Insignia RV Gas Stove and Oven (Review and Troubleshooting)

Not everything is made by Furrion or Dometic. There are different companies that manufacture products for RV makers. Insignia is just one of a crowd of companies that help stock your RV or trailer with top appliances. They may make your stove or other appliance in your RV, etc.

Insignia is the house brand for Best Buy but we hate to tell you this but it does not make the top 8, 10, or 12 best lists that we looked at. This brand seems to be cheaper than the others which may be the reason it was selected by some RV companies.

To learn more about this brand, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about before you buy your next RV or trailer. Keep reading to see if this is a brand for you

Who Makes Insignia Stoves?


While Best Buy sells this brand of appliances, it is not the maker of them. The company that does the manufacturing is located in China. Their work is done according to the designs and specifications created by Best Buy.

The company in China that makes Insignia appliances is called Haier. This is supposed to be one of the top 100 or most valuable companies in that country. As you know, this has been a standard business practice for many decades.

The cost-cutting move helps American and other top world corporations save money on their manufacturing expenses. It is all about the bottom line and right now China and Southeast Asia is the cheapest place to make their products.

So while your RV is getting a lesser-known brand name for RVs, it is getting a product designed by Best Buy which should give it some credibility. Even though it does not make the top 10 lists put out by different reviewers.

The Insignia RV Gas Stove

The signature piece in this category measures 46 inches H by 29 inches W by 29 inches D so it is not something you want in a smaller RV or trailer. It is possible to get smaller. This is the 4.9 cubic feet model.

There is a smaller unit used by Forest River and it measures 24 by 34 by 27 inches. Its capacity is 3.7 cubic feet. This oven and stove combination has all the same components as any you would find in a traditional home’s kitchen.

The 4 burners range in BTUs from 3500 to 12,000 with the oven reaching 12,000 BTUs. In looking at this model through the manual, it is a basic stove that is a bit on the small size made to fit RVs.

There is nothing special about it and no feature really stands out. Even installing this appliance is the same as installing a gas stove in your home’s kitchen. For all, we can see this stove would work in a smaller home as well as a nice sized RV or trailer.

It is compact and great for smaller spots.

Insignia RV Stove Reviews


This is going to be a problem. The RV discussion forum thread was cached before we could look at it and that seemed to be the only location that discussed this stove and if it was good or not.

Another discussion forum only said that there were good reports about this brand but we have not been able to find those good reports except on Best Buy’s blog page.

Every review article we have seen has not included it in their top best lists. Not one. This does not mean that the brand is not good, Best Buy is a top retailer in America and it certainly does not produce junk.

All this means is that no matter how good the appliance is, it is still not so great that it can crack those top best lineups. Or it means the reviewer does not like the brand or Best Buy.

What does not bode well for Best Buy is that its stove cannot beat out the ones made by Dometic, Furrion, and even the little-known brand names like Flame King, Ramblewood, Happy Buy, and so on.

Finding Insignia RV Stove Parts

The first place to go would be the Insignia website. They may refer you to Best Buy’s part store and you can check out their product support page for more information at this link.

Other locations would be the RV parts company which should have a wide selection of RV parts including this appliance. Then you can go to buy and see what they have in stock.

Or you can contact the Best Buy nearest your location to see if they have the parts or know a company that does that is near where you are staying at the moment.

Last year Insignia owners had a lot of trouble finding different parts and when they contacted Insignia, the company merely sent them a new range. Getting it installed is another problem.

Your search may get you a new stove or a new part it all depends on the company and who you talk to. The current logistic problems may impact your search for a little while.

Insignia RV Oven Troubleshooting


The owner’s manual, which we will link to shortly, has some troubleshooting tips to look at. There are about 2 pages of solutions for you to look at. We can only quote a few in this limited space for you:

1. Cooktop

- Some burners will not light- Burner parts or igniter may

be wet, dirty, or misaligned- Make sure that the burner parts are clean,

dry, and correctly assembled.

- Burner flames are unusually large and yellow- Burner bezel ports are

Clogged- Clean burner bezel ring ports with a straightened paper clip, needle, or wire.

