How Much Does a Parkliner Camper Cost? (Specs and Review)

It seems that the Parkliner company went out of business a few years ago. We checked their website and it has not been updated since 2016 according to the copyright and an RV website. It is too bad as many owners really liked their Parkliner RV.

How much does a Parkliner camper cost? In the beginning, you could get a Parkliner trailer for between $14,000 and $17,000 but that was the basic price. A used 2018, which is the last year the company made their trailers, sold for $24,000.

To learn more about Parkliner and its all fiberglass camper, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about. There may be some used ones still up for sale but you better hurry people really like them and they go fast.

The Parkliner Travel Trailer


The interior is described as having a very clean look and judging from the photos that is a very accurate description. The interior was well organized with a wet bath and systems monitor in the right places.

Also, the storage space was set at 21 linear feet making sure you had plenty of room for clothes and supplies. There were enough windows placed in key locations so when the drapes were open you felt like you were in a larger trailer than you really were.

From hitch to tail the length of the trailer was s only 15 feet leaving you with only 12 feet of interior space. It was not a large trailer but comfortable for 2 people to use regularly.

Two tables could be transformed into beds and the U-shaped sofa section provided the mattresses. A small wet bath was also part of the design as were a microwave, 6-gallon water heater, 15-gallon freshwater tank, small fridge, and a propane furnace.

We counted over 15 doors for cupboards and other storage spaces. This small unit did provide a lot for its owners which is why many people wanted to buy one.

Parkliner Camper Price

According to their 2016 website, the base model new cost you $16,900 but where the company got you was in the options. Anything you wanted added in would cost you hundreds of dollars more.

The almost 2 cubic foot fridge would cost you just about $1000 to add it into the package. The downside of this trailer, new, was that many standard features found on their competitors’ trailers were optional in the Parkliner. Even the water heater cost you hundreds of dollars to have added in.

The dual burner stove would cost you almost $200. However, if you bought one used you only had to pay the price for what was already in the trailer. Some of the newer models were selling for between $20,000 and $25,000 and they were hardly used.

Some were going for more than that amount. It seems t be a seller’s market when it comes to Parkliner trailers. Even the 2015s could be found in that price range listed for the 2018s.

In this case, the price of a Parkliner will be whatever the market will bear. Many owners are inundated with requests to sell their model and they actually can pick their price without worry.

This statement is supported by the fact that the original 2012s were selling for between $15,000 and $19,000. If you want one, you really need a motivated seller who wants to get rid of their model and fast.

Full Parkliner Camper Specs


The trailer’s dry weight stayed around 2100 pounds and the frame was sitting on a 3500-pound axle. The tires were 14 inches and the interior height reached 6 foot 4 inches to 6 foot 5 inches depending on who was doing the measuring.

The width was a standard 6 feet 7 inches on the inside giving you some space to move about in. Its overall length reached 15 feet while the double hull construction left only 12 feet of length inside the housing part of the trailer.

There was a 15-gallon freshwater tank and a 30-gallon black or wastewater holding tank underneath the frame. The shower room had 6 feet 3 inches of headroom and you had to slide the porta-potty out of the way.

The 45 amp power converter also had a 120 VAC breaker and a 12 VDC fuse panel. The electricity was run by a group 24 battery. No AC unit was standard but you got a 3-speed overhead fan to help keep you cool.

While there were dual propane tanks on the tongue, everything propane operated was optional. That means you had to pay extra to get a fridge, heater, and furnace that ran on propane.

However, they did throw in a shower curtain, clothes rod, and a spare tire at no extra cost to you.

Parkliner Camper Weight

The camper was made from all fiberglass with molded wheel wells. This meant that the weight of the trailer was kept as low as it could be. The weight was reported earlier as 2100 pounds but the website specs say that the dry weight was actually 2100 pounds.

The tongue weight per the website is or was 220 pounds. the website did not list the GVWR total. The overall height of the trailer reached 8 feet 9 inches and the overall width was 6 feet 10 inches.

You had an 18-inch clearance from the ground up to the top of a 2” ball. With a 30-gallon wastewater tank, and a 15-gallon freshwater tank it seemed that Parkliner only had room left to install a 3-gallon black water tank.

