Why Does my RV Carbon Monoxide Detector Keep Beeping?

Carbon monoxide is dangerous. It is a very silent enemy that can easily sneak up on you if you are not careful. One way to combat this enemy is to use a carbon monoxide detector. Using this device you can remain protected and continue to enjoy your RV vacation with peace of mind

Why does my RV carbon monoxide detector keep beeping? Most carbon monoxide detectors come with a code to let you know what its beeps mean. When your detector keeps beeping, it is usually a sign telling you that you need to change the batteries.

To learn more about your carbon monoxide detector and what the continuous beeps mean, just continue to read our article. It is filled with key information to ease your mind when your carbon monoxide detector goes off when you do not expect it to.

If it Continues to Beep

When you do regular maintenance on your carbon monoxide detector, it usually involves changing the batteries. Sometimes this action does not stop the detector from making its constant beeping noise.

The reason your CM detector continues to beep is because there is an actual shelf life to these devices. They are made to last about 4 years then instead of just changing the batteries, you have to replace the whole unit.

One way to make sure it isn’t an actual emergency is to unhook your CM detector from its location and take it outside. If the detector stops beeping, then you have an actual carbon monoxide situation on your hands.

If it doesn’t stop beeping then it is either the batteries, the end of life signal or there is a malfunction. Another thing you need to know about CM detectors is that they will age even if they are not used.

Even if you unhook the fuse, the device will continue to age and reach its shelf life in the stated amount of time. So you should ask the owner of any used RV you are thinking of buying when they installed their CM detector.

This piece of information can spare you some hassles and you can possibly buy a new one once you take possession of the used RV.

RV Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping

Because carbon monoxide is odorless and invisible, you need a good CM detector to help you know when the gas is present in your RV. You cannot take carbon monoxide for granted because it is a silent killer. Too much exposure to the gas will be fatal.

That is why you need to take the chirping sounds seriously even if they are a false alarm. As already noted the constant beeping will tell you if the batteries are low or you need to replace the device.

But what about other chirping sounds you hear. What do they mean? The device will tell you what the beeping means as will the owner manual. Usually, the chirping sounds indicate something is wrong with the device. These sounds are different from the beeping alarm which indicates you have a problem.

If you hear 4 beeps at one time, that is the alarm going off telling you that you have a carbon monoxide situation on your hands. Then you need to take the appropriate steps to solve that problem.

The one thing you need to be aware of is that while the beeping alarm is pretty much standard on all carbon monoxide devices, the chirping sound may not be the same. Manufacturers, use different sounds when indicating a problem with the detector.

RV Carbon Monoxide Detector Flashing Green

There may be some confusion as to the light system used on CM detectors. That is because carbon monoxide detector manufacturers have a lot of liberty when installing the light system on their product.

Sometimes a flashing green light is telling you that the detector is working and is not suffering from any malfunction. But green is not the only light that is being used on these products.

Sometimes a flashing red light says the same thing as the flashing green light. Or the flashing red light could be an indicator that the batteries need to be changed or some other problem.

When you buy your detector, you need to check the owner’s manual to make sure which color of light is telling you everything is working, and the situation is normal.

If you Have a Carbon Monoxide Problem

There are signs and symptoms you need to look for if you have a carbon monoxide problem. Below is a shortlist of some of those signs and symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of muscle control
  • You or your family experience vomiting or feel sick
  • You or your family experience chest pain or rapid heartbeat
  • You or your family experience, drowsiness, headaches, fatigue, or shortness of breath
  • You or your family experience lower blood pressure or confusion

Sources for Carbon Monoxide

The source for carbon monoxide can come from a variety of sources and not just your RV’s tailpipe. Here are some more common sources to watch out for:

  • The water heater can do the trick
  • Different fuels for stoves and heating
  • ​Leaving your RV running for too long
  • Even a wood stove can do it

To protect yourself from all sources of CM poisoning, you should change your batteries once or twice a year. That makes sure your device is always working properly

Some Final Words

Carbon monoxide is one gas you do not want to take lightly or fool around with. Because of its silent and odorless nature, you need a good carbon monoxide detector protecting you and your family.

There are several varieties of devices and some can be hooked up to your car’s electrical system to make sure you do not have to worry about changing the batteries. One thing is for sure though, make sure you understand what the beeps and lights are telling you.

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