Use Guide: How to Light a Furrion Oven (That Will Not Light)

Modern technology does have some bugs to it. This is seen in how the instructions in the manuals are written and the symbols used on different appliances. Sometimes the instructions and the symbols do not line up and you are left wondering what to do. Especially if people use the same terms you are trying to understand in their explanation.

The key to this issue is to remember that the oven does not work like a burner. It takes longer for the oven to light up than it does for a burner. You will have to hold the pilot light knob in for up to 60 seconds before it will light.

To learn more about this issue, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about so you can get your oven it. It may be a frustrating process but it can be done if you are patient enough.

How To Light a Furrion RV Oven


There are several steps to this process. The first step is to make sure your propane tanks are full of fuel and they are open. You need a good flow of propane to light the oven.

Step two has you opening the oven and turning the oven knob to the flame icon. Step three is pushing the knob n and holding it there for 30 seconds to 60 seconds. You can try lighting it after 30 seconds have passed but it may not work. Then you have to wait another 30 seconds to try again.

That is the ideal method to light your Furrion oven. The key is to make sure you understand the symbols and what they mean. Some people do not understand that the flame icon means pilot and it would be best if manufacturers stuck to words instead of symbols.

Those words would end the confusion and allow people to light their ovens and other appliances a lot faster. Or just take the time to learn what all the symbols and icons mean so you are not confused.

Furrion Oven Not Lighting

This problem could be due to user error and that is not being mean. It is just that the Furrion oven lighting method is a two-handed task and it can get complicated. For example, you have to turn one knob to the pilot position and hold it in for a long time.

Then if you have an electronic lighter system, you have to turn the ignitor knob to get the spark. It is not always an easy task to do, especially when you have to hold the one knob in for up to a minute.

You can try using a lighter instead of the ignitor and that may work. But the problem may be that you forgot to turn the propane on or that the thermocouple may have been pushed out of position.

Either scenario is possible as people do forget things and the road condition may have jolted the oven enough to move some of the parts. If all your attempts have failed, you may have to call in a technician to help you.

There may be a part that has failed and you may not recognize that fact as you try other solutions.

Furrion Oven Will Not Stay Lit


There are several sources that could be the problem. One is that you may have gotten an oven that was made with an inferior gas control valve. It seems that Furrion was sent this valve and they installed it in their ovens.

The solution is to replace the valve but sadly, the replacement valve is no longer available. You need to replace the oven for the fix. That can be expensive. Another solution is to move the tray to the bottom level or take it out completely.

That was a solution that worked for one owner. It is a good one as you do not have to worry about violating your warranty with that quick fix. If you are out of warranty coverage, then you are on your own for the repair.

If your warranty is still good, then Furrion will fix it for you. In other news, the more modern Furrion ovens will be without a temperature gauge. You only get a timer now and that is not a good move for anyone. Owners are not liking that upgrade at all.

How To Use a Furrion RV Oven

Using this model of stove and oven will be like using any traditional stove or oven in your home. The key difference is that you do not have to keep turning the propane on and off as you would in your RV.

To light it, you have to push in and turn the control knob to the flame icon and then the igniter knob to ignition. The latter knob has to be done continuously until the oven lights. You turn it in the clockwise direction.

Here is the kicker in all of this. Once the flame appears and the oven is lit, hold the igniter knob in the light position for about 5 more seconds. Once the flame becomes steady, turn the control knob till you get the size of flame you need.

If the flame does go out at this time, be careful as propane will still be flowing towards the pilot light and out into the oven or RV. Let some time pass after shutting the oven off for the gas to disappear before trying to light the oven again.

Once lit, use the oven like you would the one at your traditional home.

Furrion RV Oven Temperature Adjustment


In reading different comments on the appropriate discussion forum and in reading the actual owner's manual, people with this brand of the stove are going to have trouble adjusting the heat levels.

There is no mention of a temperature gauge in the manual and the owners of the more recent models of this brand’s oven state that the temperature gauge has been removed. What this means is that you are going to have to adjust your temperature by feel and how the flame looks.

