Superzilla vs WD40: Is Superzilla Any Good? (Helpful Review)

The jury is still out. When you hear of miracle products, it is easy to be skeptical. Superzilla seems to be a miracle product that does everything except drive your car to the car wash. It is hard to believe the hype but hopefully, there is substance to the claims.

So far our research has only turned up very good reviews for this product. It is supposed to be a plant-based lubricant/cleaner/that does everything. Most people who have used it have only good things to say about it. It may be good.

To learn more about this product, just continue to read our article. It does an in-depth look at this product and how it compares to WD-40. This information should be able to help you make a purchase decision concerning this new product.

Does Superzilla Really Work?


First off, don’t take the USADA certification as proof this product works. The certification only states that Superzilla is an environmental-friendly product and non-hazardous towards nature. That is not a certification that it works.

Second, take many of the glowing reviews and negative reports with a grain of salt. Somewhere in between, you will get to the truth. The truth is that it does seem to work but it needs time.

It is not a miracle lubricant, cleaner, etc., as it does not free up metal parts right away. It will get them loose as soon as it can just like other lubricants will. The difference is this product is plant-based not petroleum based.

According to the reviews, we have read, it is supposed to work. Many people are satisfied with their results.

Is Superzilla Any Good?

From our research, we found that many reviewers were impressed by how well it worked. That means that this lubricant/cleaner is good in some ways. The results from different tests show that it works very well as a cleaner.

It is supposed to remove hard to get stains like wine. The inventor of this product has claimed that he has used his own product for 6 years cleaning up build-up on fuel injectors, carburetors, and carbon from the top of engines.

People who have tested the product to double-check the claims have found that it works well but it takes a long time to work. In some cases up to 10 minutes to clean away stains and in others up to 20 minutes to lubricate.

But to give both sides of the story, this product has not made that many top best lists for lubricants or cleaners.

Superzilla Reviews

We have read different reviews on this product and most say the same thing. About 80% of the users liked the product and found that it worked well. 20% didn’t like it as it did not work for them.

This seems to mirror Amazon’s reviews where 84% heaped lavish praise on the product while the other 16% could not find anything good to say. The negative reviews were quite informative as one reviewer said, do not use this product on painted items. It will remove the paint and ruin the surface.

Another reviewer found that it was very difficult to use the pump action model. While a third said the straw did not fit the sprayer so they had difficulty using it.

We found another reviewer who stated that you cannot use this product on anything but bare metal, glass, concrete, etc., without testing it on a small out-of-the-way section first.

Superzilla vs WD40


The two do have some things in common. While the WD in WD-40 stands for water dispersal, it can lubricate and help hinges move freely, loosen bolts and nuts, and so on. It can even clean up different items when given the chance.

But its main purpose is to get rid of moisture that is causing the friction in metal parts or engines. It does a great job but there are better lubricants you can use.

In a head-to-head comparison, and judging from the reports we have read, Superzilla is supposed to go goes above and beyond what WD-40 can do. It seems to be a better cleaner than its opponent and it is supposed to be green.

While green is all the rage, it is not always the best product to use. Superzilla seems to perform well in most applications and does some tasks WD-40 can’t do.

What is Superzilla Made Of?

This is what no one but the inventor knows. According to our research, including investigating the company’s website, Superzilla is supposed to be made from plant-based products.

The company and the inventor do not advertise its ingredients. We have not found any website that lists the ingredients of this product. However, on one material safety data sheet, we did find some health hazards that may be caused by this product. But it is not a carcinogen.

This is what the website had to say when we checked it for ingredients- “Our non-hazardous Superzilla and Gunzilla are made from natural-based plant materials and they have none of these warnings!”

Most of the long content on that web page was a rant against certain chemicals used in other cleaners and lubricants. You can read it here.

Who Makes Superzilla?

The company behind this product is called TopDuck Products, LLC. It was formed in 2004 when the owner heard about a military man who complained about the gun cleaners used in the military to clean their rifles, etc. Those cleaners were supposed to have taken the skin off the user’s hands.

The first product issued by this company was gunzilla and it took them about 2 to 3 years to develop it. The company did and is doing well with this product. It was not till a few years ago that the company turned its attention to the many chemicals in everyday cleaners and lubricants.

Like Gunzilla, the company spent years developing this product from plant-based ingredients. They look forward to producing more green products for everyday use.

