Finding a Used Oliver Legacy Elite II Travel Trailer For Sale

When you get tired of the inferior craftsmanship of mainstream RV brands, you can always build your own. That is what two brothers did. When they decided to build their own they designed the trailers to be the way they wanted them to be.

This is not a 40 or 50-year-old independent company with few trailers made. It is a modern factory that puts out as many trailers as possible each year. Finding one for sale is not that hard as they are advertised all over the country by the company and owners.

To learn more about the Oliver Legacy Elite II travel trailer, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to find one that will replace your current travel trailer. The name alone adds a little prestige to your retired lifestyle.

Finding a Used Oliver Legacy Elite II For Sale


The first place to look would be the factory. On their web page for this trailer, you will see that the starting price is $65,000. If you are interested, you can contact them directly. They have a ‘get a quote’ button on the bottom of the page for your convenience.

Another place to look would be new and used RV travel trailer dealers. One location on the internet advertises one for sale at this time. Its cost is roughly $72,000 but that is not the only dealer that is advertising on the internet. You should be able to find one near you very easily.

Then, you can go to the RV fiberglass discussion forum. They have a place on their website for people wishing to sell their RVs and trailers. One was just advertised and sold last year. You will never know when the next one will be put up for sale.

The company has been around since about 2007 or 08 so there should be a good supply of used trailers on sale throughout the country.

Our Oliver Legacy Elite II Review

You would like to say that the floor plans are unique but with the small amount of space, there will be some similarities between the floor plans of this trailer and all the others made by other companies.

That is not a detraction but a realistic fact. But that limitation doesn't stop the company from making a top tiered trailer with double-hulled fiberglass placed on an airplane-grade aluminum frame.

Plus, the company offers both standard and optional features so you can dress up the interior any way you want it to look. This is a solid, aerodynamic trailer that is easy to tow and is designed to make your living space more comfortable.

The drawback to this trailer will be the sleeping capacity. While it seats 7, it only sleeps 3. That can be a hindrance if there are more than 3 in your family. The design is well thought out for both the inside and exterior of the trailer.

With easy towing, this trailer is a good option for those who want to do full or part-time camping.

How Many Overhead bins Are In Oliver Legacy II


The overhead bins are p[art of the fiberglass mold used to create the trailer. That means that they will always remain in their current positions no matter what happens to the trailer. The company placed a tour video on their website so you can see for yourself how many overhead cabinets are inside.

You can reach that video at this link. We counted about 6 or 7 OPHC but we may have missed one or double-counted another. We suggest that you look at the video as you will get a very close-up look at the interior and see all the standard features plus a few upgrades.

For additional storage, the Elite II comes with a storage box on the tongue. It is an aluminum box that will hold a variety of items. It doesn't hold the propane tanks. Those are placed behind the front stabilizing jack and come with their own cover.

There are additional outside storage boxes for batteries and other needed trailer equipment. You will have lots of storage space given it is a 23 1/2 foot trailer.

How Much Does an Oliver Legacy Elite Cost?

The Legacy Elite trailer is an 18-foot 5-inch trailer that is 4 seasons ready. It is a single axle RV and comes with the standard double fiberglass hull. The base unit will start at $57,000 and that price will include a water tank and battery monitoring systems, and a bathroom with a toilet and molded vanity.

There is also a dinette and dining table and so on. If you want to see a complete list of the standard features, just click on this link. The Elite II is a 23’ 6” trailer that offers a little more space inside.

With all of its standard features, you will be looking at spending $65,000 to start and the price will go up from there depending on the options you add. What is a benefit of buying a trailer from Oliver is that they only sell factory direct. There are no dealers to add to your costs.

Unfortunately, the Elite only has one floorplan and it is called the standard. The Elite II comes with 2 floorplans and you can get the standard or the twin bed option. There is some good news as both trailers and all their floor plans come with a full bathroom/shower set up.

The standard full bed option provides a comfortable mattress measuring 74 by 52 inches in size. A 10-foot awning is standard on both trailer models.

How Much Does The Oliver Elite Weigh?


