How Do You Replace RV Marker Lights? Command SAE-AP2 00 Amber

Many owners may not realize that there is a little hole called a WEP hole. This is in the light by design so that moisture can escape. This hole has to be pointing down when you put the cover back on. If not the light can fill with moisture and leak inside your RV.

It is not hard to change or replace this light. You just need a compatible light bulb. Then just snap the cover back in place. Use some silicone caulk to seal the cover and to keep it from falling off. To get replacements go to any outlet that sells slight bulbs and covers.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the change quickly and easily. Take a few moments to see how this information helps you keep your RV lights lit up.

What is a Clearance Light On RV?


These lights are not for height. They are actually marking the width of your RV or trailer. This is important information for drivers in the oncoming traffic lane. It tells them how wide your RV or trailer is and helps them make a judgment on if they have enough room to get by or not.

These lights are also called size lights as they indicate the size of the RV or trailer. They go on the front of your vehicle, etc., and at the highest point possible. They are to be at the widest points possible from each other as well.

The official color for these lights is yellow or you can say amber if you want. The key is to make sure your lights meet these requirements. In addition to these front lights, you should also have side marker reflex reflectors and as far forward as possible.

If you do not keep these lights in good shape, expect to be stopped by the highway patrol.

What is The Difference Between a Marker Light And a Clearance Light?

One difference is that the rear lights are called marker lights. They are not called clearance lights even though those terms are used interchangeably whether for the front or the back.

As with the front, the two marker lights must be placed at the two widest points n your RV, etc. These are accompanied by two reflex reflectors, with one set at the top and one set at the bottom of your RV, etc.

The biggest difference between rear marker lights and front clearance lights is their color. The rear has to be red, not yellow. Identification lights are different from both marker and clearance lights

The identification lights are 3 in number and must be 6 to 12 inches apart. Sometimes the rear marker lights are called rear lights which is a category that covers all the lights in the rear of your RV, etc.

If you want to get right down to the basics, the clearance lights and marker lights are the same things. They just have different colors attached to them

Are Clearance Lights Required On a Camper?

Yes, they are. According to DOT regulations all RVs, trailers, etc., must have both clearance and marker lights on them. Plus, they must be functioning, which means that having them is not enough.

These lights are said to help prevent accidents as well as traffic chaos. If you do not have these lights or they are not working, the local police or state troopers can issue you a ticket.

In fact, there are a lot of lights you need on your RV and they all need to be functioning. These lights include front, rear, side, size, and tail lights. If you are going to be traveling at night, then take the time to test each set to see that they are working.

It is a minor maintenance issue and having spare lights in your storage area will help you get away from your location on time. The lights do not cost a lot and popping the covers off and putting them back on only takes a couple of seconds per light.

How Wide Should Clearance Lights Be?


One thing that the DOT recognizes is that RVs, trailers, truck campers, and 5th wheels are all different widths. That is why their regulation states that the two lights are to be placed at the widest points away from each other on the front of your RV, etc.

The widest points can be 6 to 9 feet wide depending on the type of RV, etc., you own. The thing about this is that unless you are making your own recreational vehicle you won’t have to worry about these lights' location.

The RV maker will have them installed in the right locations. It will be up to you though, to make sure those lights are functioning and properly maintained. You wouldn’t be allowed to drive off the lot if the RV maker did not install those lights in the right spot.

Before you buy, check the lights out and make sure everyone is in top working order. If not then the dealer has to replace those light bulbs and not you.

Command Electronics SAE-AP2-00

This product is made by Command Electronics and they say that 70% of their products are made in the US. These should be readily available as the company ships out the orders they receive between Monday and Thursday.

The company is closed 3 days of the week. The light measures almost 4 inches by almost 1-inch by almost 2 inches in size. They are described as a “Unique one-piece base design combines economy with styling. LED design draws only 50 milliamps. Available in white or black bases, red or amber lenses. Includes class A reflex” by the company.