While the manual does mention different temperature levels for cooking different foods, unless you have your own independent oven thermometer, you are not going to know the exact oven temperature at any given time.

The control knob is the temperature adjustment knob but it may not be accurate. There are complaints from different owners about how their Furrion is off by large margins when it comes to temperature levels. This includes those models with a temperature gauge.

Some technicians have said that there is a +/- 10-degree difference for every 100 degrees and if that is true, then the oven is useless to anyone. With this inaccuracy, it is a good idea to have an oven temperature gauge independent of the oven and place it inside to monitor the heat levels.

How To Know When Furrion Oven is Preheated

We are going to quote directly from Furrion what they told a rep at e-trailer when asked the same question. The answer may leave you dumbfounded but it confirms what we wrote in the last section:

Have the customer open the oven door and set the temp at 400 and let it preheat for 15-20 minutes. Then have them adjust the temp to what they want. The acceptable temp variance is +/- 10 degrees per 100 degrees of the temperature setting. So if it is set at 400 it could range from 30 to 40 and that would be acceptable.”

That may be acceptable to Furrion but it is not acceptable when food gets ruined when cooked at the wrong temperature. We have read more complaints about this one appliance than most other appliances we have written about so far.

According to one owner, this difference is not static. It will fluctuate wildly like a see-saw so you never know what temperature you are cooking at. This seems to be a problem with Furrion stoves and ovens and not other brands making ovens for RVs.

Furrion Oven Problems


There may be many of these as this oven does not seem to be made with customer use in mind or with any attempt to make a quality product. If you are under warranty, then these problems will seem insignificant as all we have seen in our research is that Furrion is very good at honoring the warranty.

One problem will be the thermocouple. It can get out of line, damage, or fail on you. When this happens the oven will not light. The thermocouple has to be in the right position and in top working order for the oven to do its job.

The solution will be realignment or replacement. The former is the easiest of the two to try first and can be done by you if you want. Then there are two main problems which we have talked about already.

Lighting the oven is one of the most difficult aspects of any RV appliance. It is very difficult to light this oven and it may not light at all due to any number of reasons. One is that there is no propane getting to the pilot light.

Or the igniter does not work anymore and in which case, you would have to resort to manual lighting methods. The biggest complaint and the one talked about the most was the weird temperature settings and swings that this brand of the oven has.

Any oven purposefully made with a +/- 10-degree accuracy rate is not an oven to be proud of or one that should be used at all. At 400 degrees that is a 40 +/- fluctuation that you cannot track or adjust.

Furrion calls that normal, as you have already read. This is not acceptable under any other circumstances and you can ruin a lot of expensive food because of this built-in inaccuracy.

These issues do not even touch the idea that someone had to remove the temperature gauge and only leave the timer. Some owners had difficulty with the long warm-up time as well as they use a lot of propane.

Download a Furrion RV Oven Manual

This is not going to be something that is hard to find. The Furrion models are still being used in many RVs so the manuals will exist somewhere. The first place to check would be Furrion itself. Use their website to contact them or to navigate to the manual web page to see if they still have yours uploaded.

If not, you can try this website. It has the manual for the 2 in 1 model from 2021. Then this website has the one for the Chef Collection series from Furrion. Just click on this link to get to it.

The final one we will link to will be the one from Heartland Owners. You can get to its 48 pages by clicking this link. We will only connect you with three this time as there are a lot of websites on the results page even after you do a quick search.

Make sure to read the maintenance section in these manuals. Following those instructions may help you avoid some of the problems we discussed throughout this article. Prevention is the key to making sure your oven does not break down on you.

Some Final Words

It may not be worth having a Furrion oven in your RV or trailer. From all the troubles we have read about and the difficulty in lighting the oven, having a different brand may get rid of your stress when it comes to cooking.

What Furrion considers normal and acceptable most reputable brands of traditional oven workers may not agree. When you pay a lot of money for the RV or trailer, the stove and oven inside should be almost perfect.

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