Finding a Wildernest Topper For Sale (Price, Review, Weight)

When you are afraid of wild animals crawling into your tent, the Wildernest comes to your rescue. Once deployed your sleeping area is so high up only you can get inside. That should keep you nice and comfortable as well as very safe as you sleep.

This may be a bit difficult as the company went out of business n 1996. However, if you look hard enough there are still people selling their used Wildernest toppers. You will have to determine if the price is right or not when you come across one for sale.

To learn more about these rooftop tents, just continue to read our article. it has the information you need to know about so that you can find one for your truck. They make handy canopies when not in use as a tent.

The Wildernest Flip Top Camper Shell


The Wildernest company did not stay in business for very long. They lasted about 9 years approx and how many units they sold is unknown. Their construction design started with a regular truck canopy that just about anyone could use at any time.

Then the top of the canopy opened up and there was a nice tent inside the little raised roof. The tent was supposed to come with a 3-inch mattress, support poles, so you did sag when you laid down, and some very good airflow.

This mattress was 42 inches wide for two people. When the tent was folded down and put away, your truck look like it had a normal canopy on top of it. You could also lower a screen door to help keep the bugs out of your sleeping area.

With the large windows, you got a great view of the surrounding area. made from very tough materials, the tent was strong and very durable. Also, you could put a picnic table underneath the tent area and provide some cooling shade when it is time to eat.

The major drawback was that if you rolled over the wrong way, you could fall into the bed of your truck.

How Much Does a Wildernest Camper Weight?

The weight of the topper is not going to be too much more than some standard canopies you can buy. With the tent section added in, you are looking at approx. 200 to 250 pounds.

Different models made for different trucks may come in at a little higher or even a little lower weight. These toppers were made for different vehicles and you had to get one made exactly for your model of truck or you would have installation problems.

Check your truck's cargo weight capacity to make sure that you can add the topper as well as items like motorcycle carriers. The weight of the carrier, plus the motorcycle plus the topper may get a little high and go past the cargo weight limit.

Also, factor in any supplies or tools, and equipment you want to bring along. Watching the weight you put in your truck is as important as tongue weight and tow weight limits.

Wildernest Camper Dimensions


When put away, the dimensions of the canopy will be the same as your truck bed’s dimensions. These canopies were made to fit specific trucks so that there would be a tight fit with no installation issues.

The tent had an outside measurement of 83 inches long and 72 inches wide with an inside measurement of 65 inches wide. But these measurements will change depending on the truck the canopy was made for. One example is the short bed Tacoma truck.

The measurements for the tent on this canopy were 55 by 77 inches. No one mentions how high it gets but in looking at the photos you can stand up inside if you are standing directly on the truck bed floor.

If you are on the mattress, then you get about 3 to 4 feet of headroom. Interior posts hold the roof of the tent up high so you should have enough space to move about. To get the right dimensions, you need to find the topper that is made for your specific truck.

How Much Does a Wildernest Camper Cost?

As you know, the price will depend on condition and size. The larger models of this canopy tent combination will probably cost you a little bit more than those made for smaller trucks.

Also, the owner’s value will play a large role in how much they will sell their Wildernest tent. The most common price we have seen so far is about $500 and you probably can find some going for a lot more than that.

You may also get one for a lot less as one owner sold his for only $200. it will all depend on how lucky you are and which ads you see. A motivated seller will be happy to take a good and fair offer.

The key to finding a good price is to look in the right places. Then be patient as you never know when a motivated seller will put his up for sale. Some people will not part with theirs as they love the benefits that come with sleeping up high and out of harm’s way.

Wildernest Camper Reviews

Surprisingly, we have not found any real negative reviews for this canopy tent combination. Most people have enjoyed using theirs and some people refuse to sell at any price.

That is not a surprise as you get up to 8 feet of headroom when the tent is extended. That 8 feet is measured from the truck bed floor, not the mattress. The comments made by the owners we read have all been positive.

The owners liked the fact that they can use the canopy as a regular shell when not deploying the tent. Some non-owners expressed their desire to own one. They thought that this particular brand was a very good investment.

That is to be expected as they say this tent can be set up by 1 person within 5 minutes. Ease of use makes everyone happy as does having a very durable tent to sleep in. The quality of the construction materials must be good as no one is complaining about tears, rips, or holes.

One owner has mentioned that his Wildernest is in like-new condition even after owning it for 20 years or so. People were very happy with this product and their comments reflect that satisfaction.

It is probably too bad that the company went out of business about 25 years ago. But other companies have tried to fill the void with their version of this tent canopy combination.

Finding a Wildernest Camper Shell For Sale


Before we get to the usual suspects, we will start with this link. It is an old forum but this company may be still in business. Their post says that they will start making Wildernest tent canopies again.

The thread is 10 years old, so it may be too late and the new venture did not get off the ground. Aside from that option, you can try classified ads and Craigslist to see what is being offered in your area.

Then there are different forums, like this one, that has places for members to sell their items. A few threads are selling Wildernest canopies and they seem to be going for a reasonable price. The good news is that there are posts from this year on those threads so it is a very active forum.

You can always try eBay and see what models are being placed there. eBay is always a good marketplace to try as you never know when someone will sell their Wildernest canopy.

Then you can always try those dealers where truck canopies are sold, new and used shops as well as different junkyards. There are lots of outlets where you can get lucky and come across one.

The last place to look would be flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, and yard sales. People do place their canopies for sale at these locations. You might get the best price for those sales as the sellers should be very motivated.

You can always check RV forums to see if anyone has listed one for sale. brainstorming for ideas should get you on the right path.

Some Final Words

The Wildernest truck canopy tent combination was a good idea. These tents were well made and provided a nice elevated position to get some sound sleep. But if your heart is not set on getting the Wildernest brand, there are other companies out there making similar products.

They said Coleman made some once and may be making them still. Other brands are tapping into this unique market. What made Wildernest stand out was that it was a top-quality product for the price.

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