Propane Regulator Recall: Winntec Model 6020 Replacement

It is not good news. It seems that the 2-step regulator Winntec model 6020 is not working that well. It seems to continue to supply elevated, intermittent, or low propane pressure to the appliances. If you have this model and have not heard about it yet, check with your dealer to see if your model is on the list.

One thing about this recall is that it started in 2021 and there was a backlog for repairs due to the fact parts were in short supply. We are not sure yet if a year has changed this situation. Many owners have received their recall letter.

To learn more about this situation, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue to see what updated information can be found. Almost 100,000 RVs were affected by this bad regulator.

Winntec Model 6020 Two-Stage Propane Regulator Recall


From what we can find out, about 8 different RV manufacturers used a cracked or porous RV propane fittings. These all came from the same supplier and were installed on towables and self-drive RVs.

It seems that 38 models from those 8 dealers were affected and given the bad part. So far we have only been able to find 6 manufacturers with the proper I.d. number and they are:







Since this is year old information we suggest you contact your brand’s dealers to see if your RV is on the list.

Who Makes Winntec Regulator?

As far as we can tell, Winntec is an independent company. The problem is that there are too many companies that either start with the letters WINN or have the name Winntec.

Even the copy of the owner's manual that we could find did not have any further information on this company. When we did our searches we used different search terms but nothing came up for the RV end of the business.

The best thing to do is to call your RV brand’s office and ask them. This is an RV-related business so it may not have any public information out there.

Where is The Date Code on Winntec 6020?


The date code is going to be on one of the edges of the front of the regulator. According to the picture, we saw it was on the upper edge. The code reads N 19 52 as an example and the N is just a serial letter.

The second 2 digits will be the year it was made. In this example, it was 2019 that the regulator was made. Then the last 2 digits represent the week it was made. In this case, 52nd week.

This code should be stamped fairly clearly and there should be no confusion as to what it means.

Finding a Winntec Model 6020 Replacement

E-trailer is recommending replacing this model with the Camco Automatic Changeover 2-Stage Propane Regulator for Dual Propane Tanks # CAM59005. That company also recommends the Automatic Changeover RV LP Gas Regulator # 37207-30395 is what you need to replace your Winntec 6020 regulator.

They just do not give a brand for it. There are not many other parts stores listing that they have a replacement, let alone recommending one. Some just sell another Winntect 6020 regulator that has hopefully been fixed.

Keep in mind that it was not Winntec that issued this recall. It was the 8 RV brands that did it

Winntec 6020 Specs


The only spec we could find was talking about the BTU performance. It is supposed to put out 200k/BTU per hour. Everyone is talking more about the recall than the part itself.

If you have this version- Model 6020 P1.0-15.6. Then that is the one you have to replace. It is the only one that was affected by this recall that we are aware of. Details are still about a year old.

Other spec information can include the following-- 1/4 Inch - FIF, 3/8 Inch - Female NPT, Dual Stage - Automatic Changeover. But double-check to make sure so you do not get the wrong part.

Winntec 6020 Btu Rating

The rating that we did find was 200k BTU per hour but it may not be the only rating you will find on this regulator. Some owners found replacements that reached 3000k BTU per hour and even 400k BTU per hour approx.

Since the recall, the information about this regulator seems to have disappeared. The results pages for any search made only talk about the recall and most of that talk is on RV discussion forums or data sheet websites.

They do not include a lot of information and you may have to talk to your dealer to get all the specific information we cannot provide here.

Download Winntec 6020 Manual


This may be hard to find as well. Only 2 websites popped up in our search and the manuals they provided were 3 or 4 pages long. You may have to contact your dealer to see if they have any hard copies in stock.

The first website goes to a Heartland web page that only shows a 3-page manual. You can get to it by clicking this link. The second one is from Wiki Manuals and you can see their 4-page copy at this link.

Some Final Words

The Winntec 6020 may not be in service anymore but if it is, it may be a non-public part that is sold only to RV manufacturers. There is very little information about this recall that is up to date and other specific details are also absent from the internet.

The best thing to do is contact your dealer if your Winntec regulator meets the list above or the models made for 2021 to 2023 RVs or trailers. You should have received a letter by now.

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