Grand Design Transcend Reviews, Problems, and complaints

Each RV model you buy will come with its flaws, its good points, and design issues. You can’t get away from it. But you can make an informed decision by reading reviews and getting all the facts. Just read each article with a grain o9f salt as some people do not always tell the truth.

One owner said that the build quality on this model was better than models he owned from other brands. He also said that Grand Design paid close attention to key details which made the trailer a cut above its competition. But that is just one experienced review.

To learn more about this trailer just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know so you can make the best decision on your next trailer purchase. Take some time to see if this is a trailer for you and your family.

Is Grand Design Transcend Good?


It seems to be. One owner called it an entry-level trailer that does not feel like an entry-level trailer. What that means is that grand Design made sure different features were installed that you would not normally find in this class of RV.

Most owners who wrote reviews that we have seen so far are that there are minor issues with this model. Some of those minor issues were taken care of by the dealers before it was placed up for sale.

Other minor issues were handled by the owners or took the trailer to their dealers who fixed those problems. What makes this trailer good is the level of customer service you get when you spot issues that you may or may not be able to fix.

Some of those minor issues were that the dinette table was more stable or movable, the bunk bed mattress covers were not sewn in place, and the cushions on some seats had more padding.

From what we have read, so far, most owners like this trailer and found it to be well-planned and meets their small children's needs as well. All initial complaints have been more about preferences than actual real problems.

Grand Design Transcend Problems

The first problem you have to deal with is all those people who claim the trailers are ‘garbage’. They do not provide any examples and rarely discuss why thy think that way. Those are reviews you need to discount and take with a grain of salt.

Here is a list of issues different owners have mentioned in their comments about this trailer:

- Plumbing, heating & electrical issues ( no specific information)

- Water leaking from under the shower (fixed by tightening plumbing fittings)

- After opening the window slide-out, the screws securing the slide-out lever came loose (fixed by replacing old screws with new ones and bolts)

- Emergency exit window has a screen that comes off (needs all 4 tabs to be perfectly aligned to be put back on)

- Water leaking from under the sink (tightened plumbing fittings again)

These are the types of complaints or problems we have found so far. Other complaints have been equally minor, including: screen door latch, interior trim fell off and seam popped in dinette pillow.

The major complaint from this owner being weak stairs and a small outdoor kitchen that was not built well. We are sure there are other major problems, we just have not come across them s of yet.

Common Grand Design Transcend Complaints

According to one reviewer, the Transcend seems to have many problems that are associated with other Grand Design models. The list begins with water leaks, which we already mentioned above. Sometimes these are simple fixes and sometimes they may not be.

Next on the list would be small wall cracks that can easily be repaired and touched up with the right materials. Then comes some AC unit issues which are said to be relatively easy problems to repair with the right tools, etc.

Parts keep breaking but the reason given would be that the trailer is not compatible with your purpose. The AC coolant can leak on you making a mess until it is fixed.

There can be some expensive repairs but no specific ones were mentioned. Instead, the article simply stated that those repairs can be avoided by doing proper maintenance.

The noisy toilet was next on the list and this problem is usually a float valve issue which is not a major or expensive repair. There may be some seal leaks here as well and you should check them out.

After that, some seals may not be in the best shape and let water, etc., into your trailer. This can be a major repair if those seals are located in the wrong place. A broken faucet was another common problem among Grand Design models.

Finally, a major repair. The slide-out may not work too well. This is another issue found among Grand Design trailer models. The cost and time to fix are unknown and depend on what is wrong.

Grand Design Transcend Reviews


Just about every review we have read so far has been positive. Even with the minor issues, the owners have stated that they love their trailer and would not want to replace it with another model.

The one bad review we have come across so far was the one that said these trailers were garbage. Unfortunately, credible details were not included in that stated opinion.

We have read mostly high praise from reviewers on their own blog sites. They give glowing reviews and like the fact that the fresh water tank is 62 gallons large.

One reviewer did not like the Jenson stereo system and the fact it is hard to use with the theater chairs and in the bedroom. But that did not sway them from rejecting the trailer and giving a strongly negative review.

What most owners liked was the eye on the details. They thought it was a well thought out design and the right features were included to make the living space roomy as well as small children-friendly.

According to Grand Design, you may have problems with the electrical, heating, and plumbing systems, but they provided a troubleshooting page to help you fix those issues.

Those instructions are on their support page on their website.

2020 Grand Design Transcend 32BHS Reviews

One review was also glowing for this model. However, we should mention the fact that most Transcend reviews are generic and not year specific. We found one so far and they began with liking the exit door leading to the master bedroom from the outside. They loved that feature.

Another reviewer thanked the dealer for helping them find the perfect trailer. We all know that her use of the word perfect meant perfect for their RV needs not that the trailer was without issues or flaws.

It is easy to see why they liked their trailer, the floor plan is well laid out and provides a lot of living space for a couple or families with children or grandchildren. Dual bunk beds in the other bedroom are ideal for larger families.

2 Bathrooms also made RV living more comfortable. This design concept has captured the attention of different owners no matter the model year. Also, this model year came with a few special packages that made it even better than its competition.

Grand Design Transcend 29TBS Review

One reviewer bought the new 2022 model and they claim to love it. They especially like the dry mode in the AC unit. That feature takes the humidity out of the unit. They also liked how the solar panels handle the power for the lights and fridge.

