15 Jayco Toy Hauler Problems (Jayco Seismic 4113 Reviews)

Anytime an RV maker builds a long and large trailer, you can expect to find problems with them. Not just in towing and parking but in how they were constructed. The Jayco Seismic is no exception to this situation

The Jayco Seismic 4113 is 45 feet 7 inches long and weighs over 16,000 pounds. With those kinds of dimensions and weight, you can expect there to be some problems with its construction. A leaky roof is just one of those problems you will run into.

To learn more about the 4113’s common problems, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if you want this large trailer or not. Large does not always mean better

Common Jayco Toy Hauler Problems


Jayco has built roughly 7 floor plans for its Seismic toy hauler series. There are 4 floor plans for the 2023 Seismic regular line and only 3 for their Seismic luxury series. No matter which one you buy, you will run into some common problems faced by all Seismic owners.

This list is for the Seismic series:

1. Leaking roofs

While Jayco put a lot of money into this model series and is asking a lot of money for it, they still built the trailer with a wood frame for the roof. The problem is they did not make it waterproof and the rain can cause leaks.

Some of the sources for these leaks are:

- Gaps at the edges of the roof are too large

- Wooden rooftops can rot and disintegrate quite easily.

- The rooftop isn’t waterproof, so it allows the water to seep inside

- Wooden frames aren’t reinforced

- Trailer itself is very old

To fix these problems you will need to patch the holes and other nooks and crannies water can enter.

2. Ignition issues

This usually appears after you have cleaned your trailer. There is a corruption of the data and your trailer’s ignition system may not start up again. A reset may be needed. The possible sources are:

- Inconsistent power supply

- Battery loses energy from excess static build-up

- The run-time data collection halts

- The engine system cannot recognize the installed battery

- Poor traction control

If the reset does not work, then go to a mechanic for further help.

3. Battery Problems

The following are some of the more common sources:

- Damaged or faulty fuses

- The battery used was of the wrong voltage in reference to the allowed amount.

- Not enough fuel

- Rusted or malfunctioning terminals

If it is the fuses, they are not expensive to buy and only take a couple of minutes to fix. If it is the terminals, then clean them up and get the rust off.

4. Unaligned Sliding Doors

Some of the sources for this problem are:

- Accumulating dust in the gaps and crevices

- Bumps in the road

- Manufacturing faults

- Screws loosen up

Take the doors out and clean the tracks or straighten out any bumps that may have developed. Then try tightening up those screws after making sure the tracks are aligned again.

5. Tire instability

Here are some of the issues that cause this problem:

- tires are not aligned

- driving over sharp objects

- using the wrong tires

- loss of air pressure

The fix for this issue is to align your tires and buy new ones.

Jayco Seismic 4113 Problems


1. Unaligned sliding doors

This is a common problem for all Seismic models and you need to remove the doors and realign the tracks. If you are under warranty, get your dealer to do it. This will take some time to fix and you need to be firm but gentle so that you do not ruin the tracks while fixing them

The cause can be bumpy roads, accidents, or opening and closing the door using too much force.

2. The water pump is wired incorrectly

This can happen at the manufacturer and it seems it is done all the time. The fix is to rewire the pump correctly and it should work like normal. Just make sure to turn the power off before you start your work.

3. Hydraulic fluid leaking from the front legs

You may not notice this problem until you unhook your trailer and lower those legs. The cause of the problem is that the seal inside where the bolt head and the cylinder head meat has worn out.

To fix this problem is for you to contact Jayco or their dealer to get the right parts to replace that ring so the hydraulic system is sealed properly again.

4. The landing gear fuse blown

This happens a lot in the earlier models, from 2017 to 2019, and it may be fixed by now. But the landing gear won’t work when the fuse blows. You can check for an electrical short if you think that is the problem but this occurs more when the landing gear is extended and retracted several times.

Just replace the fuse and your landing gear should work again. Don’t forget to keep extra fuses on hand so you do not have to go into the nearest town to get more.

5. Leaking water from the pipes

This is a manufacturer’s error and it seems to happen more often than you may think. What happens is that whoever is putting in the pipes or some other component, including flooring, has put a screw in the water pipe, maybe more than one.

If you are on the road or out in the middle of nowhere, wrap some duct tape around the holes till you can replace the pipe. If you are under warranty, let the dealer handle it.

