Michiana-Mattress-Evergreen-For-RV-(Review- Cost,-Company)

Michiana Mattress Evergreen For RV (Review, Cost, Company)

This may not be good. As you know, RV makers like to cut corners. They do so to minimize expenses and boost profits. Unfortunately, you are caught in the middle of that quest and may not get the mattress you paid for or anything else for that matter.

The company is located in Indiana, not far from where the majority of RV makers have their home bases. That may be the reason their mattresses were selected for different RV models. So far, we have read nothing good about these mattresses.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It tries to bring you all the information about this company and its mattresses so you can make a better sleep choice.

Who Makes Michiana Mattresses?


We find very little information about this company in any of our searches. The best data we got was the following-- Michiana Mattress Co 110 Industrial Pkwy Wakarusa, IN 46573.

The other piece of information we got was that it bought its materials in China. Any website that has come up mentioning this company or mattress never talks about it. They talk about other companies’ mattresses.

We also found that it was started in 1997 and today it is supposed to do about $1.4 million in gross sales. Currently, it employs about 17 people. There is not a lot of information out there about this company and that may be due to the fact it deals with RV makers directly and not the general public.

It does not come with a good reputation for quality or great mattresses. The reviews are not good.

Michiana Mattress Company


We just gave you the best information possible in the previous section. This is supposed to be a wholesale company so you may not have seen the brand outside of buying an RV.

No one that puts up their top best lists has this mattress company included in their best of the best lists. Another reason you may not have heard about this company is that on its filing application it is said to be voluntarily dissolved.

There is no year mentioned except for its inception which was in January of 1997. This registration was updated on march 28, 2017 so it may have been out of business for the past 5 years.

Any information that follows will not reflect any current situations and will do its best to get as accurate information as possible and as close to 2017 as possible.

Michiana Mattress Cost


This was a wholesale company which means it did not really have a retail price tag. Unless the company had a direct to public store, it did not sell to the general public.

Then because they sold directly to RV makers, the cost of the mattress was hidden in the overall cost of your RV or trailer. The best we can tell you is that one mattress was being sold used and the selling price was $10.

That price is not much help but you may find better deals for the many disgruntled and disappointed RV owners who laid down on the mattress for the first time. We are sure they will give you a great price on the discarded Michiana Mattress that came with their RV.

We did not see any other sales price pop up in any of our searches either. They may not have been that popular with retail outlets when the company was in business.

Michiana Mattress Reviews


Unfortunately, there are not that many reviews on the internet these days. Maybe some RV owners on the different discussion forums have something to say about the quality of this product.

On one review website that did come up, there were 30 reviews about the mattress. 1 gave it 2 stars while 29 others gave it 1-star. The RV owners that we saw on the discussion forums were not that happy either.

The interior construction was more like cotton batting than anything else. Plus, there was no support for anyone when they lay on top of it. There was supposed to be a Serta upgrade at Jayco (back in 2015).

But according to one reviewer on that 30 review website, Serta disavows any connection to that mattress and company. We are not sure of the cost of the upgrade but it did not get any better reviews.

You really do not want to know what those owners said about this mattress and company. What makes these owners mad is that they paid a lot of money for their RV or trailer and got a terrible mattress for their investment.

Finding a Michiana RV Mattress For Sale


You won’t find one. At least we have not been able to locate anyone selling this mattress except for the one used mattress some church was selling for $10. Every website that came up with the title Michiana Mattress for sale or similar title, talked about any other mattress made or how to buy one.

They did not talk about a Michiana mattress. On one website, there was a link for Michiana Mattress for sale. When we clicked on it, we got the message could not find that website.

If you find an RV still being sold with a Michiana mattress the RV companies may have stocked up on them. The review web page that we were able to find went from 2o17 to 2020 which is strange considering the 2017 filing.

You may still get one of these mattresses until supplies run out. Just so you know the RV discussion website we referred to, the posts stopped in 2015. No one recommended this mattress or brand to anyone else.

Michiana Mattress Model 30 Green


We found one of these for sale over at the Shoppok website. It is listed as being made for an RV, comes in the 80 by 70 by b inch size, and was still in its plastic cover.

There is no other information about this mattress in that ad except the sales price was $40. As we reported earlier, all the websites that come up in a search for a specific Michiana mattress, talk about different brands and the many mattresses those brands make.

One example was Saatvia. That wasn’t the link we clicked on as the results page said this company instead. But somewhere down the line, we were rerouted to the Saatvia website.

What makes things a bit more confusing is that one business tracking website claims the company is still active at the address we gave above. Another business tracking website says the company is in Goshen, IN.

We will let you decide if it is still in business or not.

Michiana Mattress Evergreen 60 x 74


The story is the same with this mattress, except that other mattress companies use the Evergreen model name. Their products will pop up on a search for this specific mattress.

Now we mentioned the mattress at Shoppok, the one for Elk Mountain Evergreen mattress used the same mattress fabric and design. This one sells for almost $600 though.

We did check Amazon and no mattress that we saw was being sold under the Michiana brand name. White Lotus Home sells an Evergreen model mattress. It is a handmade product that comes with a firm setting for support.

It sells for over $725 and if you want the topper, you will have to pay a combined price of just over $1000. But there is no Michiana Mattress called evergreen on the market anymore.

If the company is still in business, they are not selling directly to the public.

Michiana Mattress Website


We checked the three business tracking websites, and one was the online Yellow Pages, but there was no website listed for this company. We also checked the review page we alluded to earlier and there was no website listed there either.

A second Yellow Pages website did not list a website for the company either. This one clearly states that there is no website for this company. No FAX number was available either.

If this company is still in business, it is keeping a very low profile as its mattresses are not getting any rave reviews. We saw no one praising the mattress or its quality no matter where we looked.

When they are using the name to draw visitors to their websites, then talk about different brands making mattresses, you know something is not right with the company.

Some Final Words

This mattress company may be out of business. Judging from the reviews we saw, if they aren’t then they are close to being out of business. RV owners are not happy with what they received after paying thousands of dollars for their RV or trailer.

You would be better off replacing it as soon as possible if you get an RV or trailer with this mattress inside. That is what everyone else has done and judging from the reviews you can’t do it fast enough.

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