How Much Does a Casita Trailer Weigh? (Spirit, Patriot, Etc)

When it comes to towing weight is just about everything. If the trailer is too heavy, you have to change vehicles just to go on vacation. When the trailer’s weight is just right, you can use any vehicle, for the most part, to tow it. One thing is for sure though, you always need to check the weight before moving the trailer.

How much does a Casita trailer weigh? Generally, the ballpark dry weight figure ranges between 1970 and 2,480 pounds. This figure will depend on the length of the trailer, not the design. It will also depend on how many features are placed inside at the time of the weigh in.

To learn more about the different weights of different Casita trailers, just continue to read our article. it has the information you want to know about so you can pick the right one for your lifestyle and tow vehicle.

Casita Weigh Comparison Chart

Casita trailers (all versions) Dry weight (in pounds)
Casita Spirit 16-foot standard 1,970
16-foot deluxe 2,185
17-foot standard 2,210
17-foot deluxe 2,480
Casita Independence 17-foot standard 2,210
17-foot deluxe 2,480
Casita Heritage 16-foot standard 1,970
16-foot deluxe 2,185
17-foot standard 2,210
17-foot deluxe 2,480
Casita Freedom 16-foot standard 1,970
16-foot deluxe 2,185
17-foot standard 2,210
17-foot deluxe 2,480
Casita Liberty 16-foot standard 1,970
16-foot deluxe 2,185
17-foot standard 2,210
17-foot deluxe 2,480

*official weight but your tally may be different

How Much Does a Casita Travel Trailer Weigh?


You have several different figures that you have to be concerned about. The dry weight is roughly between the 1970 and 2480 figures already listed. Fully loaded, these trailers can get up to 2,500 to 3,500 pounds depending on the supplies and gear you pack inside.

The tongue weight is also something you need to know about and for the Freedom deluxe 17-foot model that weight is roughly 363 pounds. That is when it is fully loaded with all the factory options.

The 16-foot version should have a tongue weight of only 295 pounds. Different trailers with different features will weigh in at different levels. The tongue weight of most Casita trailers is considered very high for the length and construction materials.

Casita Liberty Deluxe Weight

There are two different deluxe trailers in this model class. there is the 16-foot version and it weighs approx. 2,185 pounds. The 17-foot version weighs in at 2,480 pounds and these weights can change if you add or subtract any features.

There are other figures out there that may or may not agree with these totals but these weight totals come from official sources and there can be discrepancies depending on the scale used and so on.

We have seen heavier weights on different charts. The best thing to do is weigh your own trailer and see what the total comes out to be.

Casita Spirit Weight


There are 4 models in the Spirit class, 2 16 footers and 2 17 footers. There are 2 standard trailers, one in each class and the 16-foot model weighs 1,970 pounds and the 17-foot model weighs 2,210.

For the 2 deluxe models the 16-foot size will weigh in at 2,185 pounds and the 17 foot deluxe is a little bit heavier at 2,480 pounds. We are not going to keep repeating ourselves and what was said in the previous section will apply to this and all the rest of the model classes Casita makes.

It is possible to go lighter but that will depend on you and how much gear or features you pack into your new trailer.

Casita Independence Weight

This model is found only in the 17-foot size and we know that length could change but the charts we are using only listed 2 models under this class. The standard option weighs in at 2,210 pounds and the deluxe is a bit heavier at 2,480 pounds.

You will notice that the dry weights for the largest trailers come in at about the same weight level. Casita seems to be very consistent and you should talk to their dealers about why that is so.

Tongue weights will vary as well depending on the model of trailer you buy.

Casita Patriot Weight


This was the 13-foot model that Casita made for a while. According to our sources, this size of trailer was discontinued in 2017. But its dry weight is available and it was supposed to be 1785 pounds.

Fully loaded, this trailer would swell to between 2000 and 2300 pounds depending on what you put inside. It is always best to not overload the trailer and max out your tow vehicle’s towing capacity. Leave a little cushion room.

To own one of these trailers, you need to look at the used market and find the best one that is available. Or you can go to a competitor and see what their 13-foot models are like.

Casita Freedom Deluxe Weight

This class of trailer comes in 4 models. Again 2 are 16 feet long and 2 are 17 feet long. The 16-foot standard will weigh roughly 1,970 pounds without adding anything more to the storage areas.

The 16-foot deluxe starts out at 2,185 pounds and will grow heavier as you load more features and gear. Then the 17-foot standard has a 2,210 dry weight, with the deluxe coming in at the 2,480-pound mark.

The widths of the trailers are all the same, 6 feet 8inches wide but there is a slight height advantage for the 17 foot model over the 16-foot version. The 17-footer is about 15 inches taller than the 16 footer.

Casita Heritage Deluxe Weight


The heritage is like the Spirit and the Freedom classes. The weights are exactly the same for all four models as the 4 models in each of those other two classes. In order, they weigh 1,970, 2,185, 2,210, and 2,480 pounds with the second and fourth models the deluxe versions.

3 factors determine the weight of the trailer. One is as you already know, the length of the trailer. The 17-foot models will always be heavier than the 16-foot ones because the longer the trailer the more construction materials go into making it.

Another factor will be the many options that are included. Each feature will add more weight, even if it is only a slight amount. Your guide to adding options will be the towing capacity of your tow vehicle. Never go above that figure.

17 foot Casita Travel Trailer Weight

The average 17-foot trailer weight will be roughly 268 pounds more than the average 16-foot trailer weight. The reason is as has been said, the extra materials needed to add that one foot of length.

Plus, the materials that are needed to cover the extra foot or so of height the 17-foot trailers have. Those extra materials add a lot of weight to the trailer. So between the standard and the deluxe models, you are looking at a dry weight of 2,210 and 2,480 pounds and that is the same for all classes of 17-foot Casita trailers.

Casita Tongue Weight


It is said that the tongue weight needs to be about 10% of the overall weight of the trailer. That means that if your trailer weighs 2210 pounds, you need to have a tongue weight of 221 pounds approx.

However, Casita trailers are known for having extremely high tongue weights. A 16-foot standard trailer has been weighed in at 240 pounds even though its dry weight is listed as 1780.

The same goes for the Liberty and other models. Their tongue weights are more than the 10% value given. On one chart they are listed as being 20% of the total trailer weight or just a bit more than that figure.

Check with the dealer to make sure you get an accurate total before you buy.

What Is The Lightest Casita Trailer?

The lightest Casita trailer was the 13 footer before it was discontinued. It came in at around 1,780 pounds at the dry weight level. Now, all the 16-foot models in all classes are the lightest Casita trailer.

They tip the scales at 1,970 pounds regardless. Then you will need to factor in the features you add-in and the weight will go up. The Independence class only comes in the 17-foot size so it will not be the lightest trailer at any time.

Some Final Words

When it comes to towing a trailer, weight matters. Not only the dry weight and the tongue weight but also the weight of the passengers and the supplies or gear you store inside.

Make sure you know your tow vehicle’s towing capacity. You need to stay below that figure if you want to have a safe vacation. Watch the weights as you need to be careful of trailer sway as well. That usually happens when you have an improper tongue weight.

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