6. Rear Ramp Stuck

This can happen as that rear ramp can be used for a variety of activities. The source of the problem may be the cable or the ramp that got misaligned somehow. You may or may not be able to move the cable so check to see if there are any obstructions or a break in the cable.

The ramp can be heavy and you may not have the tools to handle the repair. Schedule an appointment with your Jayco dealer to have them fix the problem.

7. Missing screws

This is another common problem and instead of putting the screws into the water lines, the company just did not put any screws in. Or they worked themselves loose due to the vibration of the road.

The only fix, in this case, is to buy the right screws, if you do not have any on hand, and screw them in yourself. Just be careful not to make those screws too long or you may hit a pipe or other vital component.

Honorable mention

Shear pins

It seems that the Seismic trailer is too heavy for the size of shear pins placed in the GC 3.0 system. When they go your landing legs may also be damaged. Some people put the second pin in the system to make sure they will hold all the weight.

For some owners, you have to get replacement legs directly from Lippert to solve the problem. These pins break easily so you do need to carry spares just in case.

Common Roof Problems


Because Jayco may have used wood framing for their Seismic roofs, it is important to include some of those common problems and their fixes.

1. Leaky roof

This is caused by any number of sources including the caulk wearing out, the seals wearing out or you brushed something in a turn, and so on. When you spot the leak it is important to fix them right away.

Just buy the right roof compound that will work with your type of roof and seal up those cracks, holes, and tears. As you do this, watch out for stress cracks. Seal them up as you work on sealing the other issues.

2. Dry Rot

Water does damage wood over time. When your trailer leaks, the water that gets inside will bring dry rot to your wood frame. The dry rot will weaken the wood to the point it won’t hold anything.

The only fix for this is to remove the old damaged wood pieces and replace them with new ones. Then seal up all the leaks.

3. Rubber roof becomes soft and cracks

This will happen over time and if your Seismic trailer has a rubber roof, then you will need to re-seal the roof and cover those cracks. You can do a mixture of tape and sealant to make sure those cracks are closed properly

Jayco Seismic Reviews


One reviewer seemed to like this trailer. It had everything he was expecting in such a large 5th wheel. There was the 102-gallon fresh water tank and the generator came with enough power to run the 3 AC units built into this large trailer.

His final conclusion was that this trailer was perfect for those families that wanted to have their toys along and go on an adventure. He said this trailer would help provide a good experience for those families.

His one drawback was that you would need a very powerful tow vehicle to get this trailer where you want to go. Another reviewer was more impressed with the interior and other features that are in this trailer.

He liked the hardwood cabinet doors, easy to clean residential vinyl flooring, stainless steel kitchen sink, and many more at-home comforts, not to mention the Dexter axles and the never need to be adjusted brakes.

But not everyone is happy with this trailer model series. One owner must have gotten a lemon as he said just about everything failed on him and Jayco would not honor the warranty. His long list of problems makes his review sound fishy as just about every component in his model went bad after the first trip.

Plus, the fact that he got no help from Jayco doesn’t sound right either. There has to be more to the story. But more credible negative reviews have pointed to the faulty pins in the landing gear.

That is a legitimate problem that has turned off many prospective buyers. It is an important point because failed landing gear can not only damage the trailer but injure the family if they are inside at the time.

Our Jayco Toy Hauler Review


We looked at the different floor plans and felt that they were basic in design. When you are paying the money that you are, one would expect a little more comfort than is given by these designs.

The garage cargo area is large enough for many ATVs, motorcycles, canoes, and other toys which is a good thing. Then there are about a minimum of 3 slides per floor plan giving you a little extra space.

One feature we liked was that in the 359 and 403 seismic options they put a fireplace in front of the back bathroom. That adds to the privacy factor a little. This was done in all three of the Seismic luxury models as well.

But what turns us away from these 5th wheels is that you are paying a lot of money for very basic floor plans and not much else. Yes, the cargo area can be large, up to 15 1/2 feet long but that does not make up for the lack of space or the many common problems listed above.

Depending on the model series you are paying $105,000 to $160,000 approx for something you may not need.

Some Final Words

The Seismic is Jayco’s entry into the toy hauler area of RV life. It is a good attempt but the many problems that come with this 5th-wheel trailer do not justify the high price tag.

You are not really getting anything special that sets this 5th wheel above its competitors. The triple axle and the double gray and black water tanks aren’t going to do it either.

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