Red vs Green: Is Red N Tacky Grease Good For Wheel Bearings?

Grease makes the world go round. You won’t get very far in your RV or trailer if you do not have grease. The problem is finding the best grease to use on your expensive models. There is a lot of competition in this slick field so you need to know more about the products before you buy.

Red N Tacky is good for wheel bearings. It is made for that application and Lucas put that information right on their label so there would be no confusion about where you can use this product. The green is not for regular wheel bearings.

To learn more about this product and its application, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can buy the right grease for your trailer or vehicle.

Is Lucas Red N Tacky a High Temp Grease?


As far as we can tell, and we checked the Lucas web page selling this grease, the answer is no. It is good for a lot of hot temperatures but this grease option does not do well at higher temperatures.

It seems that the green version is made to handle the higher temperatures and the red works on normal everyday vehicles like RVs, trailers, tow vehicles, and so on. It is not that great with sports cars that have high-temperature limits for performance.

Green is for more heavy-duty applications and red works for those lighter applications that do not get too hot. So far, most people who have used the red seem to have no complaints except about how to pack the bearings.

Do some further research to see what wheel bearings will work best with the red grease from Lucas.

What Kind Of Grease is Lucas Red And Tacky?

This product is part of the lithium complex grease family that handles all sorts of lubricating tasks. It is supposed to work at fairly high temperatures, under high loads, and when there is a lot of water present.

The exact formula for this type of grease is known mainly by the manufacturers but the grease is made from a special formula that includes top lithium complex thickener systems and severely hydro treated base oils.

Also, some of the finest additives are included in the formula to help it perform under tough pressure. Red N Tacky is designed to work as a multi-purpose grease that can be applied to a variety of vehicles and their wheel bearings.

Lucas has taken grease a step further as this product comes in a spray form so you can grease those hard to reach places on your vehicles.

Is Lucas Red N Tacky Grease Good For Wheel Bearings?


The Lucas Red N Tacky formula contains a lot of oil as its main ingredient. According to some users, this makes the product ideal for use on wheel bearings.

Plus, it is highly rated on Amazon as well as making it to the top spot on some of those top best lists that dot the internet landscape. They like the fact that they can use this grease on boat trailer wheels, automotive wheels, and more applications.

Also, it lasts a long time so you won’t be re-packing your wheel bearings any time soon. The major complaint that has followed this product is the size of the container.

When people open up the jar they see it is half full. Why Luca put it in a larger jar is unknown at this time. But you are still getting the advertised amount even if the container is only half-filled.

Don’t let the container fool you. You are getting exactly what you are paying for. The larger container can always be used for something else when empty.

What is Red Tacky Grease Used For?

First, you need to know where you can use it before we can tell you what it is used for. This grease is made to be applied to cars, trucks, industrial equipment, farm equipment, boat trailers, and wheel bearings.

In other words, there is a wide application for this product on those vehicle types. These items would include RVs and travel trailers unless specifically mentioned it can’t be used for those applications.

Second, it is used to provides protection against acid and alkaline elements, to fight off rust and corrosion, and is useful when you have cold weather problems in your area.

Plus, this grease provides good temperature stability so your vehicles perform better. This is the type of grease you want as it is long-lasting in those applications.

Your bearings should also see an extension to their lifespan but that is never a guarantee no matter which product you use.

Lucas Xtra Heavy-Duty Grease vs Red N Tacky (Red vs Green)


The red grease is the go-to option when you are not sure which type of grease you should use. The reason for saying this is that the red has a universal application. That feature makes it easier to choose a grease product when you do not know which one to choose.

The red option is good for heavy loads and it does last a long time. But the Green Xtra heavy-duty grease is a little bit better than the red. That is because it handles higher temperatures better than the red version can.

Using the red grease when you have a high operating temperature can result in some melting taking place. The green does not melt at those same temperatures and keeps on working.

The benefits of using the green are:

- Lasts four times longer than regular grease

- Virtually waterproof

- All temperature stable

- Exceeds lube for life specifications

- Ultimate grease for high-speed bearings

Both products are good it is just that the green is better for heavy-duty applications.

Is Green Grease Good For Wheel Bearings?

This grease option is not really made for this application. It has been advertised as more of a hitch and plate lubricant and not so much as a wheel bearing option.

The best thing to do is to look at the label and see what the maker has to say. If the label says it is okay to use on wheel bearings, then it should be good for that application.

Some owners who pack their own bearings and grease their own vehicles, etc., often say that they do not care what the color is. As long as it can be applied to the place they need it, they use it.

Usually, green grease is made for higher temperature situations. That is where it is best. You may be able to get away with using it on your wheel bearings but the performance may be different.

You can try and experiment but that experiment may last a long time before you see any results.

Green Grease For Wheel Bearings


There are different grease products on the market today that work for multiple applications. Some may be red-colored, and others may be green, blue, or white colors. They may all work effectively on your wheel bearings.

Your results will depend on the formula used by the brand making the grease. One brand is actually called green Grease. Their product is advertised to work on wheel bearings as well as other applications.

Its strong suit is that it is supposed to last and lubricate better than its competition. One customer review said that its only flaw was that it was indestructible. It is supposed to be a good grease to use but you will have to decide that on your own.

Lucas Red "N" Tacky Grease Reviews

The reviews we read have been mostly positive. People who use it are satisfied with the results and performance they get. They do not want to ruin a good thing so they do not change brands.

We have not seen anything bad about the Lucas Red N Tacky version. But this is up to people’s preferences. Some do not like the running texture that comes at different times while others like that formula.

On the top best list that we looked at, it was number one and was well praised by the reviewer. Plus, out of 1100 reviews on Amazon, the overall score was a 4.8 stars out of a total of 5 (97% of the reviewers gave 4 out of 5 stars or higher).

That tells you that the product does what it is supposed to and helps your vehicles last longer.

Some Final Words

You pay a lot of money for your RV, other vehicles, and trailer thus it stands to reason that you need to use a solid grease to keep it in top shape. You are not going to go wrong if you use the Lucas Red N Tacky grease products.

The spray grease formula should also make your work a little easier as you do not have to work as hard to apply it. When you want performance this may be the grease to use.

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