Is Mudflap App Legit? (Mudflap Fuel App Reviews and Guide)

We just read their website. WOW! What can you say? It seems to be the ideal discount app that everyone would want in their wallets. Their website is impressive as well but one wonders where they make their money if they charge zero fees.

If you can get past all the hype, you might get to the real story. One review site could not determine if this app is legit or not as there were not enough customer reviews. Another review site said it is. You may have to be the judge.

To learn more about Mudflap and its discount just continue reading our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this discount card is for you. It may be too good to be true or it is true and it is good.

What Are Mudflap Fuel Discounts?


The website is saying that if you sign up at the time of this writing, you can save 40 cents per gallon of diesel fuel. All you have to do to get their large discount is to link it to a credit card or your bank account.

Then you just show the app to the clerk with the special discount code and you save a lot of money. It is supposed to be that simple. Then there are supposed to be no fees and no credit checks involved.

You simply download it to your phone, make the link and you are off and running. According to their website, you never have to show your credit or debit card to the clerk. Just show them the discount number and Mudflap will bill you the discounted price.

You will also be sent a receipt by Mudflap in case you need it for your records or business. It does seem to be a miracle app but we still have some questions we would like answered.

Is The Mudflap App Legit?

We are going to have to agree with that one review site. There is not enough legitimate information available at this time to make this determination. According to another review website, the app is legitimate and well worth the trouble to get it.

The company is supposed to have a strong reputation for providing quality services as well as providing results. The reviews we have read are mixed and there are still too few of them to make any good determination.

The reason for that is these reviews seem to be on the extreme side of pros and cons. It is hard to determine if the reviews are real or not no matter if they are positive or negative.

We have not come across any site that exposes anything in this organization as a scam or a con but it is too new to make any real decisions about it. One of the issues we have found is that the app is not widely accepted even though it is available in Canada and the US.

Is The Mudflap App Safe?

This is probably one of the biggest problems we have found when researching this company. All the review sites as well as the website say it is a safe app to use. However, we have come across quite a few reviews that have reported illegal charges placed on their credit cards, etc.

They have also mentioned that they are not getting that solid and quality customer service mentioned earlier. This app is supposed to have been downloaded 500,000 times and has a 4.5-star rating at the app store.

In comparison, the complaints about spurious charges are minute in number. In other words, out of those 500,000 downloads, maybe 5 or 10 complained about these unauthorized charges.

Other websites are saying that the company is continuing to work on its security so it is safe for some people and maybe not safe for others as there seem to be some holes in the system.

We should add that different websites are reporting that the correct discount you can expect is UP TO not exactly 40 cents per gallon. Some say up to 55 cents but times change.

Mudflap Fuel App Reviews


The professional review sites are all saying this is a legitimate app and with over 100,000 downloads to date, with no major red flags appearing on any of the websites we researched, this is probably true.

However, user reviews tell a different story. If you can get past the hype and the extreme positive reviews you will find that many app users have had problems that have not been resolved.

What this means is that the reviews are mixed with some people liking the app and others not liking it. The biggest concern other than the false charges is that there are still too few truck stops honoring the app.

Some users have complained that those that do accept it are 10 or more miles off their route. One reason for that is this company likes to work with the mom and pop diesel outlets and not the big chains.

Also, this app is only for diesel fuel which eliminates a large segment of society from using this discount app. This is a new app so time will tell if it is good or not.

Does The Mudflap App Work For Gasoline?

No, it doesn’t. This is one of the drawbacks of this app. It is for diesel fuel users only. According to their website, they are working on this situation and hope to have it available for gas in the near future.

Right now, even the diesel outlets are limited. The company is saying they are working hard to add more gas stations to its network. You may not be able to use the app in a variety of states at this time.

The company is also saying they are working on getting a discount for the DEF diesel owners' need to have these days. Everything takes time and in due course if this company survives you may be able to benefit from all three necessary fluids.

