12 RV Management Companies: Best RV Rental Management Program

Why bear the burden alone? Buying an RV can be fairly expensive. It gets more expensive if you have to pay the complete purchase price yourself. But why do that if you are not going to be a full-timer? You can rent it out when you are not using it and have the renters help shoulder the financial burden.

There are ways to make money through your RV. The best way is to sign up with one of the many RV rental management companies that have developed this industry. It is possible to make up to $60,000 a year by renting your Class A RV out through one of these firms.

To learn more about this growing industry and an RV rental income for you, just continue to read our article. It holds as many RV rental management companies as possible so you can make a great choice.

How do RV Rental Management Programs Work?


The process for the owner is quite simple. You just bring your RV to their lot and sign up for their rental program. The companies usually take care of all the other details. They screen the potential renters, they maintain your RV, they handle all the payments and insurance and on it goes.

Then some pay a commission check each month after all the fees have been collected. This is the basic program and each company may have some individual differences that set them apart.

One company has its own insurance to cover any damage plus they make the renters get their own insurance as well. You should not have to buy extra insurance to participate in these programs. One program has you listing your RV, adding in information and photos, and then the company does the rest.

Specific operations will depend on the company you want to go with. Each one may have unique features that help it to stand out from its competitors.

List of RV Management Companies

We may not get everyone on this list and we may list some companies that may no longer be in business or changed their website locations and can’t be located. This is an ever-changing industry due to many factors beyond our control.

1. Top RV rental companies

2. Vacation Companies

But these are not all the locations you can rent your RV. There are vacation companies that help you rent out your vacant rig when you are not using it. Here is a list of those companies:

  • RV Rentals USA
  • Airbnb
  • Expedia
  • Home Away
  • Booking.com
  • Trip Advisor
  • Trip Advisor​
  • Flip Key
  • 9flats
  • Homestay
  • Onefinestay

Of course, you will need to contact each company to find out all the details of how to rent your RV through them. We make no guarantees on the information listed above as it can change at any time.

Is Renting Out Your RV Profitable?

It can be as RV Share says you can make up to $22,000 a year renting a small trailer and up to $50- 60,000 renting a Class A. Those figures are there to get you to investigate further and have you sign up with their rental program.

Each company will have different fees and different commission splits with its owners so you really have to pick different companies and compare.

Also, this is not a guaranteed business. Just because you list with a top company does it mean potential renters will pick yours. You have to be in the right location, charge the right fee and some companies let you set the price.

Your pricing will have to be competitive to attract the right renters. Also, your RV needs to be clean, upscale, and newer. Some companies want nothing older than 2010 for Class C and B RVs and 2008 for Class A.

One thing is for sure, you won’t make any money unless you sign up and put your RV out there for rent.

How Much Can You Realistically Make With RV Rental Management Programs?


This too is something you have to check with each company before you sign up. It is hard to say as the RV rental management companies we checked did not explicitly state how the commission split goes.

It will depend on how often your RV is rented in any given month. But if you take the figures we gave you above, and then cut them by 50% or more, then you are looking at a more realistic revenue stream.

This is a hard topic to make definite statements about as your RV may be great looking, priced right, and gets lots of rentals while a similar one doesn’t get more than one or two a month. It is all up to the renters and which RV they want to rent.

RV Model and Year Restrictions

Outdoorsy seems to be an exception as they allow older models of RVs to join their program, While RV Share doesn't allow older models in their rental program. Rent for Fun RV does have the 2008 Class A and 2010 Class C and B restrictions. Older than that and you will be out of luck or go to Airbnb.

Other sites were not so forthcoming with their restrictions so you need to make that your first question before you waste your time and go into all the details. Each company will have its own restrictions and some may be more lenient than others.

They do know their customers who may be looking for more up-to-date models and do not want the hassles or lack of luxury the older RVs have.

How do I know That My Motorhome Won't be Torn Up?

Most companies have the same policy on this issue. The renter is responsible for any and all damage they do to your RV. All Star Coach not only screens potential renters, but they also get personal contact, employment, and other information to make sure they pay for what they broke.

They also provide an orientation program and train renters on how to use your RV and the renter signs an itemized list to show that they were trained. Then those same renters have to sign the companies policy & procedures booklet as well as read it.

RV Rentals of Orlando does a similar process including getting auto insurance details and binder from the renters to make sure your rig is covered. This company also charges a $1000 deposit to make sure minor damages are covered as well as having the customer sign a credit card authorization to charge any further damage to their card.

Again, each company will have its own specific details on how they protect your RV and you may want to have some extra rental insurance placed on your vehicle or trailer before you rent it out.

What About Rental Insurance?


According to one company, your insurance never comes into play while the RV is rented by other people. They get a rental binder from the customer or sell them some insurance before they get to rent the RV.

The main item that is not covered by these insurance policies is normal wear and tear. As the RV is used, things will wear out and will need replacing. That will be on you as normal wear and tear happens when you use your vehicle or trailer.

The part of renting that causes the most damage is when renters are driving the RV. Contact happens turning corners, backing into or pulling out of campsite spaces, and so on.

A different company has taken steps to avoid that damage by having you deliver your RV to the site the renters want to be at, you set it up and then you take it down and bring it home once the rental period is over. That solves the driving damage issue.

How do I know That My RV Will be Well Maintained?

Renters don't want to spend hundreds of dollars to rent a dirty RV. When they are paying top dollar, they expect it to be clean and in top shape. Just like renting a hotel room. Each company makes sure it maintains the vehicles to meet that demand or they lose business.

