How Good Are Toyo RV Tires? (Toyo vs Michelin for RVs)

Tires play an important role in RV life. That is a fact just about everyone should know. But if you don’t when you go out on the road, your tires can make or break your holiday time. That is why you want the best RV tires on your vehicle. That could be Toyo tires.

How Good Are Toyo RV Tires? Everyone likes to make comparisons. That way they feel that they are getting the best tire or deal around for their RV. Toyo matches up well against Michelin tires scoring in the high 4s on a scale of 5, with 5 being excellent. That should tell you how good Toyo tires really are.

To see how Toyo tires match up against Michelin just continue to read our article. It comes with the data you need to see how well Toyo performs against a top competitor. When you want good tires on your RV make sure you read all the data before you buy. Michelin is not the only company that makes top tires.

Toyo vs Michelin RV Tires

The match up is set. Which is better the Toyo or the Michelin’s. Well, we will just give you the facts and let you make up your minds. Michelin’s have been making top-quality tires for more than a few decades and they have always been some of the best.

For smoothness of the ride, the Michelin are better than the Toyos. But you get that smoothness at a high cost. Depending on your TT or RV you can save between $600 and $1000 if you make the switch to Toyo.

Also, the Toyo tires come with a UV inhibitor to help keep their tires lasting longer. Michelin as far as we can tell, does not do that for their tires. Along with that, Toyo tires perform well and can withstand a lot of mileage before they wear out.

We have seen some reviews where the mileage has made it into 50,000 miles with ease. So if you are looking for which one is better, Michelin’s are still top quality but expensive while the Toyos are just as good for a cheaper price.

Best Toyo Tires for RV

When you research this topic and you should do it to double-check our information, you will find that most people on the RV forums merely mention the brand name. They do not go into tire specifics when talking about which tire is best for their RV.

But there are a couple of standouts for the Toyo line that seem to impress some owners and reviewers. The first is the M154s and so far they have lasted about 3 years without any trouble.

Then there is the M144s radial tire that you can get on Amazon among other places. It comes with low rolling resistance for fuel economy, can resist punctures and other tire ailments, has a great tread design and can handle most road conditions.

They can also handle heavy loads without complaint. The M152 also is another top-quality Toyo tire that makes its own mark on the RV world. No matter which Toyo tire you buy, you are getting a product that comes from a highly respected tire company that prides itself on making good tires for you

Toyo 22.5 RV Tires

This series of tires come in a variety of sizes. The 140Z model offers some great steering and traction performance that may not be equaled. Plus, it works well no matter if you are doing short,. medium or long hauls. It stands up to the heat of the road and takes what comes with patience and grace.

Its strong shoulder makes sure you can steer your vehicle well while the stiffness ensures that you get a smoother ride. Its zig-zag tread makes sure the rubber on the tire does not wear out unevenly or too quickly

Finally, its 4 steel belt construction makes it tough for nails and other sharp objects to puncture and ruin. Toyo has gone all out that we can see when it made this tire. You should be able to drive the road with comfort and peace of mind knowing your RV is equipped with one of the best options available.

Toyo RV Tires Prices

The prices for these tires will vary depending on the retail dealer you are going to buy new tires. One inexpensive way to get Toyo tires is at Amazon. Yes, they sell tires there as well.

The tire models we saw for RVs can range from $148 to $300. Wal Mart has a similar price range with one model going up to just over $500. Another tire dealer was selling their Toyo tires between just under $300 to almost $400.

So it will depend on where you shop and if they have any special sales going on how much Toyo tires will cost you. No matter how much you pay for the tires, Toyo is comparable with the best and that includes Michelin tires.

They hold up well because they are made well. We have not come across too many complaints about their quality. Just that some RV owners prefer different brands

Are Toyo Tires Good in Snow?

This may depend on how good you are at driving in the snow. If you are not a good snow driver then even Michelin’s will have trouble navigating the slippery conditions.

As it stands, the Toyo tire seems to be a very good snow tire and it holds its own against the competition. Some models of Toyo tires are designed to work in all seasons making the competition nervous.

They also come with a high mileage warranty so your RV should be protected in case anything happens to them under normal wear and tear conditions. Some of the tires have lasted over 100,000 miles and are great when you are towing your TT to different locations.

Just keep in mind that Toyo tires are not just for RVs. They are great for your tow vehicle and other cars as well. You may like Goodyear, Michelin or Firestone but the Toyo tire is right up there with those brands. Not only in terms of quality, performance and more.

You are not stepping back just because you chose a Toyo tire over the rest. You just spend less money for the same or better results.

Toyo RV Tire Inflation Guide

We can’t possibly provide you with a tire inflation guide for all of the Toyo tires. That would take up too much space. What we can do is tell you that in many instances the Toyo Tires seem to be the equivalent of Michelin tires.

Some RV owners have said that you can use any inflation or load chart that is not Michelin. It seems that Michelin charts may be a bit over or understated. With that said, here is a link to Toyo’s website that contains all the information you need about inflation rates.

At some points the coloring may be a bit light so it is hard to read. The one caveat that is placed on that web page is that you should never exceed the sidewall markings for maximum loads or inflation pressures.

The chart should cover your tires without leaving any out.

Where are Toyo Truck Tires Made

This is a good question as there seem to be several tire plants operated by Toyo around the world. Some information has pointed out that there is an American plant in Georgia that makes Toyo tires.

Another source said that the company had a plant in Japan while a third said that the company had the Chinese making their tires. The truck tires are supposed to come out of the Georgia plant located 50 miles south of Atlanta.

China, Malaysia and Australia plants make other Toyo tires and the word is out that due to some Chinese shortcuts making other tire brands, Toyo watches their Chinese employees with a heavy hand.

This is good as the Chinese is said to take a few shortcuts in the tire manufacturing process and leave out vital components that all tires need to perform well and safely. In other words, Toyo makes sure the tires that carry their name is reputable, strong, tough and of top quality.

Those are all key elements when you begin to look for new tires for your RV

Some Final Words

Michelin is a top tire company and they produce a lot of top tires that are second to none. But that fact doesn’t stop its competition from also producing great tires. One of those competitors is Toyo, and they do put out some great tires.

So much so that many RV owners swear by them and will use nothing else. Of course, every tire brand has their own loyal customers who will use those brands only. But Toyo is as good as all those top tire companies.

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