You can always contact the company after reading this and ask them about their progress. The app is supposed to have a fuel finder page on it. This page helps you find an outlet that accepts this app and is near you or on your route.

Again, it remains to be seen how successful this app will be.

How Does Mudflap Make Money?

This is a very good question. Not many reviewers answer it even though their websites have this exact question on it. Part of the reason for this lack of information is that this is a privately owned company.

It is supposed to be owned by Sharon Yapp out of Palo Alto, CA.and since she has kept the company private, she does not have to disclose any financial information to the public.

But according to our research, the company is supposed to be selling advertising space on the app, then it takes a small commission on the discount.

It is not clear who pays this commission as one website said it was paid by the gas stations the company partners with because it is sending business their way. Also, the company sells a premier or premium membership which should raise a lot of money as more people sign up.

None of this information is on the company’s website so it is hard to verify. We do not see a premium membership opportunity on the website nor on the page you are sent to when you push the download now link.

Who Owns The Mudflap App?

Wh Owns-The-Mudflap-App

As we just explained, Mudflap Inc. is privately owned by Sharon Yapp. She is a long-time entrepreneur and businesswoman who has had experience somewhere in the car industry.

What gets confusing is some of the information states that she founded the company and other information said she heard about it and then started her own. Right now information is murky about Mudflap’s origin.

How Mudflap got started is not that important at this time. Ms. Yapp was just concerned about the driver’s paying a high fuel cost. She felt that everyone should have access to a gas discount so she started Mudflap.

From what we can determine from our research is that there are many users who are saving money every day using this app. You just have to be comfortable linking your bank account, credit card, or debit card to this app.

Just be careful and watch your statements as some users have been hacked and have paid for other purchases in states they had not visited at the time of the purchase.

Who Accepts The Mudflap App?

This is not known. The company website does not list any of the gas stations that accept this app. The map of all the locations is on the app itself which you can access after you download it.

Since the app is free you have nothing to lose to check those locations out. What we have found out from users is that the west coast is weak in acceptance as it is in other parts of the US.

But the company is working on strengthening those areas. The amount of discount you will actually get will depend on the type of deal Mudflap makes with the gas station.

Some users have saved 26 cents per gallon, others 50 and 60 cents depending on the state they could access it. These figures come from 2021 and not from the distant past.

So far most users are very happy with the discounts they receive.

Can Anyone Use The Mudflap App?

As far as we can tell just about anyone can use this app. It is easy to download and we do not know the restrictions on sign up and no one has said if there are or not.

The people who cannot use this app at this time, are those who own gas engine vehicles. It is for diesels only which is fine. The biggest drawback to having this app is that it does not have the same wide coverage as other discount cards.

You have to be careful as some of those truck stops and other stations boost their prices to cover the discount. That may mean as one owner figured out, he only got about a 4% discount over the regular price.

But some owners are reporting saving $66 on 121 gallons of fuel and $70 on 132 gallons of fuel. So the savings are there if you want to try it out.

How To Use The Mudflap App


On their website, there is a video you can watch to learn how to use it. But as we explained earlier, the process is not that difficult. All you have to do is download the app, link your bank account or credit card, etc., to the app.

Then when you need to use it, you get a code that you show the clerk at the gas station and you get your discount. You do not pay anything at the counter unless you are buying something else.

Mudflap handles all the payments and withdraws from your account at the discounted cost. Then they will send you a receipt for your records. The code is only supposed to be valid for 24 hours so you cannot get it days before you stop and fill up.

Once you sign up you should be able to use the app right away. There are no delays as there are no credit checks, etc. Mudflap takes most of the risks.

Some Final Words

This app is relatively new so it is not well-known yet. From all reports, the positive experiences have far outweighed any negative ones. There may be some security glitches but report those so the company can fix the problem.

The biggest drawback to using this app is that it is not accepted everywhere across the country. You would have to use the app map to find if any locations are near you.

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