There was an electric water and shower pump but if you wanted hot showers you needed to add in the water heater. The trailer also came with electric brakes and 2 stabilizing jacks with an electric tongue jack as an optional add-on.

The weight will go up substantially when you start adding in all the options like a fridge, stove, heater, and furnace. The 2200 figure is just the starting point for this trailer.

Parkliner Camper floor Plans


According to their website, there was only 0one floor plan available. With a trailer that small, that is understandable as there is no real room left to move components around. the only items that were customizable, were the curtains and the fabric for the sofas.

half the trailer was consumed by the 3 benches needed to convert into beds. The queen-sized bed was at the back of the trailer with the wet bath in the front between the last bench for the bunk beds and the closet.

Across from the small dinette that converted into a twin-size bunk bed for two, was the kitchenette and it did not have a lot of room as it was sandwiched between the entry door and the queen size bed.

The measurements went like: Queen size bed, 24 by 60 inches for two pads with an insert and full table to make it into a queen-size bed. The kitchenette was 24 by 36 inches, while the wet bath was 30 by 36 by 24 inches with a 6’ 3” inch height.

The bunk bed benches were 24 by 45, 24 by 17 with a 24-inch square table that folded down to complete the bed. Overhead cabinets went around the trailer from the doorway to all the way around to the bathroom.

While you can sleep 4 people inside, it would be very uncomfortable for those 4 people. The room just isn’t there but it seems to be great for 2 people on their own.

Our Parkliner Camper Review

This is a nice small compact trailer that works well for 2 people. While there is not a lot of closet space there is a lot of overhead and underfoot storage bins that will make trailer life a little easier.

It is a well-designed trailer that seems to solve the rot issue by making this an all-fiberglass unit. Its lightweight allows you to tow the trailer with just about any vehicle you may own except for the very economical and small cars.

Plus, the trailer looks easy to tow as the tongue weight should prevent any trailer sway. The drawbacks are the lack of standard features. There is room for them but why they did not include them in with the base price is anyone’s guess. No one wants to pay a lot of money for features that should have been standard.

There were also comments about the build quality. It seems that while these trailers are well designed, no one was really watching production and construction. These trailers may not have been put together as well as they should have been yet that fact has not stopped people from bugging owners about when they are going to sell.

We liked the look of the interior but that is about as far as it went. this was a trailer that could easily have been lengthened to 17 feet and benefited from the 2 extra feet in length. You got to love small spaces to enjoy this trailer.

Finding a Used Parkliner Camper For Sale


This may be a bit difficult to find as many owners do not need to advertise to sell their trailer. They say that they are constantly receiving notes taped to their door asking if they want to sell or to contact the number when they are ready to sell.

Out of 3 dealers' websites we checked only 1 had 1 listing for a Parkliner and the reason may be found in the first paragraph of this section. Owners do not need to do anything to get interested buyers.

Also, the owners may, and have, turned to the many RV discussion forum websites to sell their trailers. Those websites are great places to list their Parkliners without having to pay a commission or a fee. You can check those forums to see what is available.

Keep in mind that no one knows how many were made in the 6 short years the company was operating. You may find some in the classified ads or on Craigslist but those ads may be few and far in between as well.

Production goals were not met it seems and the company lost money. That meant that there are fewer trailers on the market than expected. if you find one, you may need to make a quick decision as it could be sold quickly.

The Parkliner 16 Footer


For most of the company’s run, the 15-foot trailer was the only model it made. This trailer proved so popular that the company did not need to add to its product line. Then a year before their demise, 2017, they started production on a new 16-foot trailer.

The new length allowed the company to put a 16,000 BTU AC unit on the roof adding to the large storage space inside the trailer. Then an outside storage compartment was added for necessities.

The price of this new trailer was to be in the mid $20,000 range but no word has been seen if any of these new models made it to the public. Some options for the old 15 footer became standard for this new trailer.

Some Final Words

Competition has a way of eating up rival companies. But this demise may be Parkliner’s own fault as it had the right design but not the right management or quality control structure. production was slow as well.

If you can get one, it seems to be a good trailer and most owners are satisfied customers. The large storage space is a deal maker and essential in small trailers.

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