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Stacy Stewart RV Furniture Collection (Seating Review)

It may be a Jayco product only. The woman behind the collection is called Stacy Stewart and she has been an employee of Jayco since 1988. After 17 years of service, she became a designer in 2005. Only recently has Jayco named their furniture the Stacy Stewart Collection

This furniture is more of an unknown quality as not much is known about the woman behind the collection or how the furniture is made. The chairs seem comfortable but do come with different problems once installed.

To learn a little bit more about this collection, just continue to read our article. It has as much information as can be gleaned from different sources. Take a few minutes to see if this information helps you change your furniture to this collection or not.

Stacy Stewart RV Furniture Collection

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Jayco seems to be very mum about this collection. It may have been used to replace the Thomas Payne collection due to the complaints about the quality of that brand’s RV furniture.

It is a standard collection and is supposed to be very comfortable. Not many complaints about this collection and there are not much information about it online.

Owners are more worried about removing the plastic name tag than anything else. It is standard RV furniture and since it is a brand-specific option it is not making creating anything new for RV owners nor is it revolutionary.

To remove that plastic name tag, just use your hair dryer. It should lift off the plastic without damaging the fabric underneath. It is interesting to see that some websites put a Thomas Payne/ Stacy Stewart label when talking about this furniture collection.

When we checked the Lippert website who makes the Thomas Payne furniture for RVs, there was no mention of Stacy Stewart. Some people think it is the same furniture but it may be that only the names were changed.

Stacy Stewart RV Theater Seating

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These seem to be standard RV fair that some people like for their comfort. They do not like them for their cup holders. They complain about not being big enough for coffee cups, etc., and that they are in the most awkward spot possible.

There may be a problem with the heater in these chairs. They seem to fail a lot and people are having trouble getting repairs or replacements made. Due to a backlog of appointments at Jayco dealers.

Some owners bypassed Jayco and went straight to Lippert for their spare parts and warranty application. There really is not much to say about this furniture collection as it is brand-specific and not well-known outside of that brand’s community.

Nor is it well known inside the community either. There is not a lot of talk about this collection among the owners. The reason may be that the change in name came rather recently and no one noticed any difference between the old collection and the new one.

Stacy Stewart RV Furniture Reviews

We wish we could provide you with some unique information here. This collection is not like the RecPro Charles collection which placed about 4 to 5 pieces of furniture on one top 10 best lists for RV furniture.

We found that only 2 RV discussion forums had threads on this collection, one was for Keystone and the other was for Jayco. Other than a few posts, no one at either site really reviewed this collection.

The best that was said is that they were comfortable, looked like Thomas Payne, and they found two used ones on Craigslist. They were selling for $1000. The member stated he didn’t think they were worth that much.

We did find another thread and the poster did not like the quality of the furniture with this name. He said they fell apart within one year. Another owner replaced him with the RecPro versions because these seats were very uncomfortable.

The bulk of the posts was very negative about this collection and they wondered how anyone could put their name on it given the lack of quality. The further you read in the thread, you will find some owners that are satisfied with the collection.

Finding Stacy Stewart RV Furniture For Sale

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Probably the only place you will find this collection on sale to the public will be Craigslist or some other classified ad newspaper or the online option. This collection seems to be made specifically for Jayco and possibly Keystone and is not for the public option.

There are no ads for it and even Lippert does not mention it on their website. That company is said to be the manufacturer behind the seats that called the Stacy Stewart name.

But from what we have been able to find out, the people who are satisfied with this product are in the minority. They do not last according to some owners and they felt that Ms. Stewart should be embarrassed about putting her name on such low-quality furniture.

She has been with Jayco for 30+ years so she should know better. That is the opinion of some owners of her collection. When one owner got a warranty replacement on their Stewart chairs, the company did not even want them back. That says a lot about the furniture.

But it is well known that any collection for RVs will be made out of the cheapest materials unless you are spending over $100,000 for the RV or trailer.

Some Final Words

Let’s just say that the company that built this collection could have done a better job and Lippert should have sought out better quality materials to build the furniture.

It seems that whoever approved this furniture collection, did not approve quality control oversight. The many people that have their collection in their RVs are not happy with it.

Some replaced theirs with a RecPro model and judging by the reviews, RecPro seems to build a very top-quality set of RV furniture. Unless you buy your own, you will be stuck with inferior RV furniture no matter whose name is on it.

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