Kathy Ireland RV Furniture Reviews (Is It Good Quality?)

One of the best ways to make sure your new furniture gets noticed is to attach a former supermodel to the marketing strategy. The big name will help get your furniture noticed and a beautiful woman should get you more sales.

There seems to be only one place you can get this brand of RV furniture and that is through Camping World. From the reviews we have seen, it sounds like these items are of good quality and have a great look to them. They can come in power or manual options.

To learn more about this brand of RV furniture, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this brand is for your RV or not. The furniture may be as hot as Kathy Ireland.

Who Makes Kathy Ireland RV Furniture?


This is probably a trade secret as no one seems to know. For her Kathy Ireland Home series, her company teamed up with Bush Furniture to make furniture for a traditional home.

So far, all we can find is that Kathy Ireland World Wide teamed up with Camping World to offer this exclusive brand of RV furniture. It seems that the only place you can buy her items is through Camping World.

There is the possibility to find her furniture at Gander RV & Outdoors but what the prices are at both locations remain to be seen at this time. This is a recent offering so her furniture line is relatively new having made it to the market in December 2020.

Do not expect to find a lower price for this line of RV furniture. Both Kathy Ireland’s company and Camping World are known for having higher than normal prices on their products.

From the images we have seen, the construction and seating material is top-notch and looks good. You will have to be your own judge as to the quality of this furniture line. Some people like them and others do not. It will be up to your tastes that will place you in one of the two camps.

Where is Kathy Ireland's Furniture Made?

Her company seems to have many brands as business partners. We have searched her website and there is no mention of where the furniture for RVs is made. But because of those partnerships, we have an idea that different components are made around the world.

For example, the leather for her sofas, recliners, etc. Could possibly be made by the most recent company to join hers as a partner- Di Giò, the Italian leather maker.

There are two furniture makers listed in those partnerships and one is Nebraska Furniture and the other is Bush Home & Office Furniture, as well as Precision Reclining. It is possible that those companies make the RV furniture

you see at Camping World.

We can’t be sure for in an interview with Ms. Ireland, about her furniture, she does not disclose where her items are made. When we searched her website for more information, the results page was blank.

Most likely, her furniture is made wherever her partner companies make their furniture. We have not been able to find any leads beyond that so far. We checked Camping World and they are not saying anything either.

**An Update- her furniture seems to be made by Standard Furniture Manufacturing Company. So far we have only found that this company’s suppliers come from Vietnam and that they are one of the few American-based furniture makers left.

Their plants are in Bay Minette and Frisco City, Ala. But that does not mean everything is made in America. They just may be assembled in the country and distributed from Alabama and California. The company has been in business since 1946.

Is Kathy Ireland's Furniture Good Quality?


To some people, this furniture is very good quality. They like the items they bought and probably will buy some more when the time comes. However, not everyone shares that favorable opinion.

There are owners of her furniture that have nothing but negative remarks to make about the quality of her furniture. They stated that the furniture started to wear out after 2 - 3 years but we wonder about the timeline.

Supposedly, this brand of furniture only arrived on the market in the last month of 2020. It is not even 2 years old unless the announcement was off on the date of release. This mystery was solved when we found out her traditional home furniture line was offered in 2001 and is ongoing.

According to one owner who just made his purchase, the furniture is supposed to be guaranteed for 5 years. We have not been able to confirm that information yet nor have we seen a way to make a claim on any damaged or defects to the furniture as of yet.

There is no web page on her website talking about warranties or returns. You may have to go through Camping World if you are not satisfied with the product or if there are some construction defects.

Kathy Ireland RV Furniture Reviews

Out of the 130 reviews found on Amazon, 82% gave the furniture 4 stars or higher. They were pleased with what they bought, however, these reviews may pertain to her traditional home furniture line and not her RV line.

She may have copied IKEA’s business plan and sent out the furniture ready to be assembled and not fully assembled. Most of the reviews we saw were mixed and those negative ones may have been influenced by her marketing partner, Camping World.

Her furniture may be good but since she goes exclusively through Camping World, the reputation of that company has softened sales. There are many owners who will avoid buying anything at Camping World, even if it is the best product in the world.

On one top best list, her brand is listed at #2 out of 12 leading RV brands. That list only said the very basic about her furniture and that her collection includes the following items- theatre seats, ottomans with storage, Euro recliners, recliners, standard sofas, and jackknife sofas.

