Norcold Codes: How to Fix Norcold RV Refrigerator No FL Code

One of the drawbacks of technological upgrades is that you have to keep learning. With Norcold fridges and other mechanical items, you need to learn what error codes mean as well as how to solve those issues. And you thought you left learning behind when you left high school or college.

How to Fix Norcold RV Refrigerator No FL Code: When you see the error code No Fl the fridge is telling you that there is no flame powering the cooling system. If you are not on the electrical option that code means the flame went out or did not light. Cleaning the burner tube should solve this problem for you.

To learn more about Norcold’s error codes and how to fix them, just continue to read our article. it has the information you need in order to clear up your fridge troubles and keep your food fresh and healthy. Take a few minutes to get up to speed on these codes and how to fix them.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Codes


When you just want a fridge to be a fridge, you shouldn’t buy new. Technological advances have taken the fridge into the 21st century and made it harder to understand. To help you understand what is happening with your fridge, different RV fridge companies created error codes.

The problem with that is, like Norcold models, different models may have different error codes. We found 3 different error codes for 3 different Norcold fridges. We are not sure how many error codes there actually are but you may want to turn to your owner’s manual to get the one that applies to the model of fridge your RV has inside of it.

One of the common error codes you will find across the board is the no display. All that means is that there is either no power coming to the fridge or the fridge is turned off. The model with the F code is the N62X and it means there is no flame or it did not ignite.

The Norcold 1210 model has the No Fl code and it means the exact same thing as the F code. In either case, you may hear an audible alarm go off as well letting you know there is a problem.

Norcold No FL Code

As we just mentioned, this code means that for some reason your fridge’s gas system could not light the flame or the flame went out on you. That can happen and be a common problem depending on your situation.

The FL error code needs you to check the same locations to see if there is a problem:

  • Is the gas valve open
  • The propane is at the correct pressure
  • The manual shut off valve to the fridge is open
  • There is no air in the gas supply line. If there is refer to your manual on how to remove it

Finally, the No FL error code could indicate that you need to contact an authorized dealer to see what the problem is. Also, the fixes for this issue may be as simple as removing your burner and soaking it in 90% alcohol for a few hours then blowing the dirt out with some compressed air.

The only drawback to doing this yourself is that you may set the PSI too high and ruin the burner. The code will come on when you have power running to the fridge and the fridge is set to auto. It will indicate a problem with the AC igniter or that there is no power coming to the fridge.

What Does F Mean On Norcold?


This error code indicates the same issues as the No Fl code does. It is just a shorter version of the Fl error code. The same items as previously mentioned need to be checked and if you are not sure where all those parts are, get your owner’s manual out and look for the parts diagram.

That should indicate where the burner is and where to look in order to see how severe the problem is. if you see some dirt or rust on the burner, then cleaning is your best fix. However, if the error code comes on when the fridge is set to automatic, remember automatic is the electrical over-ride and cuts the gas supply off, then you are either out of power or you have a mechanical problem.

That problem will be with the AC igniter or burner. If the cleaning doesn’t do it for you, you may have to buy and replace the parts yourself or go to an authorized dealer to get it fixed. The latter is preferred simply because they may know something else to check and can fix the problem without too much trouble or cost.

Where is the Reset Button On a Norcold RV Refrigerator?


There is the possibility that different Norcold RV fridges have different reset systems. Since they have different error codes, this is a logical step to take when looking to reset your fridge and get it working again.

For the 1210 and other similar models, the most common reset button is the on and off switch. Just turn the fridge off for about 3 to 5 minutes and then turn it back on again. This should reset most Norcold RV fridges.

However, if there is a problem with the control panel and it is in lock-out mode or some other code, resetting it takes a lot more work, more tools, and some electrical knowledge. If you are good with manipulating wires, then you may be able to handle this task with no problem.

If you aren’t or just do not like dealing with electrical components, then take your RV to the nearest Norcold authorized dealer or repairman and have them reset the fridge for you.

When your control board is in this mode, it takes removing the board, using a 12 gauge jumper wire, and jumping the pin to the ground. (Pre-2006 models have a 16 pin plug connector and you would need to jump pin #15. The newer boards use the second pin from the right). You will have to hold the wire in place till you hear a click.

Unfortunately, this may only be a temporary fix and if the code returns and the control board hits the lockout mode again, you need a professional to fix the problem.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Beeping

Because not everyone can see the fridge error code all the time, they are busy driving, cooking, or outside, etc., Norcold has added an audible alarm to their error codes. We checked the error code lists for the 1210 and the other 2 models we found with different codes and only the 1210 model seems to have this audible alarm.

When you see the following error codes, they will have an alarm alerting you to the problem:

  • Dr- door open for more than two minutes
  • No fl- no flame
  • No AC- there is no AC voltage coming to your fridge
  • AC rE- the fridge controls are malfunctioning
  • AC HE- same as immediately above
  • Sr- same as immediately above

The last three error codes are not DIY fixes. You have to go see the authorized repairman to get the fridge back to its original working order. For the dr code and alarm, simply close the door and it should disappear.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Gas Check if Flashing


On the 1210 we only found that if the temperature setting is flashing when the temp set button is pushed then the flashing number tells you that it is on the backup system.

When you see that number flashing, it is telling you that you can’t fix it and you need to go to a repairman. However, there is a reason why the check gas light is flashing even though it may not be listed in the error codes.

In some models, it may be telling you that your RV is not level and you need to make some adjustments. Another reason would be that you are low on propane or the gas hasn’t reached the fridge yet.

Then the little brass valve knob on the gas line near the fridge panel may not be turned to fully open. If it is halfway or less that will slow down the amount of gas getting to your fridge and cause the light to flash.

Some Final Words

Learning error codes is essential when you own a modern RV with modern appliances. Everything is computerized now and the error codes are your communication tool. They tell you what is wrong and you just need to learn the meaning of the codes to know what to do next. It is not hard and your owner’s manual should be able to help you.

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