Sumo Shocks For RV: Cost, Reviews, Installation Guide

Technology tries again. It seems that wherever you go, technology is always trying to improve on something. This case will be the ride of your RV that gets the attention. These Sumo Springs are supposed to be the next best thing to providing better control, smoother ride, and more.

These new helper springs are sold as a pair and one retail outlet sells them for $252.99. They are supposed to be maintenance-free and the majority of reviewers we saw, liked how they worked. Some problems may come in the installation process even though it is supposed t be very simple to put on your RV.

To learn more about these helper springs, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. These devices are supposed to provide a better, smoother ride with less damage to your trailer’s suspension system.

Sumo Suspension For RV


These are wedge-shaped devices that are not a replacement for your regular springs or shocks. They are inserted between the coils of your built-in springs and help them handle heavier loads.

Their construction material is “micro-cellular urethane, a sort of superdense foam that captures air in millions and millions of "cells” and these devices are not supposed to need air lines, have air leaks, and work every time, all the time.

Also, this style of suspension comes in different colors. These colors represent different levels of suspension. The yellow version is for replacing factory bump stops and is said to be the hardest Sumo Spring you can buy. They are made for medium to heavy loads.

The blue color is the lowest density level you can buy and it comes with the ability to hold the most air. Finally, the black color level is the in-between level and it also works with medium to heavy loads. Yellow and blue colors are one-piece options while the black color is a two-piece device.

Sumo Springs RV Reviews

The majority of the reviews we read were positive. The owners of these helper springs could not say enough good about them. The many comments were how these helper springs smoothed out their ride and made controlling their RVs a lot better.

The one negative comment we found was where one owner most likely did not install the helper springs correctly and did not provide the standard 1-inch gap needed for them to work right.

The Sumo Springs need weight and won’t engage until weight is placed on your tow vehicle. You do need to remove the factory spacers as well to get the full benefit of these helper springs.

Other than that, most of the customers we saw who posted their experience, were very positive and would not take them out for anything. When installed properly, they do provide a better rider and a better towing experience.

As one owner said, he went for a more dense level of sumo springs and should have gone to the blue instead. To get good results, you need to pick the level that will fit your RV situation.

Sumo Springs RV Cost


As reported earlier, one retailer sold them as a pair and for $252 approx. However, that price is not going to be static and you will find retailers who will price them according to the make and model of your tow vehicle.

For example, Sumo Springs for a Chevy Tahoe were priced between $250 and $280 approx. while the Ford ranger price was between $180 and $260 approx. Another retailer had the Chevy Tahoe version $100 cheaper at $150 approx.

We have also seen these helper springs being placed on sale for up to $700. Your cost will depend on your tow vehicle, trailer type, and other factors. Different retailers will price them accordingly.

Amazon has these helper springs on sale as well and they are competitive in pricing. The blues are listed at $196, the blacks at $207 to $224, and the yellows are priced at $299 to $325 approx.

You may find better and more economical deals if you search Amazon and find different sellers.

Sumo Springs For Sprinter RV

This model of RV does have two of the Sumo Springs that will work for it. The black and the yellow versions are the recommended models. Each version of the Sumo Spring has a different capacity level.

At 50% compression, the black Sumo Springs have a 900-pound weight limit while at the same compression level the yellow can hold up to 1400 pounds. Then these springs were originally made for the 3500. However, they are now available for the VS30 and 45400 models as well.

Like other Sumo Spring options, these require no maintenance and slip into place quite easily. With their airbag-type design, you are riding on an air cushion that does not leak air.

Of course, you need to follow the same rules of loading an RV. You cannot go past the manufacturer’s suggested gross vehicle ratings even with these springs in place. Putting them on your vehicle should not be a problem as clear instructions are provided with each spring sold.

Sumo Springs For Class A RV


There are some Sumo Springs for Class A RVs. They work more for smoothing out the ride and helping some sway but not for much else. The real results come with proper installation.

There are some differing opinions on this issue and some people like the added help while other owners do not see much value in using Sumo Springs on their Class A RV. Other owners who made the addition will not change back to a non-Sumo Spring driving situation.

How they will help your Class A depends a lot on the driving conditions, road conditions, and your driving style. The cost you pay will be determined by the retail outlet you chose to buy those helper springs at. They are being sold at different prices and even Amazon does not really provide you with a price advantage.

The best advice that can be given is for you to talk to some experienced mechanics, some owners who have Sumo Springs on their RVs, and then make your own decision.

How To Install Sumo Springs On RV


Step one is to jack up your RV and then position heavy-duty jack stands underneath to help hold the weight. Then check the tires front and back to make sure that they do not roll on you.

Step two is to get the Sumo Spring kit and drill the extra 3/8 of an inch holes that are needed to secure the springs to the chassis. Step three has you assembling the brackets with the bolts and nuts, (all three items are included in the kit).

Then the brackets are attached to the Sumo Springs and the stock steel spring stack. The difficult part of installing these springs is that you do not have a lot of working room. You will have a tight fit making it hard to turn your ratchet to tighten the brackets.

Then the drilling of the holes for the brackets will be a bit difficult as well. The lack of room is what makes installation complicated. If you have someone do it for you, expect to pay about $1000 for their time and labor.

Sumo Springs vs Air Bags For RV


This will depend on your ride preference. Some people say that the Sumo Springs provide a harsher ride than airbags will. But other owners using Sumo Springs found the opposite to be true. They enjoyed the ride they got using the Sumo Springs.

What the airbags do is help level the RV out making the ride a lot more enjoyable for the driver and the passengers. These owners won’t give up their airbags just like Sumo Spring owners won’t give up their springs.

It is a matter of preference and you may enjoy the airbags over the Sumo Springs or you may prefer the reverse. The biggest problem with airbags is that they cannot be stretched too far and if you do, you may have to replace them.

The Sumo Springs do not have that difficulty which might give them a nice advantage over the airbags. Ride-wise, this may be 6 of one and a half dozen of the other.

Some Final Words

Getting a little more comfort out of your RV ride is important. The Sumo Springs should be up to that task and help you have better control over your vehicles. Their installation is said to be easy as long as you follow the included instructions in the kit.

According to the reviews, there are more owners who like this system over those that do not. The key will be in picking the right color level for your RV. You do not want to go too light or too dense when making your selection.

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