There are 11 in total that her company offers through Camping World but because that company has a negative reputation many people may not see what she has to offer.

Kathy Ireland Furniture Slide-Jack Jackknife Sofa


Ms. Ireland has her name on 2 different models of the jack-knife sofa style. The first is the Jiffy Jackknife Sofa and it is supposed to be very lightweight, compact, and very comfortable.

It comes with thick and plush padding placed on a steel frame. It is sold in 2 sizes, the 64 and 68-inch, and it is on sale for $699 or $769. Add $90 when it is off sale.

The second model is Slide-Jack Jackknife Sofa and it sells for $1000 if you are a non-member and $699 if you are. It too is built on a sturdy steel frame, comes with more than enough padding, and is said to be quite comfortable.

Then it should fit any RV’s interior decor and when you want to turn it into a bed, just click the latch and the bed slides forward to avoid hitting the wall. There is a 5-year warranty covering any major defects and you would have to talk to Camping World to get the details of that coverage.

Right now these two sofas are still in stock and you should be able to shop online to get the best deal.

Kathy Ireland Furniture Euro Recliner

This piece of furniture is not as expensive as the jack-knife sofas. It retails for about $549 and is currently on sale for $329. It is designed for easy configuration with your RV’s floor plan.

Plus, it comes with a padded headrest and armrests along with a contoured backrest for more comfort. In addition to that this recliner will recline and swivel.

It is a nice looking piece of furniture and it only weighs about 45 pounds. That should make it light enough for almost any RV or trailer. The overall dimensions are seat 23.4 x 23.6" Height: 40" with an overall width of 32 inches and reclining length of 64 inches.

We could not find any reviews on Camping World’s website for this chair but if it is made like the rest, the longevity of the product may not make it past the warranty’s length.

We also did not find any mention of the warranty’s length on that web page. You would have to ask the managers at the individual Camping World store how long the warranty is for this recliner option.

We did notice that the 5-year hydrolysis warranty is only attached to a few of her items and one includes the power recliners.

Who Sells Kathy Ireland Furniture?


This line of furniture is an exclusive offering only. You will find it at Camping World outlets only. Why Ms. Ireland decided to choose this outlet for her RV furniture is anyone’s guess. It does not have the best reputation in the RV world.

There may be some found at Gander RV & Outdoors but from what we understand, this is a smaller subsidiary of Camping World. That would be why you would find some of her RV furniture pieces at that chain store.

If you are a Good Sam member, you will get a nice discount on the price as well as the shipping costs. If you are wondering why Camping World gives great discounts to Good Sam members it may be because the CEO of Camping World is also the CEO of Good Sam.

Camping World did step in when Gander RV & Outdoors went bankrupt after 57 years in business. They kept about 70 of the most profitable stores open after the purchase out of a total of 126 overall.

Camping World also owns Erehwon Mountain Outfitters, Good Sam, Overton’s, Rock/Creek Outfitters, and more. Our research has shown that people won’t shop at Gander either because of who owns it now.

That means that a lot of people will miss out on this collection of RV furniture even if it is good.

What To Look For When Buying An RV Recliner Or Other Furniture

There are several key points to look for when you decide to upgrade the furniture in your RV or trailer. Here are some tips to help guide your search:

1. Material- leather is said to be bad for hot weather areas but you are looking for quality in the material, good thickness, and the right color. It also has to be durable.

2. Comfort- no sense buying anything when you do not feel the comfort. If you can, take a seat on some of the pieces on sale to make sure you feel great in them.

3. Looks- you want it to complement your RV’s interior decor not clash with it. Pick the right colors and designs.

4. Construction material- you want the recliner and other pieces of furniture to be durable, strong, and long-lasting. A cheap price does not guarantee quality or durability, let alone strength.

5. Price- find the one that fits your budget. You can overpay and still not get the comfort, strength or look you want. Spending more does not guarantee you will get the best recliner, etc., option out there

Some Final Words

Ms. Ireland made her fame through modeling. She has taken that effort and created a worldwide company that has a good reputation. She is also said to be one of the more powerful women in the business world.

However, that success may not have translated down into her RV furniture. You will be the final judge if her RV furniture line is a success or not. Most people won’t buy from Camping World and that may be a business mistake on Ms. Ireland’s part.

You may be one of those people.

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