Grand Design Transcend vs Imagine: What Is The Difference?

If you are new to the RV way of life, the first thing you will notice is how many models there are to choose between. One tip to help you, decide on the basics of what you want first to narrow down your options. That will make your decision-making time more fruitful.

The first noticeable difference will be their size. The Imagine is bigger than the Transcend. The next biggest difference is that one model has fewer appliances and features. There is just not enough room for them all.

To learn more about these two trailers, just continue to read our article. It has the information about both trailers to help you make up your mind. Buying a trailer is a big investment and you need all the information you can get.

What is The Difference Between Grand Design Imagine And Transcend?


While we said the Transcend was larger, it would depend on the floor plan of each. Some Imagine trailers are longer than some transcend and vice versa. That brings us to another major difference. The Transcend seems to come with 13 floor plans while the Imagine has only 9

Then the Imagine is heavier in the majority of cases, (GVWR) even though it has fewer models to choose from. Only 2 Transcends go past the 8000-pound mark while 6 do for the Imagine.

The Transcend seems to have better package deals when it comes to the features they contain. They both have 4 mandatory packages but what is inside those options is another story.

The construction seems to be better on the Imagine over the Transcend, although both come with a one-piece roof membrane that has an 18-year warranty attached.

In a random selection of models, we found that the Imagine was more expensive than the Transcend. If price is the deal breaker for you make sure to check out all the models and their price tags.

These two trailers have more similarities than differences as they can come with 1 or 2 slides. However, the transcend has 5 warranties attached to its construction components while the Imagine only has 4.

Grand Design Transcend vs Imagine

In our opinion, we think you will do well with either trailer. They are both made by Grand Design which is one of the more respected travel trailer builders in the industry.

What we like about the Transcend is that it has 4 more floor plan options than the Imagine. That extra choice gives you a better chance of finding a trailer that fits your family size and travel needs.

Both sets of floor plans provide you with bed location options, bunk beds if you want them, and one or two entry points. Another aspect we like is that, as we mentioned earlier, with the Transcend, you get more warranty protection. The number of years of coverage is the same it is just that the Transcend has more options covered.


Axles (5 Years)

Tire Warranty

(5 Years w/ 12 Months no questions asked replacement)

Exterior Graphics (5 Years)

Roof Covering (18 Years)

Chassis (3 Years)


Axles (5 Years)

Tire Warranty

(5 Years w/ 12 Months no questions asked replacement)

Exterior Graphics (5 Years)

Roof Covering (18 Years)

They also both have the 3-year structural warranty. We also think that the Transcend has better insulation coverage than the Imagine. At least according to the web pages on both models.

The number of features included seems similar but Transcend may have the advantage here.

What is The Difference Between Transcend And Transcend Xplor?


These two model options really do not have much difference between them. These are supposed to be Grand Design’s smaller models made for those couples who do not require a lot of space.

The Transcend’s floor plan is very basic and there is no real separation between the living area and the bedroom. There is just a privacy curtain in the Transcend model and a sliding door and wall in the Xplor.

While the transcend has a model or two with 1 slideout, the floor plans seem to be sparsely filled with features in comparison to the Xplor. But that may not be true for all floor plans for the Transcend.

Also, the Transcend is lighter than the Xplor and the lack of features or standard options would be one reason for the difference in weight. Plus, the differences in length would play a role in the weight difference.

The Transcend in most cases is shorter than the Xplor from the different models we looked at. The Xplor can get to over 30 feet in length while the longest Transcend we looked at reached only 26 feet in length.

Of, course, the Transcend seems to be cheaper than the Xplor, but the price you pay will depend on what options and features you order.

What is The Difference Between The Grand Design Imagine And Imagine XLS?

The first difference you should notice would be the length of the trailers. The longest XLS is shorter than the shortest Imagine. Then the XLS comes in only6 floor plans compared to Imagine’s 9.

Also, the heaviest XLS is lighter than the lightest Imagine trailer. The XLS trailers do not break 7,000 pounds while the Imagine starts at 7,500 approx. The number of features for both model series seems similar and the same amount.

Then the insulation for the XLS seems on par with the Transcend Xplor and looks to be better than the insulation given to the Imagine. However, the XLS is given the same warranty protection as the Imagine.

When considering the price, the XLS will be cheaper than the Imagine. Part of that is due to the fact the former is shorter than the latter and has fewer items inside.

Price is always important when it comes to shopping around. If you do not need the space, forgo the status and go for the cheaper model. When it comes to Grand Design, cheaper does not equal worse or poorly built.

Does Grand Design Still Make Transcend?


It seems that it does for now. We looked on Grand Design’s website while doing this comparison. We could not access Transcend’s floor plans or other information that we could for the other models in this comparison.

Yet, we found a dealer who is advertising a 2022 model. It is heavily discounted but it is on sale. What that means is anyone’s guess and we suggest that you talk to your local Grand Design dealer to see if that model is still available.

It seems that Grand Design is heavily pushing the Xplor option series as those web pages come up near the top of any search result page we got. The ad we saw simply says coming soon and then lists all the important details about the trailer.

We saw an ad for a Transcend at Autotrader but the smaller print said it was the Xplor and not the regular Transcend. So most likely, Grand Design is phasing out the Transcend model series and phasing in the Xplor series.

The model series may be in production but it is possible that the unit numbers may be limited.

What is The Top-Of-The-Line Grand Design RV?

While all the trailer models made by Grand Design are top of the line for their individual classes, we would have to say the Solitude is the best of the best. It comes with 11 floor plans but it is not the heaviest.

People may argue that the Momentum is the best as it reaches 44 feet in length compared to the Solitude’s 41. Both are considered luxury trailers and the Momentum does come only in a toy hauler model.

The top of the line in reality would be the one that you are satisfied with and have the fewest problems. Everyone’s opinion will be different and some owners would think that the Solitude and Momentum are good but a little extravagant.

We say that because the Reflection model series is described as upscale and should have a lot of luxury items inside like the two models just mentioned. In the end, the top-of-the-line award is up to you.

Everyone’s choice will be different and based on their own set of criteria.

Some Final Words

Because the Imagine and the Transcend are made by the same company, you are not going to miss out on any quality. No matter which model you buy or floor plan, you are receiving a construction quality that Grand Design is famous for.

Your selection will boil down to floor plans, features and cost. Your preferences will be your biggest influential factor and look through the different brochures to make sure you are getting what you want.

Grand Design does have a great reputation and they seem to offer very good customer service. Pick the one you like the best.

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