King’s Highway Motorhome Guide (Specs, Review, History, Price)

It was on a television show. The King’s Highway Motorhome was found to have appeared in the old TV show C.H.I.P.s. but even that appearance or two did not memorialize it into RV history. There is not going to be a lot of information about this obscure brand of RVs as the length was used as a model name.

This RV brand probably did not last long. There is little information about it on the internet and the best data we could find was that it either had a 440 Dodge or a 454 Chevy engine. Plus, it was made in different sizes, for example, 29 and 32 feet long.

To learn more about this brand of RV just keep reading our article. It will fill you in on the best information that can be found at this time. Old RVs and the data surrounding them seem to disappear quickly once they go out of business.

King's Highway Motorhome History


It seems that a small California-based manufacturer made the King’s Highway motorhome. It seems that their name was Continental Mobile Industries, Inc. but little information exists about the company or its product. Their headquarters was listed as Compton, CA.

The company originated sometime in the 1970s and its final RV was made in 1985. Over the years the company made several different lengths ranging from 26 to 35 feet long and the length of the unit was used as the model name. So if you went to purchase one you would be looking at buying a King’s Highway 32.

At one point the company used a Dodge M600 chassis and a Dodge 440-3 motor. Every component that went inside one of these motor homes was supposed to be high class and usually reserved for luxury RVs at the time.

We also checked with the RV/MH Museum and Library but all searched for any information on the King’s Highway motorhome came up blank. If you want to find out more about their history, you can try contacting them through that link and their contact page.

1979-1983 Kings Highway Motorhome Specs

These RVs were categorized as Class A RVs and they came in different lengths. No slide-outs were available at that time thus none of these RV models had that feature. One motor option that was used was the 454 Chevy engine but the 440 Dodge was the one that seemed to be the most popular motor.

Some of the owners who are selling right now do not list a lot of information about their RVs. They did come with AC and a microwave which was a luxury at that time. It did come with dual axles, a ladder to the roof, and lots of windows but again, the owners are not listing any specs that may help you. There is no holding tank information that is available at this time. There is an electric step underneath the entry door for your convenience.

There is an old 1973 ad at this link but its information is too small and too blurred to get any useful data from. Just scroll down to see the ad. the list is in alphabetical order.

Download King's Highway Motorhome Manual


This will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. As one site we checked said, the older the RV the harder it will be to find an owner’s manual. With the King’s Highway motor home, you are looking to go back 40+ years approx. and that length of time and lack of popularity means your search will be difficult.

There was an owner on an RV discussion forum asking this very question and he too could not find a manual for this brand of RV. The advice given by the site we checked was for you to find out who made the chassis and contact them for a manual.

So if the chassis for your King’s Mountain motor home was made by Dodge, you should contact Dodge and see what they have to say. Then since most RV makers use the same components & hardware most general RV repair books should help you out.

When it comes to downloadable manuals, the websites we found dealt mostly with modern RV makers. Continental was not a well-known company thus it may have slipped through the cracks when it comes to manuals.

King's Highway Motorhome Towing Specs

Unfortunately, this information may be lost to history. Or if someone has a manual and the information, they have not posted it anywhere online at this time. This does happen as not everything is posted about defunct companies on the internet.

One place you should look on your RV is the GVWR and you should not go past this weight capacity when towing a trailer or another vehicle. What we are going to suggest is that you contact the people at this link and see if they have that information available.

Or contact dealers who buy and sell vintage RVs and see what they say. They may not have the RV in stock but they may have the information concerning this topic. Or at least a lead you can check out.

It turns out that even though the King’s highway made it on TV that did nothing to make it a popular RV or worth remembering any vital information about it. This also happens as you never know when an obscure RV maker will get a loyal following and when they won’t.

Are King's Highway Motorhome For Sale?


There are some for sale. We saw ads for about 3 of them outside of the standard RV discussion forums. The price they were selling at was between $3,000 and $8,000. One member of an RV forum made a post about one for sale and in three posts he confirmed that he bought it without receiving any advice from other forum members.

if they are put up for sale, depending on condition, they may sell very quickly. These RVs were supposed to be ahead of their time and had a lot of then luxury items as standard equipment.

You will have to watch the classifieds, Craigslist, or the different RV forums to find one for sale. Or check with your local RV dealers to see if any came in on a trade. There is no record of how many of these motor homes were made in the 10 to 12 years the company produced them so it is hard to say how many will be for sale at any given time.,, and may be your best places to start your search. Not much information is given by the sellers so you should go look first to get the information you want.

King's Highway Motorhome Price

If you want one, they are not going to be too expensive now. Their original price was around $48,000 and then went up from there. Like their new price, the used cost will depend on features, length, and condition.

Some owners are selling because they have to not because they want to and they are motivated, easy to negotiate with, and have a low price tag. The used prices will range and as we reported earlier, we have seen many different sales tags and all were under $10,000.

What prices you see will depend on any market turns and you never know when the King’s Highway brand will become popular again.

Finding a King's Highway RV For Sale


There are some of these motor homes that still pop up for sale after 40+ years of service. The best places to look would be the classified ads or Craigslist. People like using classified ads to sell their unwanted property.

Other places to check would be an RV dealer near you. You never know when they might take a King’s Highway in as a trade. Those dealers that do will be looking to unload those RVs as quickly as they can.

Then there are all the RV discussion forums on the internet. those websites usually have a classified ads section. just peruse those sections to see if you can find one for sale. The prices may be right as well.

Since no one seems to know how many of these motor homes were made it is impossible to promise that you will find any for sale during your search. But keep trying as you never know when one will pop up at a good price.

We did not see many for sale during our research. We hope you have better luck and timing. That is the key aspect when searching for anything for sale. Having good timing means you can find a great deal with a few repairs to make.

You may even find a motivated buyer with the RV in great condition for a very low price.

King's Highway Motorhome Parts

The salvage yards may be your best bet in this category. they may not sell all their parts and will have plenty on their shelves. Since no one knows how many are still road-worthy, there may be a glut of parts in these places.

Used parts stores may have some also. It is hard to say as there is so little information on the King’s highway motor home. Plus, you can try eBay to see if anyone has placed used parts for sale on that marketplace.

It will take some searching to find parts but there is hope. Since most RV makers use the same components from the same companies, you should be able to find parts for individual features, engines, and generators through the brand name on the component you need to fix.

Keep in mind that the brand names found in a King’s Highway RV may have been bought out by other companies. Do some thorough research when needing a good part for your motorhome.

Don't be afraid if the parts are located in different states either. Grab them when you can or they may be gone if you hesitate.

Finding a King's Highway Motorhome Club


There may be a little trouble finding a club for this motor home. The reason for that is many local, regional and national businesses use the name King’s Highway. You will have to sort out the wrong names to find the right club.

Your best bet would be Facebook and other social media outlets. None of them came up in our research, so there may not be too many King’s Highway owners left. Or many that want to belong to a club.

Your best way to find a club for this brand of RV is to go to the different RV discussion forums and see what clubs are listed in their threads. Or you can sign up and ask the members where such a club is located.

Those threads may not be listed in the main forums but they may be found in those forums called Vintage RVs. It is hard to say as each website is run differently and places these threads in different locations.

Vintage is an RV that is 20+ years or older and the King’s Highway RV certainly qualifies for that club. It may be a bit of a search but you may find other owners on those websites.

Some Final Words

That is life. Once you get old, you are forgotten only to be replaced by newer, more fancy models. This seems to be what happened to King’s Highway motor homes. They may have been a bit ahead of their time but that was not enough for anyone to record all the data everyone needs.

Keep searching as maybe someone just hasn't posted the data yet.

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