Pop Up Camper Electric Lift Conversion Vs Buying New

Everyone eventually reaches that age where having a little extra help is essential. They just don't have the strength to lift their pop-up camper to full height and there is no one else around to help. Powering your lift system may be the way to go.

It may not be feasible to buy a new pop-up camper with an electric lift system as a standard feature. Doing a conversion is less costly and you usually don't need to drill extra holes and you can install it yourself to save even more money.

To learn more about if this conversion is better than buying new, just continue to read our article. While buying new gives you lots of standard upgrades, it may be too costly and you may be too attached to the old camper to part with it.

Pop Up Camper With Electric Lift vs Manual Lift (Pros And Cons)


In any comparison, there will be exceptions to the good and bad points listed. Here are a few of the pros and cons of these two styles of lifts.

1. Manual lift


  • Works all the time
  • Easy to use
  • You get some needed exercise
  • Not that expensive- doenst't add more to the cost of the trailer
  • Works anywhere you decide to camp


  • Can get damaged easily- rain, wet and humid weather can rust the mechanism
  • May not be of sturdy and solid construction or craftsmanship
  • May only lift up to 100 pounds- depending on the trailer size and weight
  • Maybe a bit difficult for older campers to use

2. Electric lifts


  • Can lift heavier weight than manual lifts
  • Also easy to operate
  • Uses same bolt holes and infrastructures as the manual lift
  • Easy to install
  • Saves you time and energy


  • May not work everywhere- or you may need a generator to operate it
  • Bad wiring can be dangerous for you and the trailer
  • More parts to break down on you
  • Can be a bit noisy

Pop Up Camper Electric Lift Conversion How To


According to one company, this conversion should be a lot easier than making a gourmet meal for two. The process is very straightforward when you are using the right replacement electric lift mechanism.

Step one- Remove the old mechanism. This is usually a crank and handle system. This is a matter of removing some bolts and a few screws.

Step two- Do not remove the old cables or lift mechanism. These items are compatible with some electric conversion lifts. This is why this process is so simple.

Step three- Place the electric winch/motor where the manual lift handle and crank were. You can use the same bolt holes. However, the requirement for this step is that your manual crank was on your camper’s tongue.

Step four- hook up the existing mechanism and cables to your new electrical winch motor.

Step five- test the electrical system to make sure it works. if it does, you are done.

There may be different conversion kits available and many of those may not be as easy as this particular model. These instructions were for the Carefree P30001/P92001 Campout 12V Pop-Up Camper Lift.

When you buy an electric lift kit, make sure to ask your questions before you leave the store and read and follow the instructions carefully.

Roof Jenie Hydraulic Lift System


This product is designed to work with the Goshen lift system. The good news is that this Goshen lift system is found on the majority of pop-up campers made today. it is also supposed to work with some, NOT all, models made by the following companies-- Starcraft, Jayco Dutchman, also works with Rockwood, Palomino & Coleman models.

The cost of this device is around $448 depending on where you buy it and if it is on sale or not. This model is supposed to come in two versions. The RV-1000 is sold at that price and the RJE-2000 is $121 more.

The RJE-2000 is designed to work with a 12-volt battery to power the hydraulics while the RV-1000 does not seem to have that power advantage. The system seems simple to install but it is possible to have the company install the RV 1000 for you. They do not mention if they would install the RV 2000 for you or not.

You can contact the company selling this product through this website. They have a contact link at the top left of the landing page. Be careful though, another company makes lifts called Genie but they make industrial-sized lifts for heavy-duty purposes.

Pop Up Camper Motor


No matter how good the motor is, it can break down on you. If your camper is still under warranty, then all you have to do is contact the maker and deal with their customer service.

But if you are not under warranty, then finding a replacement is not that hard to do. There are different parts stores like Hannah RV & Trailer Supply & other parts stores that should have a good supply on hand.

You just have to contact them and see what they suggest for your camper. There are also a lot of used campers for sale that can always be cannibalized if the motor still works and the price is right.

Or you can contact the different makers and see what parts are still available for the make and model of pop-up camper you own. It is also possible to see if you can use a different electric motor to power your lift system.