2. Oven

- Oven does not heat- No power supply- Make sure that there is no power outage in your RV or area. If there is a power outage, you cannot use the oven until power has been restored

- Oven does not maintain the temperature - The oven burner orifice is

Blocked- Make sure that the oven burner orifice is not blocked. The orifice is in the pilot light and tube burner compartment.

**We suggest that you look at the manual. The troubleshooting information is on pages 30 to 32. Some of the above problems have more than one source and more than one solution.

Insignia RV Oven Won't Light

The first place to look would be your propane supply. If it is low or out of propane, then you would have to re-fill your tanks or buy new ones. Then for the burners, we mentioned one source for that problem already.

Another source would be the igniter. If it is wet, or broken in some way, then your stove will not light. Or the igniter failed in some way.

This was the part that got one owner a new stove when he contacted Insignia directly. It also looks like you can use The GE module # WB13X32509. At least some owners had to resort to that alternative part.

Even with the replacement oven, the owner had the same problem a few months later. The igniter just may be one of those parts that are slipping through quality control unnoticed and with defects to them.

Or you may try to find parts for the Haier model sold at Home Depot. Both appliances are made by the same company. In this case, a little innovative thinking may have you finding parts quicker than going through standard channels.

Insignia RV Gas Stove Troubleshooting


The information for this section was placed above in the oven troubleshooting section. We will give you a couple more sources, problems, and solutions that we did not mention above.

- Flames do not burn all around the burner cap- Burner parts or igniter may

be wet, dirty, or misaligned - Make sure that the burner parts are clean,

dry, and correctly assembled. Make sure that the igniters are clean and dry.

- Ignition sparks, but there is no flame - The gas shut-off valve is in the

OFF position - Turn the shut-off valve to the ON position.

- Igniters spark continuously after flame ignites - Power supply polarity is

reversed or the Igniters are wet or dirty - Contact a service technician to have the polarity corrected. Or Dry or clean the igniters

Those are some of the issues you can face when you own this brand of stove or oven. There may be other problems but they may not be listed in the manual. You can always call the company at their number on their contact page and see what the solution is.

Or talk to your local Best Buy manager to see what solution can be used for your specific problem.

Finding an Insignia RV Stove For Sale

One place where you will not find this brand of the stove is Amazon. We checked their listings and found the competitors listed but not Insignia products. There is a good place to shop and it is the company’s web page.

Insignia will send you to the Best Buy web page and checkout process. At that location, you can use a credit card or Pay Pal to pay for the products you want. Another place that does not have it is the popular e-trailer website.

Since this brand of stoves, etc., is made by a Chinese company do not be surprised to find it for sale under the Haier brand name. Those may be sold through Home Depot or Lowes or a similar big-box outlet.

Of course, Best Buy sells them as that is their in-house brand. You can try different RV stores to see if they have them in stock. These stores are located in Mexico, America, and Canada.

You have a lot of locations near you to go to when you need parts or a new stove. Check the classified ads like Craigslist and local classified newspapers. A used one may still be good and you can get a great deal usually through these options.

Download The Insignia Manual


This is not going to be a difficult search for you. We found many websites offering a manual for download. The first one will be from Forest River and you can find it at this location.

Another website to check is found at this link. it is a colorful website but you have to do some searching to find the exact manual you will need. Then, of course, you can go to the Insignia website to find the manual you are searching for.

Just click on this link to get to their manuals web page. You can also try the Best Buy website, call them or visit their store to find what you need. This product is currently still in production so finding a manual at Best Buy should not be a problem.

In our search for these websites, we found that Insignia has several web pages listed for their manuals. If you do not find what you need at one, just move on to the next one on the list.

One thing is for sure, there are no shortages of websites that offer manuals for this appliance.

Some Final Words

There is a website that lists about 10 reasons why Insignia is a good brand to buy. It may be a good brand of appliances and other products but we are not sure.

This brand is missing from all the top best lists and that is a glaring omission. While some people will say they are good, it remains to be seen as very few people talk about it except for the igniters. Those parts seem to be held in low esteem by Insignia owners.

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