The company makes a variety of clearance and marker lights as well as reflectors to meet DOT requirements. Their website has a full list of their available products and you should be able to find some that match your RV, etc.

One thing to watch out for if you own an older RV or trailer, etc., The newer light fixtures and covers may not be as large as your old ones. You may have to do what some owners have done and make their own base plate to cover the opening left by the smaller models.

Finding Command SAE-AP2 00 Amber Lens

If you are dead set on getting the Commander brand, then the best place to find this replacement light is on their website. The company has an online store and the light sells for about $11. Some versions may sell for $7 and your cost will depend on the design of the light you want.

If you are not that picky about the brand, then you will find a myriad of replacement options at Amazon. There doesn’t seem to be an end to the variety of clearance and marker lights you can buy at that marketplace.

Or you can try RV Shop or RV Parts Country for these lights. They are in good supply as they are mandatory to have on your RV, etc. Then you can check your neighborhood auto parts stores to see what lights they have in stock.

They should carry a good variety of them as well. O’Reilly Auto Parts is just one chain outlet that sells these lights.

Command 89 385


This model is an oval LED-style clearance light and it is amber. The cost starts at $4.50 which means that it may have other designs available that are more expensive.

It is designed to be mounted either vertically or horizontally and its length is 4 inches long. You can buy this light at the Command website or you should be able to find it at the different outlets already mentioned above.

You can try those home improvement big box outlets to see if they carry this light option. E-trailer may have this model in stock but if not, they do carry other Command lights.

Some comparison shopping should help you find a location near you selling these lights at a very good price.

How do You Replace RV Marker Lights?

These are not hard to replace as they come in a very basic design. The first step is to cut the old caulk sealing the old light to your RV. Then pry off the lens cover and look for any screws underneath.

If your lights have the screws on the outside of the light, then skip that step and remove the screws. When the light is off, remove the wires connecting it to your power source.

Next, clean up any left over caulk using a plastic scraper and some rubbing denature alcohol. Next, simply connect the power wires to the new light and screw it in place.

After that is done, use some good caulking that won’t harm your RV’s exterior and seal the light in place. Make sure to cover the screws with caulking so there are no leaks at that part.

Some people pop the lens off and then seal the lens with caulk. They do this to hold the lens in place as some owners have experienced those lens covers popping off and being lost while driving.

RV Marker Lights Not Working

When it comes to electrically powered devices, the sources are generally the same. The first source you need to check will be electrical connections, blown fuses, or a bad power supply. Make sure the battery running those lights is at full power and there is no corrosion in the way of the electricity.

Then look for loose connections, frayed or damaged wires, or a loose connection with your trailer light connection. When you have looked at these issues and found them to be okay, then move on to the next possible source.

You check those items first because a new light bulb may not light up right away. The old bulb may still be good and you should check the wires etc., before buying a new light bulb.

If you found loose wires, or corroded ones, clean them up, tighten the connection or replace frayed wires. You may have problems with the trailer plug and that may need to be replaced to get those lights working.

If it is a bulb issue, the light could be loose or burned out and it could be the wrong bulb. Just change the bulb with a new one or tighten the connection. Other sources may be the light switch has gone bad or there is damage to the light

RV Marker Lights On While Parked


It seems that many campers do this at different RV campgrounds. The extra light helps ward off burglars and allows you to see where you are stepping. The problem is that your neighbors may not like the extra light coming through their windows.

One way to turn your marker lights on is to buy a special device. It replaces the 7-point plug and allows you to draw power for your lights from the shore power or the battery.

Or you can take a blade fuse and put it into side by side slots and light up those marker lights. You will have to keep placing the blade in two adjacent slots until you find the correct two to use.

The only thing is if you are running on battery power, your battery will drain too fast.

Some Final Words

Replacing those markers and clearance lights is not a problem. It just takes a little time and a screwdriver to get it done right. Plus, add some caulk to seal everything up again.

It is very simple and you should know how to do this as those lights can burn out, get damaged or have some other problem. If you do not fix them right away, you could get a ticket if you drive at night.

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