What Is Cummins Fault Code SPN 3058 FMI 16 (FMI 10, 0, 9)

When you see a fault code, there could be a variety of sources that trigger a specific one. Figuring out what is wrong takes a little work and requires you to have a fault code guide handy to look up the numbers.

The guide says that the SPN 3058 FMI 16 is that the data is valid but above normal. This code is rated as moderately severe. So when you see it you should have it looked at without delay. Usually, it means there is a problem with the EGR.

To learn more about this fault code, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so that you can get this problem fixed and be on your way again. It only takes a couple of minutes to learn about this fault code.

Cummins Fault Code SPN 3058 FMI 16

Cummins-Fault-Code-SPN-3058-FMI-16 (2)

The best information we have about this fault code is that there is a problem with the EGR. However, that is just general information as there are some specifics you need to know about to be able to fix the problem.

Here are some of those specifics:

- the EGR differential pressure sensor ports have a blockage, a restriction, or a leak somewhere in the system

- EGR valve is stuck open or it has a leak in its area

- the differential pressure sensor has malfunctioned

What the error code means is that the measured EGR is higher than has been commanded. It is hard to find the differential pressure sensor as it is located in different positions depending on the motor is installed.

The same goes for the EGR valve. Talking to a good mechanic that knows your engine model will make the search for these parts go a lot quicker.

SPN 3058 FMI 0


If you were just getting the 3058 error code then that code is telling you that there is a problem with the Engine Exhaust Gas Recirculation System Monitor.

The FMI 0 may not come up very often and to fix it you may have to just clean the system for it to work fine. Or it could be that your engine is overheating. It is hard to say as the list with the SPN codes does not list the FMI codes.

When you are looking up codes for Cummins, it is not as simple as just looking up the SPN FMI fault codes. Cummins has its own list of fault codes that correlate with the SPN FMI codes and while the Cummins codes are in numerical order, the SPN FMI ones are not.

You would need the actual Cummins code to get to the right spot on this list quickly. Then that list only adds in 1 FMI code number and the closest we got was 3060 for SPN. Our eyes could have skipped a number or two so go at it and see if we missed it or not.

SPN 3058 FMI 9


This is what the service bulletin says for this fault code:

The diagnostic procedures have been updated to include the new sensor plausibility fault codes. Removed checking the sensor values (uses plausibility checks for GHG17). Added inspection of the Charge Air Cooler and intake


You have to scroll down to Table 2 to get more detailed information about this code. This is a 5-page bulletin that is full of good information about the meaning behind these numbers and letters. You can read the bulletin at this link.

The first box in table 2 reads “This Fault Code Sets when Actual EGR Flow vs. Desired EGR Flow is Greater than a Calibrated Threshold While the Engine rpm is Between 600 and 900 rpm”.

These codes seem to be getting more complicated the more they get developed. They have added a new set of letters and numbers after the FMI code and those read “GHG-17”

International SPN 3058 FMI 10


The same bulletin contains the information for this fault code and the definition is the same as FMI 9. We won’t duplicate that information here. If you want to get more details about this fault code, scroll down to table 1.

Under each table is a long list of steps you have to take to clear these codes. One of the steps is to check for other SPN FMI fault codes that may have been triggered as well.

If you do get other codes, you are to deal with them first before dealing with the FMI 9 & 10 codes. The other fault codes in that list seem to be the same for both SPN 3058 FMI 9 & 10.

To clear those codes, you should have a code sheet handy so you know what areas of the engine they are referring to. The link we provided for the SPN codes only has the SPN codes and does not list any of the FMI codes.

If you can’t get the complete list, and there are over 50,000 codes to deal with, then you should talk to a mechanic and let them handle the problem. They will have the list and should be able to diagnose all the codes given the time to handle them all.

Modern engines are not made for the home mechanic anymore.

Some Final Words

When it comes to modern engines, they are excellent for power and fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, they also come with a lot of problems that take detailed error codes to figure out what is wrong.

It is not possible to know all the codes as there are so many of them, not including the sub-sections that point to the specific problem. Having a code sheet handy is the way to overcome this challenge.

The key would be to find the right code sheet with all the SPN and FMI codes on it so you do not get frustrated.

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