HWH Leveling Jacks Rebuild: How to Repair HWH Leveling Jacks

Always take advantage of the valid warranty to make sure you never have to pay for repairs, in most cases. That way you don't have to worry about finding a place to rebuild your RV equipment. If your warranty isn't good, there are plenty of shops that will work with you.

How to repair HWH leveling jacks: If the jacks are slow-moving, HWH gives you the instructions on what to do on their FAQ page. All you need is a little WD-40 to lube the shafts and the jacks should speed up again. Other repairs may need to be taken to a service center or sent to a specialist in hydraulic jacks.

To find out how to repair your HWH jacks, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to make your repairs quickly or send it to someone who can. Take a few moments to get the information on this leveling jack system.

What are HWH Leveling Jacks?


These jacks are made by the HWH corporation out of Iowa. They are located in a small town area near Moscow and between Iowa City and the Quad Cities. This company manufactures hydraulic leveling jacks for RVs and other vehicles.

The company makes about 80 to 85% of all the components that go inside of these jacks and the rest are made to their specifications. There are manual, computerized, and other systems installed in their HWH leveling jack products.

These jacks come with a 1-year limited warranty and it is not transferable. If your windshield breaks while operating their jacks, HWH will not come to your rescue and replace your windshield.

HWH Leveling Jacks Troubleshooting

There are 5 methods to discover what is wrong with your leveling jacks.

  • 1. Basic tests - if you press the power button and you hear no noise, then the problem could be as simple as a blown fuse.
  • 2. Look at the jacks - use your eyes and inspect the jacks to see if there are any bends, cracks, breaks, or leaking fluid.
  • 3. Read your manual - this booklet will provide you with detailed troubleshooting tips that may help you out of a tough spot.
  • 4. Use the manual override system - if yours has one, flip the switch and raise your jacks yourself.
  • 5. Ask for help - this is the last-ditch effort and you may find someone to help you at the campground.

How to Repair HWH Leveling Jacks

There are different DIY methods you can use and the first one would be to replace the hydraulic or transmission fluid inside of them. When the old oil gets dirty it can mess up smooth operating jacks

The second method you can use is to check the tank’s cap. If you forgot to tighten it up when you changed the fluid, that fluid will leak out. You will have to add more then make sure to tighten the cap when you are done.

The third option you have is to repair the cylinders. Unfortunately, this is not really a DIY fix. You will have to take your rig to the company or an approved repairman and get them to fix those cylinders.

How to Bleed HWH Leveling Jacks


There is supposed to be a bleeder on the driver’s side transmission that needs to be opened. You will need someone to pump the clutch then hold it down. Open the bleeder up and do that, When the air is gone, you just close the bleeder.

However, there may be some HWH systems that cannot be bled because they are self-bleeding systems. They also require no fluid in them to retract the jacks. If you have a problem retracing then the issue may be with the inner jack seal.

Or the springs are weak. To test the springs, simply push the jack-up with your hand. If they retract, you need to replace those springs. If you have to use a pry bar to move the jacks, then the problem is with the inner seal.

HWH Leveling Jacks Won't go Down

The owner’s manual has the instructions on how to do this fix. It will involve changing from the automatic method to the manual override method.

LCI Manual mode

  • Press the on/off switch.
  • Push the up button on your control panel until it indicates you are in manual mode.
  • Press the enter button.
  • Press the button labeled ‘front’ to lower the front jacks.
  • Repeat for the rear and middle jacks.

HWH Manual mode

Turn your ignition to the ACC or on position. You do not need to go further and start the motor. Set your parking brake, then push the starter button to turn the system on. Next, you use the directional arrows you want to use and then press the dump button. This will dump any air from the system.

Now lower your jacks and the jacks will lower in pairs. Start with the rear jacks then move on to the front ones.

HWH Leveling Jacks Won't Retract

Since you do not have to worry about needing fluid in the system to retract those jacks, you can focus on finding the problem. Use your hand first and push the jacks up. If they move, then you have weak springs which will need to be replaced.

Then you can check the solenoids and see if they are the problem. Release the pressure on the solenoids and if the jacks come up, the problem is not the springs. It may be the valves in the solenoids.

If the jacks move slowly, then you will need to replace the springs.

