Dometic RV Refrigerator Check Light On or Blinking (Meaning)

With upgraded appliances and other electrical devices, you do get a warning when something is wrong. Those lights, when lit, indicate that there is a problem with your stove or fridge, etc., It is best to know what they mean.

When the Dometic RV refrigerator check light is on, it is telling you there is a problem with the gas system inside the fridge. When you see it lit up, make sure to check the gas system to see what the source of the problem is.

To learn more about this issue, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can fix the problem, quickly. Or take your RV to your dealer for a fast repair. The fridge won’t operate normally with that problem.

What Does The Check Light Mean on My Dometic Refrigerator?


It simply means that there is a problem with your fridge. If your Dometic operates on both electricity and gas, the light should not come on when you are in electrical mode or automatic.

That is it won’t unless there is a problem with both the gas and the electric systems. The check light is simply letting you know you have a problem and the fridge won’t work in that mode.

Sometimes, you may have forgotten to reset the fridge and I can’t connect to the electricity or the gas supply. If you have your manual handy, make sure to refer to the troubleshooting section, if it has one, to see what the possible issues may be.

There are different Dometic fridge models but the problem sources should be similar. One of those similar problems could be the element. While some do last a long time, others have been known to burn out before 2 years is up.

Always go for the simple problems first. That way you can avoid any embarrassment when you call in a repairman. We will get to many of the problems you could encounter in the next section.

The Dometic Refrigerator Check Light Stays On


Here is a list of issues you can look at and try to fix. Some will require a professional technician to diagnose and repair but get the ones that you can do and won’t void your warranty.

1. Your RV is not level- this will be an issue for many RV owners. Sometimes it is just hard to get the RV or trailer just right. Also, check to see if your fridge is level as well. Use a level to find out this information.

2. Lack of ventilation- modern fridges need their airflow to work right. Move it away from the walls or remove any obstructions.

3. Clean your seal- this happens a lot as seals lose their integrity fairly easily. Make sure they are clean as debris can leave the door open just enough to let warm air inside.

4. Evaporator coils are dirty- this can happen quite often as well. Just do a routine check to see if they are clean and if not clean them.

5. Condenser coils are dirty- also a common thing to take place. When you check your evaporator coils, check these ones as well and give them a good cleaning from time to time.

6. Obstructions- something is blocking the airflow. Track it down and remove the obstacle. These obstacles can come from the outside if you do not have the right screens and filters in place.

7. The thermostat is set to low- check it to make sure it is at the right temperature level. At the same time check the gas valve to see if it is open.

8. The igniter failed- may need to replace this part to have it work again.

The last source would be to check to see if the fridge or any of its parts are defective. This is one where you would need a repairman to help you.

Dometic RV Refrigerator Check Light Blinking


When set to electric power, the check light should almost never come on. So if you see the check light on, switch to auto or AC power to turn it off and the fridge should work like normal.

When on auto and the light starts to blink, the problem is with either the lower control board or the upper controls. You can check with a volt meter and see if your converter is putting out dirty electricity, which the control panel does not like.

If not, you should call in a repairman and let him do the checking for you. It may be that both of those parts are defective, not at the same time, and may need replacing.

The RV Fridge Check Light Keeps Coming On


We have mentioned most of the problems that may be the probable source for this issue. One we have not mentioned would be the outside burner. If it gets clogged with debris, cottonwood seeds, and pollen, it will cause your fridge to not work.

Check to see if it is clogged up and then replace the outside shield with a good flying insect screen. That screen should keep the debris, etc., from getting side and creating an obstruction.

Make sure to get screens for the water heater and the furnace as they will suffer from the same issue. This is something many people do not think about when they go camping.

Some Final Words

Most of the time, you should be able to find and fix the simple problems on your RV. The Dometic fridge check light is one of those areas you can handle on your own. For the most part.

Some preventive maintenance steps will help cut down on the problems you face and make sure to keep that fridge level. When operating on gas, the fridge does not use a lot of propane so you might want to consider that possibility and only switch to electricity when you have to.

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