Finally, if you bought a conversion kit, and the motor is not working right. Contact that company and talk to them. They should be able to help you out or put you in the right direction for a replacement or repair.

Best Pop Up Camper With Electric Lift System


It is a little difficult to find specific models that come with electric lift systems. Different manufacturers make different models and the Goshen lift system found on many models can be electric or hand crank. here are a few campers with the electric system but it may not be Goshen made.

1. Air Opus Pop Up Camper

It says this camper will cost you $19,000 and it is a different style of pop-up camper. it looks more like a tent on wheels than anything else. But the neat part of this uniquely designed camper is that you just push one button and it pops up for you.

The lift system should take only 90 seconds to complete its cycle. The trailer weighs just over 1550 pounds and comes with a heater, stove, and running water. it also has outlets for both 12 volt and 120-volt electrical devices.

Taking the camper down is even faster as it deflates in 30 seconds for easy packing away. Its lightweight allows you to use a variety of tow vehicles that can tow larger campers or trailers.

2. Clipper Pop Up Trailers by Coachman

This company makes this model of camper in 4 styles. An electric winch lift system does come with each of the four models and should be standard no matter which size you buy.

Along with the 1200 to 2800 weight you get a porta potty, shower, and all the standard amenities most trailers come with. Also, each of the four models comes in a variety of sizes so you can get the size and floor plan you like.

A built-in hand crank is there just as a backup in case you are boondocking and want to save power. With the little heavier weight, check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle can tow this pop-up camper. If you want, there is an off-grid model available.

3. Aliner – Somerset Camper Trailer

This $20,000 pop-up camper comes in a more traditional style with some tent-like expansions that provide room for more than 2 people. Its 2700 pound weight is due to the inclusion of a toilet, stove, fridge, furnace, and a 6-gallon water heater.

Its Posi-Lock lift system should make it easy for you to get the trailer ready for the night. Then with its tubular steel frame, this camper should handle rough roads without incident.

The front storage box looks big enough to handle propane tanks, bikes, or other equipment you want along for your trip. As an added feature, this company has installed a stereo with inside and outside speakers.

2 King-sized beds in the two pullouts make sure you are camping in comfort and style. A no-spill galley makes sure any messes are not hard to clean up.

4. Sylvansport GO Pop Up Camper

When you want to go small, this $11,000 self-inflating pop-up camper is just the right size. It is made for 1 to 2 people but it is a breeze to set up and take down. The good part is that it only weighs 840 pounds. That means you can use a smaller more economical car to tow it during your travels.

Even though it is a small camper, you still get 6’ 5” of headroom once the tent and roof are in position. Then when you are not camping and have home chores to perform, this camper can transform into a cargo trailer for hauling.

On top of all that, there is a fold-out awning to add to the living space of this small trailer.

5. Rockwood Hard-Sided Pop Up Camper

This A-frame style of pop-up camper does come with an electric lift system but it is only available on certain models. That is it is standard only on the A213HW/A214HW and it is a standard power roof lift.

But the other features more than make up for the lack of power to lift the camper to its full size. We cannot list many of them as some are standard only on certain models, like the power lift system.

The tongue weight varies as does the weight capacity. This trailer can weigh between 2100 and 2700 pounds approx. There are up to 7 different floor plans available and each one is unique due to the distribution of standard features. Not all floor plans are available at this time.

To get a price, you will have to contact a Forest River or Rockwood dealer near you. Like the weight, the prices vary as well.

How Do You Lift a Pop-up Camper Without a Crank?


This can be very difficult to do as the crank is what holds the roof up at peak level. One suggestion was that you get some friends to help and as they lift you put 2 by 4s in key spots to hold the roof up.

This needs to be done if you need to make repairs to either the manual or electric lift systems. It is not a good idea when you are camping unless the roof dropped during your vacation.

To avoid this situation, you do need to do some regular maintenance on the lift system. Proper care should keep the lift system working right unless there is a malfunction you cannot do anything about.

Some Final Words

When you get to that certain age, it may be a good move to install an electric lift system if your pop-up camper doesn't have one. They seem to be very easy to install and you should be able to do it in one afternoon.

Having power assist at this function, gives you more energy for other activities later on. Different companies make and sell these power lifts. It may be a wise move to check them all out.

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