The formula is supposed to be non-hazardous and is safe to use around kids and pets.

When Was Superzilla Invented?


This is not known either. All the history of the company states is that a few years ago… Then their story says that it took a few years to develop the product so the best guess is that it was invented just before 2020 as one car discussion forum had a thread on this product that was dated to 2020.

But there seems to be a lot of secrecy surrounding this product which adds to people being suspicious about its effectiveness and reliability of the claims. The product is made in Michigan and as said earlier, the company is going to continue to develop different plant-based products.

What is Superzilla Used For?

According to the advertising, this product can be used for just about anything. It is supposed to be a super cleaner that will clean stainless steel appliances, and clean up permanent marker stains, as well as ink, crayon, wax, and scuff marks.

Not to mention that it is supposed to clean up wine, tree sap, labels and their adhesives, and so on. You get the picture.

Then it is supposed to be a lubricating oil at the same time. It is supposed to work on hinges, locks, chains, gears, cables, and valves. But that is not all. This product is also supposed to act as a penetrating oil that frees up rusted nuts and bolts, and more metal objects.

According to the hype and the reviews, this is the miracle product everyone has been waiting for. It may even toss your salad if you let it.

Can Superzilla Remove Rust From Metal?

That is what the company has said. Those claims seem to be backed up by 80% of the reviews written by users. There are also a lot of reviews that say this product did not do what it claimed to do.

Your experience may be in the 80% or it may be in the 20%. it all depends. We cannot guarantee this product will work for you but from our research, it seems that the odds are in your favor it will work for you and remove the rust from metal.

However, the rust can only be on your metal parts for less than one month. The problem with this product is that it will take a long time to work. If the rust has been on longer than a month, you may have to wait an hour before seeing if it will work or not.

If the rust has been sitting there for years, you may have to wait several weeks before it does any good, and then it may not remove all the rust.

Does Superzilla Remove Paint?


Yes, it will and that may or may not be a good thing. You are not to use it on painted surfaces that you want to keep intact. It will remove the paint there and possibly ruin the surface the paint was covering.

As for paint stains, you should not use them on fabrics for the same reason. It may ruin the fabric. The instructions are to test the cleaner in a hidden spot first to see what it will do to the painted surface or stained area before applying it generally.

Also, this product does not evaporate so you do need to dry the area with a cloth completely. If the cloth does not remove the product use soap and water to clean it off.

How Much Does Superzilla Cost?

Right now it is currently unavailable at Amazon so we cannot give you a price for that marketplace. However, we did find it at Ace hardware and it was selling for $16.99 for a 10.14-ounce bottle.

An 8-ounce pump bottle of this product was selling for $10.64 at Walmart. The bad news for retailers is that the company will compete with them. They have an online store and 2 bottles can run you about $20 approx.

A gallon-sized tin will run you $109 through the company store and they have different sizes, including bulk purchases available. For our Canadian readers, you can buy it through Morgan Products for $14.99 CDN

Does Walmart Have Superzilla?

Yes, it does and it seems to only have one product listed in its online store. We cannot speak for the brick and mortar outlets but it is on sale through their online outlet.

One word about how it is beings sold. We found that Walmart and other retailers who do sell this product list it as a lubricating oil. They may or may not list it as a cleaner or a penetrating oil.

Walmart does happen to list it as a lubricating and a penetrating oil but we cannot say the same thing for other outlets.

Who Sells Superzilla?


We did a quick search for different retailers and the results were not encouraging. Every time we clicked on an Amazon link on the results page, the web page came up saying currently unavailable. When it returns to that marketplace is anyone’s guess.

Walmart has it on their online store web pages. The one listed as penetrating oil is more expensive than the lubricating oil option. It sells for $11.32 when it is in stock. It used to sell for over $30.

The lubricating oil is also out of stock and its regular price was just over $27. We mentioned Ace Hardware but so far only 2 stores in Hawaii sell it. It may be in other locations but we cannot be sure.

Some Final Words

Despite the great reviews and claims there still seems to be some doubt about this product. The secrecy surrounding the formula does not help nor does the generic USDA certification.

But according to 80% of the users, this product is a miracle and it has eased their lives somewhat. That is when it comes to cleaning, lubricating and penetrating nuts, bolts, and other products you have a problem with.

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