Best Pop Up Camper Sheets: What Size Sheets For Pop Up Camper?

Part of a good night’s sleep is having the right bed sheets on your mattress. This is an easy task to do when you own a traditional bed. It's not so easy when you have a 4-inch foam mattress and a pop-up camper. Adjustments have to be made when you own the latter.

The title for this category may go to the QuickZip zip-on sheets that some people are selling these days. They are very easy to use and as the name says, they zip on and off in a flash. The size of sheets you will need will depend on your bed size.

To learn more about which bed sheets you need for your pop-up camper, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get a good night’s sleep every night.

What Size Sheets For a Pop-up Camper?


This will depend on the size and dimensions of your bed. One owner found that her bed’s dimensions were 80 by 48 inches. However, no one made an 80 by 48-inch bed sheet that she could find.

If you have a standard king-size bed in your camper, you may get away with using standard king-size sheets. But the drawback to using those and sheets that may fit an 80 by 48-inch bed is that those standard sheets are not made for 4-inch foam mattresses.

They are usually made for mattresses that are 12 to 18 inches thick. The regular sheets may fit fine but the fitted sheets will be where you will have this problem. It may take some searching to see if one of the many retail bedding outlets sells sheets in the right size for a pop-up camper.

There are rumors that there are but it would be time-consuming if those stores are all local and not part of a national chain. RVs, trailers, and campers all have the same problem. Their bed sizes do not always match up with traditional bed sizes.

Pop Up Camper Bedding Options

This may be a difficult search to make. Even Amazon came up a little short for that one pop-up owner that needed 80 by 48-inch sheets. Amazon is selling at least one at 48 by 75 inches in size. There may be better options at that marketplace but it would take a little searching to find a set of sheets you would like.

There is more to buying sheets than just their size. color, design, and thread count also play a role in which ones you purchase. Speaking of thread counts, Camper parts world says it sells camper bed sheets in the 250 to 300 thread count range.

Those sheets come in full, queen, and king size but the big question is will those measurements meet your camper’s definition of full, queen, and king size beds? The cost of those sheets may be a bit on the expensive side.

Other options include buying larger-sized sheets and having a seamstress alter them so that they will fit your bed or beds. This is a great option for those who do not like or know how to sew.

Then some owners suggest buying regular sheets and some elastic strips to make them into fitted sheets that will fit your thin mattress. It is something to think about and does not take a lot of work to do.

Best Sheets For Pop Up Camper


Like traditional beds, the higher the thread count the softer the sheet. That is one of the key factors you need to look for when shopping for new bedsheets. Even for campers, you want a high thread count so you can relax better when you go to bed.

Then you need to take accurate measurements as there are about 8 standard bed sizes used in all levels of RVs. Depending on the size of your pop-up camper, you may need one of those 8 sizes. or you may need an odd dimension as RV makers seem to love to make their beds in odd shapes and sizes.

The key will be in the thickness of the fitted sheet. If it is designed for a large, thick mattress it probably won’t work in your camper without some major alterations. The thickness of your mattress will play a role in finding the best sheets for your bed.

For brand names, any of the top brands will work as long as they meet the camper requirements. Some people have a queen size bed and use a queen size air mattress. With that setup, you may be able to use a queen size fitted sheet without any alterations being required.

Coleman Pop Up Camper Sheets


This company has its own store which is always a good idea if you want satisfied customers. In the case of bed sheets, it pays to have a good selection on hand that will fit the pop-up campers the company makes.

This link will take you to one page where Coleman lists the sheets it has for sale. There may be more but one link should get you started on the right track. The selection seems limited but the prices look reasonable when compared to the prices we saw at Camper parts world.

You can also check Hannah trailer supplies and see if they stock any bed sheets for Coleman pop-up trailers. This is a case where the age of the trailer won’t matter. All that matters will be the dimensions of the mattress you are using.

Then, if you have changed the mattress and customized it to the way you want the bed to be, you may find that your selection may be broader than those that do not do that. When you change your mattress make sure to consider the bedding size. Make sure you can find good sheets in the new size of mattress you are using.

Jayco Pop Up Camper Sheets


Jayco doesn't seem to be like Coleman as we found no store on their website and none popped up in our search. However, just about any camping parts and supplies store may carry sheets that will fit your Jayco mattresses.

One of those locations is Camping World. they advertise bed sheets that should fit this maker’s camper beds. Their prices may be high but then so is the thread count in some of their stock. Up to 500 for some sheets.

There are other outlets like Mattress Insider that may have the sheets you want. This issue is only going to be for those Jayco owners who have not customized their beds. If you have then, like Coleman, you would need to broaden your search a little bit to find the right sheets for the mattress situation you went to.

Check with the different RV forums on this topic. Those members will have some insight and lead as to where you can get sheets that fit or they may offer some good DIY options that save the day.

King Size Pop Up Camper Sheets


The size of an RV king-size bed is usually between 72 by 75 or 72 by 80 inches. if your camper is large enough to hold that size of bed then you may be able to find some sheets that fit. At least the standard or regular sheet, not the fitted one.

Amazon sells some but those may be too thick for the mattress you have in your pop-up. One set on sale is made for a 10-inch thick mattress, not a 4 1/2 inch one. The companies we mentioned earlier should be able to help you find the right size.

The question will be will they have them in the color and design you want? Some owners went to Jersey fitted sheets with the elastic stretching all the way around. That may be one solution for you if you are having trouble finding the right size.

It seems that everyone agrees on this issue. It is not the regular sheet that is going to be the problem. Instead, it will be the fitted sheet that causes all the problems. You may have to consider altering regular sheets to fit your camper’s odd-sized bed.

Some Final Words

The best camper sheets will be the ones that fit your bed snugly and has the highest thread count you can afford. RV beds are weird when it comes to sizes and fitting sheets to them is not like fitting sheets to a traditional mattress in a traditional home.

Contact the different RV forums to get more advice on this topic. They may even have some local leads for you to check out.

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