How To Fix a Cannon RV Refrigerator Not Cooling or Blinking

Not everyone will get a perfect model. That is the trouble these days. Even though a friend may have got a great RV fridge, you may not be able to duplicate that result. Fridges are finicky and all sorts of issues can keep them from working normally.

According to the Cannon manual, if lights #4 and # are blinking, and the fridge is not cooling, you need to press the corresponding key to get it out of standby mode. Another source would be that no power is getting to the fridge.

To learn more about fixing the Cannon RV fridge just continue reading our article. It provides the information you need to know about so you can handle the problem before you call in a repairman. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Who Makes Cannon RV Refrigerators?


As far as we can tell, this is an independent company. The reason there is no more information is the multiple uses of the word Cannon in different businesses.

Cannon if used for RV appliances, may not be a big company or a North American one. It may be an overseas corporation trying to capitalize on the Canon company that makes a lot of appliances for both the home and RV.

This was a trick used after the war by Japanese corporations as the world was not ready to buy Japanese products. We have checked different top best lists and Cannon is not listed on any of them. But then, neither is Canon.

The latter has been in business for 43 years now but it may not be the best maker of RV fridges in the world. However, Canon may be the reverse of the above strategy as the company’s address is listed in Pakistan.

Their website registration ended in 2018 so it may not be shipping products to North America anymore.

Cannon RV Refrigerator Troubleshooting

In the back pages of the manual that we were able to find online, there is a trouble shooting section that should give you some basic help. The problems are listed in one column and the possible sources in the next.

In the third category, the solutions appear. As we just said, they are basic solutions anyone can do before they need to call a repairman. If you have no power to the fridge, you need to check the fuse, open the door to see if the light is on and check the breakers and power source.

You may need to replace the fuse, flip the breaker on or charge your battery and make sure the fridge is plugged in. That work should solve your no power problem unless there is something else wrong with the fridge.

At this point, you should call in a technician or go to your dealer to get the fridge fixed. To do more requires a certain amount of electrical skill which not many people have.

Hopefully, you are still under warranty and can get this fixed. We did not find any website for this brand of RV fridge.

Cannon Refrigerator Not Cooling


Here is what the manual says about this problem:

Are indicator lights “ 4” and “3” flashing? Is the ‘standby’ function activated?

Press the corresponding key to exit the ‘Standby’ function.”

If those keys do not solve your problem, then you are going to have to talk to the dealer about anything else that may be seriously wrong with the unit. This information is not much help.

But if the fridge is not cooling, but the freezer is, try moving the cooling slide down a little bit to see if that works for you. Or you can stop opening the door so much. The warm air will prevent the fridge from reaching optimum operating temperatures.

Then check to see if the fridge is in direct sunlight, or has poor ventilation. If these are the problem then move the fridge to a new location out of the sun and where it can get better ventilation.

Also, let your hot food cool a little bit before putting it in the fridge. The steam can interfere with the cooling air and warm it up some.

Cannon RV Refrigerator Light Blinking

If this blinking is being done by #3 and 4 lights, then the fridge may be in standby mode. This is all the manual says about blinking lights. The company's answer is the same as we quoted above.

You may check the temperature setting to see if that is the source of the problem. If it is, then lowers the setting. You may have to do a reset to get those lights off and the fridge back to factory settings.

We can’t be sure as there is very little information on the internet about this product. This is the situation even though this and other problems have been happening as recently as last year.

Camping World had one video out about the features of a Cannon Fridge but they were just hyping the model. A search of their website turned up zero results for a Cannon RV fridge.

Like the manual, it was not much help in understanding who Cannon is, where they make their products, who owns them, or any troubleshooting tips beyond what is found in the manual.

Download Cannon RV Refrigerator Manual


One manual can be found at this link. Once the page has loaded up, you can read all the pages and get the information you need to know about firsthand. It is the only readable manual we have found online so far.

There is a second link you can try but it does not list a manual for Cannon fridges. There is a place to make a request but we are not sure if any of the 89 people who made requests got an answer.

Part of the problem with this lack of information is that different search engines are coming up with a list of fake sites that has the title you need to find information. If you click on them you either get a page of gibberish or it doesn’t load at all.

This is not one or two results on the first page. There are over 30 of them in a row. We have notified one search engine of this problem but it is on more than one search engine.

Finding Cannon Refrigerator Parts

This was the easiest search for this topic. There are several legitimate websites that pop up in the search results and they have many parts for a Cannon fridge and other products.

The first one is at this link and it has several pages for you to explore to see if they are selling the part you need. Unfortunately, it is a British parts company and the shipping may not be worth the effort.

A second location we thought would work is called Thermuparts cooker spare parts and they seem to be limited to ovens and similar products, not fridges. We include the name in case you have a Cannon cooker in your RV or trailer.

We will include one more option but it too is a UK-based company but they seem to sell every kind of part for all of Cannon products. Click here for that website.

There is a Cannon Appliance website and a Cannon Appliance Parts website but they are not for this brand. The common name does mess up any searches you may make.

The only thing we can suggest is to contact the dealer where you bought your RV and see if they have manuals and parts for your Cannon RV fridge. This product does not seem to be on sale for the general public

Cannon Refrigerator Warranty


We checked the manual and could not find where they listed the warranty. Nor could we find any website talking bout this product and its warranty. The best thing to do is talk to your dealer before you buy an RV with this appliance inside.

It seems that if you want information, parts, or do it yourself instructions, you won’t find them on the internet. You may have to contact Forest River or other RV brands directly to get that information or you will have to talk to their dealers.

No one is talking about this product.

Some Final Words

We wish we could be of more help to you on this topic but when no one is talking about it and there are no websites to go to, there is not much one can do.

All we can do is refer you to your RV’s brand or their dealers to get more information. The discussion forums were not much help with solutions, manuals, or parts.

This may be a new brand the RV makers decided to use to save money. It is hard to say as there is scant information available.

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