Grand Design through their website, you just can’t buy parts from them.

Grand Design RV Parts Phone Number

This company does have a contact page and they list several phone numbers you can use to get information about the company, company tours, and parts and warranties. The parts & warranty phone number is: 574-825-9679 and it is listed under Customer Service.

They do not place an e-mail address on the contact page but they do list a mailing address- 11333 County Road 2, Middlebury, IN 46540. The company’s website also has a find a dealer web page but the content is very disappointing.

They recommend you use a dealer but they provide no search tool to help you get one that is near you. There is a search option at the bottom of the page but when we tried to find dealers in a specific city, our results did not turn up anything.

We do know that the company will send you a specific dealer’s contact information and name if you take the time to call them or use their discussion forum to ask for help. You can use this link to get to the specific thread or to search the site to find the information you need.

If you continue to explore the shopping tools link, you will find lower down on the drop-down menu a link to tow guides. This may be handy information if you are new to towing a travel trailer.

For the most part, Grand design can be very helpful when it comes to finding parts or the parts number. But purchasing those needed parts is another story.

Some Final Words

When you need parts do not expect the company to do more than help provide the part number you need and the dealer’s name and address. They do not do parts retail sales and that can be a bit inconvenient for many Grand Design owners.

But if enough owners ask for this service, maybe the company will get the license they need and make the service available. Stranger things have happened.

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