The overall weight for the Elite model is 3,700 pounds. The weight for the Elite II comes in at 4,900 pounds. The difference is the two sizes of trailers. Those are UVW weights.

The GVW weight for the Elite II is 7,900 pounds and for the Elite it is 5,000 pounds. The tongue weight for the Elite is 370 pounds approx., while the tongue weight for the Elite II is 490 pounds approx.

The holding tanks will add a little more weight when they are full. For some reason, the fresh and gray water tanks for both trailers are 32 gallons while the black water tank only holds 15 gallons.

This should give you the right information to see if your current tow vehicle will be able to handle these trailers. They are said to be easy to tow and the low weight is one reason for that.

You can have guests over for a nice meal as the Elite holds 6 people and the Elite II will hold 7 but those guests will not be able to stay the night as sleeping arrangements only allow 3 people. The awning provides a little extra living space and lets you enjoy the night air even when it is raining a little bit.

What Is The Biggest Oliver Trailer?

The company only makes 2 trailers. That makes it easy to identify the biggest trailer. Then they only have 3 floorplans so again, that makes it very easy to see which trailer may be the most comfortable.

The Elite 2 is the biggest trailer offered by this company. Its exterior length is 23 and 1/2 feet and has an exterior width of 7 feet. The exterior height is 8 feet 6 inches and to the top of the air conditioner, it is 9 feet 7 inches.

On the inside, you have a 6-foot 6-inch height and a 6-foot 6-inch width to work with. That is plenty of headroom for most people. The two floorplans offered with this trailer provide either a twin bed set up with a nightstand in between the beds or a convertible dinette area that will give you a bed measuring roughly 75 by 79 inches.

What makes this even better is that you get to choose the fabric color and design for the interior. that goes for the flooring as well. The company offers lots of choices in these two areas.

What Is The Smallest Oliver Camper?


The smallest trailer is the Elite model and it only comes with one floorplan. But with all the options you can add in you can still personalize the trailer and make it unique. This trailer is a bit smaller than the Elite II as the overall length is only 18 feet 5 inches and the overall height is only 9 feet. The outside width is only 6 feet 6 inches which makes the interior quite a bit smaller than the Elite II.

With a 6’ 1” interior height most tall people will not be able to stand up straight inside. Then you may feel a little bit cramped as the interior width is only 6 feet 2 inches. The standard floor plan only provides you with one bed that turns into a dinette when you are not sleeping.

The bed measures 74 by 52 inches in size when set up. There is a second dinette area that also converts into a twin bed and that is between the bathroom and the main bed. if you want to see more of the trailers and the features, the company has a downloadable brochure you can access.

That brochure is found on their floor plan web page for each trailer.

The Oliver Company Website


We do not do this very often but their website is very impressive and far more informative than most other RV companies' websites. Not only is the site easy to navigate it has details that we have not seen on their competitor’s sites.

For example, the top row of links has one called company. When you press that link, you get sent to a page that has contact information, meet the owners, career opportunities, their blog, and their own company forum section.

That is not all. When you click on the shopping tools link, you can go down to another link that says see an Oliver. That link takes you to a map that shows you where participating Oliver owners reside and will let you tour their trailer in person.

The owners will only provide basic information to your question but since they are located almost everywhere in the country, you can find one near you. To arrange a visit you have to contact the company and set up an appointment. That is easy to do.

Also, there is a link under the same heading that allows you to schedule a tour of the factory. if you want to see firsthand how their trailers are made Oliver will arrange a tour. You just have to get to the factory in Tennessee.

Under the owner’s link, you can find manuals for the ones you lost, see walk-through videos as well as contact the service center, and view your open tickets. We cannot speak to the quality of their customer service, something you would need to talk to Oliver trailer owners about, but the website is set up for your convenience.

This website helps the Oliver company stand out from the crowd of RV makers. They also have a link taking you to the rally next year as well as other events that may be taking place. That is impressive.

Some Final Words

The Oliver company seems to go the extra mile to make their customers satisfied customers. Your experience with them will be up to you but it looks like they have covered all the bases.

Finding an Oliver trailer for sale near you is a matter of a simple internet search. You should be able to find one at a price you can afford.

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