Furrion 12v Fridge Not Working (Troubleshooting Guide)

To be on the level. It may be a play on words but it is sound advice when it comes to RV fridges. These appliances need an absolute level to work properly and if your RV is slightly off, they may still work but not as good as when you are on the level.

RV makers can surprise you. When your fridge stops working and you see that the fuses are all intact, you may be in for a shock to learn that there is another fuse outside behind some wires that may be blown. That fuse will also turn off your fridge.

To learn more about why your Furrion fridge is not working just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information to help you when yours does not turn on. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Furrion 12v Fridge Not Working


Like many other RV parts, there are several sources for this problem. From simple ones like blown fuses, tripped breakers, and bad wire connections to no power in the battery or a broken converter. Or you have problems with the parts in the fridge.

You may get frustrated by all the possibilities that can go wrong. The first place to check will be all the electrical parts to make sure there is power and no loose connections, etc.

Also, try resetting the fridge to see if that does anything for you. Also, you can check to see if the thermostat is not working and if there is airflow or a lack of propane or ammonia.

Common Furrion 12v Fridge Problems

The most common problem will involve electricity. If your breaker tripped, or the fuses blew, or if you have a bad connection, your electrical supply will be cut off and the fridge won’t work.

Then if you let the battery get down below a 12.1-volt charge you may need to recharge or replace the battery. Or you have a problem with how the battery is recharged.

Another is the fridge does not have enough coolant or there is no airflow. The unit will overheat on you and shut down. Check those areas on your fridge to make sure that is not the problem.

Furrion RV Refrigerator Won't Turn On

One simple source would be the fact that the fridge is at the temperature level you set. If you want it to turn on, then lower the setting to a colder temperature. Other options include checking the power supply.

If there is an interruption in electricity or gas, then it won’t turn on. Also, check the components inside the fridge to see if they have worn out or got damaged in some way.

In the back of the fridge, there is a black inline fuse. Remove the back panel and see if it s connected properly or has blown. Then if you are still under warranty, take it to your dealer and let them figure out what is wrong.

Furrion Refrigerator Not Cooling


There may be poor air circulation which hinders the fridge from cooling properly. Or you could have a thermostat or temperature sensor fail on you. If those parts go, it may be a repairman is needed to replace them.

You can check the ammonia levels inside the fridge as well. If there is an ammonia issue that will keep the fridge from cooling. Also, you may have been opening the fridge door too much, placed hot food inside, or simply overloaded the fridge with containers, etc.

Check the simple things first as that will save you time and trouble. Then check the electrical system to see if anything is wrong there.

Furrion Fridge is Not Cooling But The Freezer Works

As with some of the other problems in this list, the control panel may have failed you. It does happen and that part would need a technician to come in and diagnose the problem and possibly replace the control panel.

Or you overloaded the fridge and only the freezer will work. There are some more serious issues that could be causing this problem. The evaporator fan, the defrost system, or even the damper control could be faulty and block the fridge part from working.

Again, this is a job for a technician as it may be something else, and you would not want to replace an expensive part when you do not have to.

Furrion 12v Fridge Fuse Location

There are about 3 different fuses you need to be concerned about. The first will be a glass fuse in the back of the fridge. It should be easy to spot. Then there is a second one called an inline fuse which is inside the fridge at the back.

This is a separate fuse that is not included in the fuse panel right underneath it. This fuse is very difficult to find and remove. The third fuse is outside of the RV or trailer and it is located in the same area as the wires for the fridge or located.

The third fuse is behind the wires. It will take some work to get it out and put a new one in.

Furrion Refrigerator Fuse Conversion Kit


There is supposed to be a kit made by Furrion to help solve the fuse problem. One of their design flaws happened with fuse #2 we mentioned above. It is in the back of the fridge.

The company is supposed to have made a kit to replace that fuse and relocate it to an easier spot. This was done quite recently and you may have to contact Furrion to get the kit. We did not see it on sale at their store.

However, this kit is only for those RV models whose fridges were built prior to the 2023 models. The company is supposed to have made changes to that fuse location and in between, they went from a glass to a blade-style fuse.

Unfortunately, the blade-style fuse is located in the back of the fridge.

Furrion 12v Fridge Wiring Diagram

In the owner or instruction manual, the wiring diagram is not that sophisticated nor is it very detailed. You can see it at this link but it may not be of much help to you.

We were not impressed by the overall drawing and it might still be confusing to some. We did not see any more websites that had this diagram or a better one on it.

The best thing to do is look at the next section and download one of the manuals so you can see for yourself where different parts are located. To get to the wiring diagram, scroll down some and it will eventually come up.

Download The Furrion Refrigerator Manual

To get a manual, the best place to go will be Furrion’s website. They have a special page for different products and their manuals. This web page has manuals and spec sheets so if you do not own a Furrion fridge you may see if it is better than your current model.

Here is another website to try. Just click here to see one manual for the Artic fridge. Whether this company charges or not remains to be seen and usually comes later in the download process.

Furrion Refrigerator Recall


There is good news if you own a Furrion fridge. There has been no recall for any of its models. The website that we used goes back 15 years and only Dometic and Norcold have issued recalls for their fridge products.

Furrion is not even on the list of brand names that have issued recalls and no other website has popped up with any new information. The only Furrion product that has been recalled recently was their television antenna. That was 2 years ago.

Dometic had a chest fridge recalled 2 years ago as well.

Furrion Refrigerator Warranty

We checked the Furrion website and they did not list the length of their warranty for this product. They do have specific instructions on what to do when there is a problem covered by the warranty.

The best thing to do is talk to your dealer for specific information or contact Furrion directly. If you use the link to the manuals and explore the Furrion website, you will find the warranty information.

They basically said that they have different ones and that any warranty information is listed in the owner’s manual. That may not be true as we did not find any warranty information in the manual we looked at.

Some Final Words

When you find that your Furrion fridge is not working, and you are still under warranty, take your RV to a dealer. Don’t mess with any fixes just yet as you do not want to void the warranty.

Most common repairs can be done by you and not a technician. But wait till your warranty has expired before making any repairs to the fridge.

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