Leveling Jack Slow to Retract


Just as a reminder, this is not a fluid problem. You may be low on fluid but that only helps the jacks extend. If you are low, add some fluid so they will extend properly. But you do not need fluid in the system to retract the jacks.

However, that doesn't mean that the jacks will move up quickly. If they are slow, you may have a spring issue to work out. Slow-moving jacks are an indication that the springs are weak.

To check the springs just read our previous section for the instructions on how to do that. it won’t take long to test them and you can always use the manual override system to retract those springs.

HWH Leveling Jack Leaking

The first thing to do is check the fluid cap. if it is loose or you forgot to tighten it, the fluid can leak out of that spot. This is a simple fix and you just tighten the cap after adding a little more fluid to top the tank off.

Unless the company has made any changes to their system, you can send the leaking jacks into the company and they will fix them for less than the cost of new ones. It seems that they do not have authorized dealers or repairmen to handle these rebuild jobs.

That is what will likely need to be done if your jacks are leaking in other places than the cap.

HWH Leveling Jacks Springs

It is possible to fix the springs yourself. It seems that HWH does send out spring kits to different RV dealers like Winnebago. One spring kit is for one jack assembly and that can get a little costly.

One price for the spring kit is just over $40 and that can add up if you have to repair more than one spring. To make sure you get the right springs, you have to count the number of coils and measure the outside diameter of your current set of springs.

Do not measure the length of the spring, that figure will not help you. It is okay to be off 1 coil either way. Here is the link to order the right springs.

HWH Cylinder Kit Replacement


While there may be cylinder repair kits on sale, HWH does not have seal kits as one of their repair parts. If you are looking for seals to finish repairing your cylinders, then you have to send the jacks into HWH where they will either rebuild them or replace your current ones with a new set.

We did look at an outlet that sells parts for HWH systems and we did not see a cylinder repair kit in their list of products. There is a cylinder assembly kit and it goes for almost $500 per cylinder. It may be best to contact HWH to see if their option is cheaper.

Leveling System Fuse Location

According to one of the owner’s manuals, the fuses for the 610 series should be in the back of the control box. Not the control panel but the box that actually does the operating of the jacks.

The diagram shows that there are 7 fuses in this box and any one of them could go bad on you. if the fuse has blown you will need either a 5, 7.5, or a 10 amp fuse to replace the bad one or two. The kick down version only has 6 fuses in the same location.

Those fuses are only 5 and 10 amp sizes. In looking at other diagrams in the owner’s manual those seem to be the only ones you should be concerned about.

HWH Leveling System Calibration

Some of these systems have an automatic leveling system. They may think that the rig is not level even though you parked on fairly level ground or a level pad. So the system is misreading level and you need to make a slight adjustment.

Underneath your RV there should be a 4-inch disk. Above that are 3 pointed sensors that detect when the rig is level. Below the disk, there are 3 adjustment screws. You tighten the front one and you may only have to go a 1/2 inch in the turn to calibrate it.

Calibration is done by trial and error and you may have to fiddle with those adjustment screws until your system reads level correctly.

Leveling Jack Oil


HWH makes its own brand of hydraulic oil. It is not called transmission fluid as some people refer to it. It is clearly labeled as HWH Hydraulic oil and it comes in 1-quart sizes. This oil is designed for HWH jack systems.

The cost that you will pay will depend on where you buy it. One outlet has it for $5.69 per quart but you may be able to find the oil at lower prices with a good internet search.

The oil is said to work in temperatures reaching as low as -20 degrees F.

Finding RV Hydraulic Jack Repair Near Me

This is as easy as typing in RV hydraulic jack repair services in your computer’s search box. A long list of places that repair jacks will pop up. However, with HWH systems, you may have to go to their website to see which dealers or repair shops are authorized to handle this job.

Sometimes, the company prefers it if you send your jacks directly to them and let their mechanics handle the repair. The key is when your warranty is still valid, you need permission from HWH first before repairs can begin.

The list of independent dealers who, as HWH says may or may not service HWH jack systems, is found at this link.

Some Final Words

HWH jack systems seem to be the most popular of all jack systems. They seem to be pretty good and the company takes pride in the quality of their products.

There are about 3 different systems you can get with your RV and they are not hard to operate. Most people seem to be happy with their HWH systems.

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