Idaho Tote Problems and Review (Used Idaho Tote For Sale)

They are not Idaho Totes anymore. They used to be called that name but ever since Tru North Industries bought the company in 2018, they have been known as Freedom Haulers. Tru North used to make two models and one was Idaho Totes but their website’s product page does not list that name anymore.

Idaho Totes is a small trailer that holds your toys while you tow them to where you want to go. It could be considered a double tow in some states and provinces so be careful. They are handy items to have but they are also fairly expensive.

To learn more about this little helpful trailer, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this addition to your RV family is worth the expense. Not everyone wants a toy hauler due to the fumes and other harmful chemicals involved.

Who Makes The Idaho Tote?


As best as can be determined, Idaho Totes was the previous company name. It was started in 2007 and flourished for 11 years before it was bought out by Tru North Industries.

This is the name of the company that still makes this product. However, they use the business name Freedom Hauler for the company and the products they build. There used to be two product lines, one Freedom haulers and the other Idaho Totes.

However, a look at their products page on the company website shows only Freedom Haulers being made now. The trailers made today are made in Marsing, Idaho near Boise.

The company is said to be using state-of-the-art technology to make sure you get a trailer that is perfect for your hauling situation. If you have questions, their web page also has a contact form, phone number, and mailing address.

Common Idaho Tote Problems


The first problem you may encounter will be crossing highway intersections. If the road you are crossing is crowned, then you may see things fly off the Tote if they are not strapped down very well.

Make sure everything you put on this trailer is well strapped and secure. Then the second common problem will be law enforcement. They may check your license to see if you are allowed to double tow or not.

Then they may cite you for towing a trailer behind a trailer. Even if the state allows double tows, you may have difficulties with law enforcement. Actions will vary depending on the officer, the judge, and other officials.

A third problem will be the air compressor switch on the air tank. It will fail you and when it goes, you should avoid all potholes. You may end up dragging something important.

To fix this problem you just need to change the air switch to a continuous-duty relay.

Idaho Tote Reviews


The only major issue that was criticized, that we found, was the price. These are very expensive little RV add-ons and many owners cannot afford the cost. Most people we read were loving their Tote and one owner had nothing but praise for it after a 13-state journey.

It seems t be a very well-built device that performs well in all situations. What some people did mention is that this is not technically a trailer. It is not attached to a hitch or a ball but is a fixed addition.

That means it does not move like a trailer usually moves. Some people did not like that aspect. The axle moves and follows the trailer it is attached to. It is said that those states that do not allow double towing allow this configuration because it is solidly affixed to a trailer.

Idaho Tote Price


You are not going to like the price of this add-on. It comes in 3 different lengths, 8, 10, and 12 feet, and each has its own price tag. The 8-footer sells for $8,890 *and these prices are taken from the company’s website.

The 10-footer sells for $9,890 and the 12-footer is priced at $10,890 and why they came up with $890 is anyone’s guess. It would be better if they just rounded it up a little.

You can buy accessories and add-ons. Those prices will range between $200 and $5000 and many of those accessories seem well worth the extra cost. Fold-down fencing is one of those accessories as is an electric brake package.

You should check out the company website to see if this is a good option for your traveling situation. The company only makes 3 of these Totes of Freedom Hauler models.

Finding an Idaho Tote For Sale On Craigslist


Before we get to Craigslist, you should know that the company does sell used trailers on consignment. You should check out what they have available before heading to the classified ads.

Just go to their product page to see what is on sale. At the time of this writing, they have 2 of 11 left on sale. There are two problems with using Craigslist to find these add-ons used.

The first is that you have to go city by city to find out what is listed. That brings us to the second problem. If you use the word ‘totes’ in your search, you may end up seeing plastic bins and not RV add-ons for sale.

You can try using Craigslist and you may get lucky or you can simply look at the different RV discussion forums. These forums usually have a classified ad section for members to sell their unneeded items.

You may have better luck with the latter option over the former one.

Some Final Words

For those who like hauling toys or need extra space, the Idaho Totes or Freedom Haulers may be the answer. They are not technically considered a trailer so you should be able to go anywhere with them.

Just watch your overall length as that might be a problem in some states. People have been pulled over for that issue.

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