How to Set Up Awning On Pop Up Camper (Starcraft, Viking…)

Extra living space is what awnings provide when you have a smaller camper. Those extra square feet come in handy when you want to sit back relax and just enjoy the area you are camping in. But setting up those awnings can be a chore if you do not know how to do it.

How to set up an awning on a pop-up camper: There are different ways to set up an awning. The best way is to open the awning bag while the roof is low enough to do that task. Then place your rafter poles inside and hook up the support poles. After all that is done, you can raise the roof all the way.

This is a generic set of instructions and your method may be different. But to learn more about setting up an awning on a pop-up camper just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about.

Starcraft Awning Setup Instructions


It seems that Starcraft buys its awnings from a variety of manufacturers. Thus the following instructions may not apply to all awnings that the company supplies. here are those instructions:

1. Assemble the awning and place it into the awning zip bag. Zip it closed and then slide the awning bag tube into the awning rail on your camper.

2. Screw the sockets into the camper at each end of the awning just below the awning rail. The large groove on the socket should be facing down.

3. Open your camper and then mark 49 & 51 inches below the sockets you just installed. Now screw the lower set of sockets in at those marks.

4. Screw a drill point screw into each end of the awning to keep it secure for travel.

5. Open the awning bag and unroll the awning. Extend the legs to the desired height you want and lock them into place. Then extend the rafter poles and lock them into place.

6. Put the support legs into the lower set of sockets or stake them into the ground and you are done.

Just a couple of tips to help your awning last a little longer. Roll it up when you are experiencing high winds in your area. Then, lower one or both corners when the rain starts. This will help the water roll off the awning and avoid pooling. Pooling can cause a lot of damage to the poles.

How To Set Up an Awning on a Viking Pop Up Camper

How- To-Set-Up-an-Awning-on-a-Viking-Pop-Up-Camper

Setting up awnings is not going to have many differences between camper brands. It will depend on the type of awning you have on your pop-up camper. There are 5 different types and not all will work with a pop-up.

For most pop-ups, you have a manual system that will work similarly to the one just described in the previous section. The bag type needs to be attached to your camper roof and how high you lift the roof to unfurl the awning is up to you.

If you can’t reach the top of the roof, you can raise it to a level that is comfortable to you. or you can use a small step ladder or a picnic table to give you a boost. Once you have made that decision, you unzip the bag and begin to pull the awning out of its holder.

Then lock the rafter poles into place once you get the awning extended far enough. next, lock the support poles at the height you need. You can then move the bottom of the support legs to the camper where the security sockets are attached.

Place the legs in there and the awning set up is complete. Some Viking campers do not come with those sockets and you will have to secure the support legs into the ground

How To Set Up a Jayco Pop Up Camper Awning


Most awnings do operate in the same manner and opening the roof up is going to be your key. Some people like it partway up as the awning is easier to handle. While others prefer to open the roof up all the way and deal with the legs from the fully extended position.

There should be 3 rafter poles and each one should have a rubber end to it. That end, and it could be plastic as well, goes against the camper wall. The other end may have a spike that inserts into a hole in the support legs.

Also, these rafter poles may be spring-loaded and the purpose for those springs is to keep the awning material tight. Now if you have the type of awning design that has the legs headed back to the camper, there should be brackets attached to the wall of the camper these legs slide into.

At the other end, the support legs should have been designed to attach to the metal bar inside the awning outside edge. Or you may have the design where the legs have a hole in the lower end of the pole. Those holes are for you to stake the support legs into the ground.

The most difficult part of this process is the end of the rafter poles. They need to be designed to go through the cross pole as well as the support legs. Once you get this done, you should have the extra living space and shade from the sun that you want.

Again, there is a word of caution as this system is not wind or weather-proof. You should take the awning down when the wind rises. Plus, you should lower one corner when it rains to allow the water to run off and not cause any damage.

How Do You Adjust The Awning on a Coleman Pop-up Camper?


The first adjustment is to measure accurately. If you have a 9.3-foot awning rail, you should not go beyond that length. A 9-foot awning is recommended. The experts say that you should not go beyond the awning rail by more than an inch or so. Shorter is better.

Coleman did not always measure the bag awnings to the foot so you have to be careful when making adjustments. Then to keep the awning material tight you can use foam pieces to help you do that.

These foam pieces slide up underneath the material and above the rails. The pieces add a little extra support as well as keep the material nice and taut. The exact location would be at the end of the awning that is furthest from the camper.

Or you can stake the support legs out just enough to add the needed tension. Instead of hooking the legs to the camper, just place them in the ground and use a tent peg to help secure them.

You can also try using support clips. Different designs may help you adjust your awning. Check the different parts outlets to see what they have to offer.

Can You Add an Awning To a Pop-up Camper?


Yes, this is not a big deal as long as your pop-up camper can support the weight. Also, the weight of the awning should not put you over the total weight limit the pop-up can handle.

Most people opt for the bag awning as it is lighter than other types of awnings you can buy. They are also not that hard to install. The next key factor you need to consider will be overall length.

The awning has to fit the length of the camper and not go beyond the outer borders. When doing the install, you should have a couple of extra hands helping you. Then follow the instructions exactly. Any misstep can create issues later on you could have avoided.

If you are going to have professionals install the awning, you are looking at roughly $60 per hour just for labor, approx. The cost of the awning itself varies depending on type, if it is automatic or not, and size.

Manuals & Repair Guides


If you are still not sure how to set up an awning, the following two links should provide you with more information. These links are for Coleman campers and they cover more than just awnings. They are helpful if you have misplaced the owner’s manual as well.

First, the owner’s manual for many campers is at this link and the repair guide, including information on awnings, is at this link.

Some Final Words

Adding an awning to your pop-up camper is a good way to get some more living space. Pop-ups can be cramped when they are small and adding an awning may give you that extra space from your mate so you do not get into an argument. Just find the right size to fit your pop-up camper.

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