What Is The Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card? (Review)

Opinions are divided. Some people like this reward card while others think it is only a gimmick. But then it is part of the overall trend created by retailers everywhere to track purchases and see which products are the most popular. No one says that they will be fair or give great discounts.

One of the drawbacks to this card is that you have to be a member of Good Sam’s Club to apply. But the discounts look good and the card is for dump fees as well as fuel, propane, and other items. It may be something to consider if you are a heavy RV traveler.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the smart discount card decision. Not all of these programs are worth using but that is up to you to decide.

What is PFJ RV Plus?


This car is a form of convenience for RV owners. Not only do you get a discount but you can use this card as your form of payment. It makes life a little easier when you have a vacation full of inconveniences.

According to the RV Plus details page, there are quite a few benefits waiting for you when you sign up. They are found at this link and listed below:

- Must apply for and be approved to receive a card

- Discounts only received when using the RV Plus Card as a form of payment

- Payment due in full every month

- Email address required to submit an application

- Good for merchandise and fuel purchases at Pilot and Flying J locations

You can read the rest at that link. One of the things we did not like was the fact that if you travel in Canada, the fuel discount is not as generous as it is in America.

On the home page of the Pilot Flying J website, there is a link for you to become a Good Sam member if you really want to sign up for this reward or discount card.

Pilot Flying J RV Plus Card


One reason why many RVers sign up for this card is the fact that the Flying J truck stops are usually the cheaper options at the interstate exits. That convenience and lower price, if you have the discount card, are one of the better reasons for signing up.

You have easy access to the pumps, as well as more opportunities to buy items at discounted prices and you get to relax a little bit as truck stops have restaurants and other amenities attached to them.

Yes, you can drive off the highway and scour the town for a lower price and you may find it. But that gas station may be in an inconvenient spot, far from the highway and its parking lot may be very hard to get in and out of.

Plus, you may be spending upwards of $2 to 3 worth of fuel to just save $5 approximately. It is up to you how you want to travel and where you buy your gas. You will have to decide if this card is worth getting or not.

The fact that you have to be a member of Good Sam to get it may not be as attractive as you would like.

RV Plus Card Reviews


The program has been around for at least 10 years. Many of the reviews are old. The majority of the card users have said that they have not had a problem using this card at the pump.

Some people did have problems and of those that did, their complaint was over the low $1000 limit. You could get a higher limit added but you would have to submit a lot of banking information for the company to approve that higher amount.

Another problem, from 7 years ago, was the inability to pay online before the due date. There was a major IT glitch on the Flying J end which caused a lot of problems for the company. But they were able to straighten it out so members could pay online long before they received their bill.

There were some complaints about sales being declined but those too were from about 9 years ago. At that time the card holders had to use specific gas pumps for the card to work.

This bug may have been worked out by now as we are not seeing any complaints from recent years. A few of the problems were due to user error and confusion over how they were supposed to use the card.

Many owners did not like the dual trips to the cashier to finally pay their fuel bill. They have said that if they go inside to pay, they would go to some other gas station to pay at the pump.

Are Truck Stop Reward Cards Worth It?


This depends on which side of the fence you are sitting on. Many people find them to be convenient and they enjoy the discounts they get at the pump. Even saving 3 cents per gallon does help but many people find that the Pilot Flying J truck stops boost their at the pump price to accommodate those discounts.

For example, one owner found that the Pilot Flying J diesel prices were 40 cents higher than the Conoco Station across the street. There are many owners who side with that one as they feel the Pilot Flying J truck stops are taking advantage of RV owners.

But gas and diesel are not the only items you can get a discount on when making a purchase. You would have to sit down and calculate if the discounts on those other items warrant spending more at the pump, even with a gas discount.

A lot of RV owners do not find that these rewards or discount cards are worth the effort it takes to get and use one. The dump station discount may help make getting the Pilot Flying J discount card worth the effort.

Unfortunately, those who sign up for one of those cards either must be a member of Good Sam or apply to be a member of Good Sam. There are people who would not like that forced option.

We checked the apply now web page at the PFJ website and the Good Sam number is the first item you need to fill in. The decision is yours to make and it may be better not to have one of those cards.

The Competition


Here are some of the RV or gas discount cards you can get from other companies. We are not making any guarantees about details or if they are still in use today.

They are placed here simply to provide you with the information that you have options available.

1. TSD Logistics- This is an option that will help you save some money at the pump. The website is honest as it does state some local gas stations have lower prices than their discount provides.

2. Gas Buddy- another fine option that lets you fill up in different locations where PFJ is not located. It also comes with different discount options that help you save big.

3. BPme Rewards- This discount card works at BP and Amoco gas stations. While you are only going to save about 5 cents per gallon, you have a lot more gas stations available to fill up at.

4. Exxon Mobil Rewards+- This is supposed to be the best discount card you can get. There are different benefits especially if you are an AARP member that helps you save a little money at the pump and in the store.

5. Maverik’s Adventure Club and Nitro Cards- to take advantage of this discount card, you have to live or travel a lot in the Northwest. The company is a convenience store and its card is tied to your bank account. Extra bonuses are available.

6. Shell Fuel Rewards- you have two options here, one is the Silver level and the other is the Gold. The latter provides better discounts and you can earn bigger savings through purchases of different activities.

Honorable mentions

Speedway Speedy Rewards, TA-Petro’s UltraONE Loyalty Program, Love’s My Love Rewards, and Sapp Bros. Guest Rewards are competing for your business. Check them all out before you make your final decision.

Some Final Words

Reward and discount cards have been a trend for several decades now. Some of them are good and others are not so good. You do have to be careful as the different companies are looking for ways to cover those discounts and not lose any money doing it.

PFJ is not a bad card to have if you like Good Sam's and this truck stop. Others find better deals elsewhere and without having to drive far from the highway. When you drive a lot, these cards may come in handy.

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