Some companies put your RV on a regular maintenance and cleaning schedule to make sure the RV is in mechanical order and nothing should break down. Sometimes that regular maintenance routine is set at every 3,000 miles.

Remember these companies are in the business to make money and they won’t make money or stay in business very long if they rent out RVs that are substandard and not taken care of properly.

Are Renters Allowed to Smoke in My RV?

As far as we can tell, these companies don't allow any renter to smoke inside your RV. Besides the allergic reaction to cigarette or cigar smoke the owners may have, the ashes and smoke could damage carpets, cupboards, and walls.

Some companies have a penalty fee for those renters who do smoke and it can reach up to $250. That money pays for fumigation and any necessary repairs. Another company will charge $1000 if they catch a renter smoking in your RV.

The policy will depend on the company you go with when you sign up to rent out your RV. You would have to check the individual FAQs on the companies’ websites to see their policies. If the answer isn’t there, ask them directly.

Generally, there is no smoking in your RV. How much the renter is charged if they do is up to the company.

Who is Allowed to Drive the RV?


There are very few people authorized to drive your RV. The renter and the person designated as the driver. This last part could include up to 3 people if they want to share driving duties.

To be eligible to drive, the person must be at least 25 years old, have a legitimate driver’s license that has not expired, and also a social security number. The designated person or persons must be declared at the time of the rental. They cannot be appointed after they take your RV out of the lot.

The driver is the one charged for the damages done while they were driving your vehicle. Check with the company to see if you can put any further restrictions on who drives your rig or not. So far none have indicated that is a possibility. Again, each company will have its own policy on this.

What Happens if the RV Breaks Down On the Road?

One company tells renters they can fix or repair any damage while on the road as long as it does not cost more than $100. If the repair, etc., go above that amount, they need to call in for permission before authorizing the repair.

The contract language can be somewhat confusing to read and this issue is usually laid out in the terms contract the renter signs. Often the company may determine that the damage was due to negligence and charge the renter for the cost of the repair or not reimburse them.

It is all about the language in the contract and you need to read this carefully and talk to the company to make sure what it entails and if you are on the hook for any damages the renter incurs.

What if I Want to Use My RV?

This is generally not a problem. One company will book you like they would any other renter to make sure no one asks for your RV when you want to use it. If your RV is already booked you have the decision to change your dates or have the company move the renter to another RV.

The companies will also have the RV ready to go, the appliances will be started, checked and the propane, fuel tanks, etc., will be full. All the company asks is that you return it in the same condition as you got it so your RV will be ready for the next renter.

Also, all holding tanks will be emptied so you don't have to worry about dumping other people’s waste when it is time to dump.

What if My RV Doesn't Rent?


For some companies, demand is greater than their supply of RVs to rent. That means that in many cases your RV could be rented out for 2 weeks every month in the summer. But that is not a guarantee.

When your RV is not out on the road, it will be stored in the company’s lot. One company may charge you a $65 storage fee per month when that happens. There are 10 million RVs in America alone and only about 1,000,000 owners allow their RVs to be rented. Chances are you will not have to worry about paying storage fees.

There will be a greater demand in the summer than the winter in most cases unless you pick a company that has offices in the warmer states like Florida.

Where will the RV be Kept When it's Not Rented?

Your RV will be kept on the lots of the company you let rent it out for you. These lots should be well lit, fenced, and protected by video cameras. Your RVs safety is one of their chief concerns for if the RV gets damaged or you pull out of the agreement, they will lose money by the lack of availability of RVs to rent.

A word to the wise. You should thoroughly check out the different companies you are interested in and see how they handle these issues. Not every company will protect your RV like it was their own. You have to be careful who you lease your RV through because not everyone is honest.

Make sure you get the details of where your RV will be stored so that you can have some peace of mind when you are not using it.

Best RV Owner Rental Programs

This is hard to say as many of these companies have great programs. The key will be to look at the commission split and if you can live with it, you are one step closer to having the best program.

Other factors will be found in their policies for renters and how they will treat your RV when it is in the lot.

How to Find an RV Rental Consignment Near Me

The best and fastest tool you will have is your computer. Just put that sub-topic in your search box and you will get more consignment opportunities than you could imagine.

The list of companies that handle consignments for you is very long. RV unlimited, RV USA, Gone Camping, Hometown RV are just a few of the bigger names that pop up.

There are some local companies that are mixed in with those results like Williamson RV which handles consignments for Indiana.

The Pros and Cons of Renting Your RV


  • You make money - this is the most important reason why people rent out their RVs. How much you make changes from year to year.
  • You save money - you don't have to winterize or store your RV for the winter.
  • Covers your payments - that is another good reason to rent your RV. You do not have to make the payments but let your rental fees cover them.
  • It is possible to meet new people and you can share the RV life with them.


  • You will have a lot of stress knowing a stranger is using your RV.
  • You have to remove all your personal belongings from your RV.
  • Your RV gets more wear and tear.
  • It is possible your RV gets damaged badly.
  • Someone else is sleeping in your bed.

Some Final Words

When it comes right down to it, renting out your RV through one of the companies listed above is a smart economical way to utilize an asset. You can make money, cover your RV payments and still use your RV whenever you want.

The key is finding the right company to let rent it for you and if you can handle all the negatives that come with letting strangers use your RV. The final decision is up to you but there is a demand for more RVs to be available and it is a good opportunity to make money.

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