The speed of the water heater to produce hot water also impressed this reviewer. They said they only had to wait 5 minutes for the electric option to heat up the water.

Even though there was no island, no dishwasher, fireplace, or washer or dryer hook ups, they felt there were fewer features to go wrong. This reviewer gave 5 stars across the board.

So far, there has only been one really bad review out of all the Grand Design models that people have been talking about. It seems that most owners are very satisfied with their trailer no matter which model they buy.

They like the features, both optional and standard, they like the room they get and they like the way everything is laid out. One complaint was the outdoor kitchen.

One owner said it was too small and needed to be improved upon. But that may just be a preference complaint and not an actual problem.

Grand Design Transcend Xplor Reviews


The Transcend Xplor 20Mk is said to be like the Grand Design Imagine 17MKE. The reviewer liked the long counter that ran the length of the trailer and ended up at the fridge. It gave a feeling of being longer inside than the trailer really is.

Also, the reviewer was impressed by the structural and logistical designs. There is a 3-year warranty just for the structure and a dedicated basement heat duct. Both features were impressive to this reviewer.

The choice between dinette or theater seats was another option that made this model better than its competition. The final element or component that sets this trailer apart are the large holding tanks. 39 gallons for the black and gray, and 62 for the fresh water tank.

When we read the discussion threads, most owners do not own the same model number. They on individually one of 5 or 6 or more. We believe, if our memory serves us correctly, that the Transcend Explor comes with roughly 11 floor plans.

Each model that owners have bragged about, all seem to be up to their expectations. They only talk about minor problems that are easy to fix by them.

Transcend Xplor 221RB Reviews

A general brand review was that first-time owners have set their RV bar high by buying a Grand Design trailer over the other brands. That is high praise and this praise seems to be across the board no matter which Grand design trailer you buy.

What makes it so hard to put reviews here is that there are many different models of the Transcend that most owners do not own this specific one. We have checked pages of discussion threads and we are getting bored by all the sugary reviews given by the different Transcend owners.

This model looks very spacious with no islands or extended walls cutting off any living space. The surprise feature of this trailer is the fact that the gray water tank is 6 gallons larger than the fresh water tank.

The drawback is that the black water tank is 23 gallons smaller than the fresh water tank and 29 gallons smaller than the gray water tank. You can also carry 40 pounds of propane to power the 35,000 BTU furnace.

This trailer is loaded with standard features that make living in it more comfortable and enjoyable. The drawback may be the aluminum steps. They may not be as sturdy as one would like and small children may have a problem using them.

2021 Grand Design Transcend Xplor 247BH Reviews

According to the floor plan, the biggest drawback will be the bathroom. There does not seem to be a sliding or other door attached to it for complete privacy. But that issue may be overlooked once you see the overall lay out and the specs.

To be honest, there seems to be less living space due to all the features jammed inside this almost 31-foot trailer. These built-in features are simple and well laid out except for the aforementioned bathroom.

The bathroom is on the other end of the trailer far away from the master bedroom. That may be inconvenient for some older adults. But it is great for guests and children as the bunk beds are right next to the bathroom.

While the black and fresh water holding tanks are the same as other trailer models, for some reason the gray water holding tank reaches almost 80 gallons (78 to be exact). This is a bonus but…

The shoe rack by the entry door is a nice touch.

Transcend Xplor 245RL Reviews


This almost 31-foot trailer model seems to have more living space in the center of the room than the previous model. However, it is not very kid-friendly as the bunk beds are missing from this unit. This seems to be a good trailer for a couple whose children are grown but do not have kids of their own.

There is a lot of overhead storage space making it easier to pack all your necessities. The good news for this trailer is that the holding tank sizes are the same as the previous model. You are not going to be shortchanged on this feature.

The design is comfortable and easy to live with and you get a slide-out that holds the fridge for extra room. Sliding doors on both sides of the bathroom, next to the master bedroom, give you complete privacy.

Transcend Xplor 200MK Reviews

This 24’ 11” trailer does not provide a lot of privacy for its owners. There is only a privacy curtain instead of walls and a door to keep young eyes out. Being smaller you can expect to have smaller holding tanks and this is no exception to that conclusion.

The fresh water tank remains at 62 gallons but the gray and black water tanks are at 39 gallons each. You can choose to have theater seats or a dinette in the sole slide out but other than that, this is a basic trailer with lots of floor space and few features.

The master bedroom area and the bathroom are on opposite sides of the trailer. The bathroom comes with a sliding or pocket door to make sure you have more privacy than the bedroom.

This is a trailer for an older couple who do not expect to have any children or grandchildren visiting them any time soon. There does not seem to be any extra sleeping spaces anywhere inside.

Everything inside this trailer is well laid out but this is the basic entry-level model as it is missing so many features the other models come with. It is worth checking out and seeing if it is the type of trailer that will fit your vacation plans.

Some Final Words

Whiled the Transcend is a good trailer, it doe shave its share of flaws. From what our research has indicated, those flaws for the most part are minor and easy to fix.

There will be the odd individual trailer that is a lemon and comes with a lot of problems. However, those few do not ruin this model series for owners. Take the time to check these models out as Grand Design has a good reputation.

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