Finding-and-nstalling-Your Grand-Design-RV-Backup-Camera

Finding and Installing Your Grand Design RV Backup Camera

When you are driving, seeing the road all around your RV is very important. While RVs have lots of windows, the trailer you are towing may still block your view. It is a wise move to attach a backup camera to your RV or trailer to make sure you can avoid the other vehicles on the road when you back up or change lanes.

Neither of these tasks is hard to do. Many RVs and trailers come with pre-installed brackets and wiring to hold and connect your new backup camera. Then installation only takes a few minutes when they do. Plus, these cameras should be on sale just about anywhere.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the pertinent information you want to know about so you can have safe travels, Take a few minutes to see how valuable one of these cameras is and how easy it is to find and install them.

Can You Put a Backup Camera on a Travel Trailer?


Yes, you can and it is highly recommended that you do. The fact that there are over 200 deaths per year due to back over incidents should convince you that it is a safety measure you cannot afford to do without. Especially when you have little kids.

On top of that, there are over 12,000 injuries caused by the driver failing to see what is behind them when they back up. There is a law in America that makes it mandatory for cars to have backup cameras placed in all new cars. This law has been in effect since 2018.

RVs and travel trailers, etc., are exempt from this law but it is a good idea to install a backup camera. You never know what may suddenly dart behind you when you are trying to get your RV in position. The reality of kids darting in front of moving cars chasing balls, etc., should be enough of a warning and supports that advice.

It is also a good idea to have aback up camera installed as your insurance costs can go up when you are liable for damages and injuries caused by your failure to see what is behind your travel trailer, etc.

Most of these cameras are equipped with a 130-degree view making it possible for you to see what is behind you at all times. All you have to do is place the monitor in a convenient and safe spot so you can keep one eye on what is going on around your RV.

How Much Does It Cost To Add a Backup Camera To an RV?

The cost is going to depend on several factors with the most important one being who you get to install it. Since prices fluctuate between installation shops, we will only give you a ballpark idea of what to expect.

Part of the installation cost will be the cost of the camera. This range anywhere from about $20 to $700 depending on the quality of the camera. You just need to pick the camera that will provide the best view with as few hassles as possible.

The next factor will be if you want wired or wireless. The difference will influence the cost of installation and you should be aware of that difference. Talk to the installation shop to see how much of a difference there will be if any.

Then, you have the actual installation work. Since the bracket and wiring are pre-installed on newer RVs and travel trailers, you won’t have to pay for that installation. You will if your trailer or RV does not come with pre-installed wiring and brackets.

Installation costs can run you anywhere from $75 to $200 depending on the shop you go to. Now the one issue you may have to contend with is the bracket. Many RV makers tend to use the Furrian bracket and wiring system. if the camera you bought works with both, then you should not have a problem.

If it doesn’t, then you may have to buy an adaptor or rewire your RV or trailer all over again. This problem can be avoided if you go with a wireless system except for the bracket. You may still need an adapter to make the new camera work for you.

Backup Camera Options For Grand Design Travel Trailers


There seem to be many camera options for this model or brand of the travel trailer. Before you run out and buy your new camera, you should know that only 5 models, at the time of this writing, are pre-wired for a Furrian camera. Those models are the Imagine, the Momentum, the Reflection, the Solitude, and the Transcend.

We know that the 2020 Solitude is pre-wired for the Furrion Vision S Backup Camera system that comes with night vision. For the other models, you would have to check with the dealer to see which camera brand your trailer is pre-wired for.

The 2021 Imagine model is pre-wired for the same type of camera. Check your owner’s manual or call your dealer to see what the other models are pre-wired to work with. There is some good news.

It seems that Furrion provides and sells adaptor plates. That means that your backup camera options are greatly expanded. You should be able to select the camera that fits your budget and size of the travel trailer and still have it work with the Furrion system.

Read the box of the camera you want to buy and see if it states that it is Furrion compatible. Then double-check to see if the adaptor plate sold by Furrion will work with that camera.

Don’t just rush out and buy the first backup camera you see. Make sure first as you do not want to waste time returning the camera for the right model. Also, you need to see if the wireless option will work for you.

Do some research on this and get all the facts before you buy.

Grand Design Pre-wired Backup Camera

Usually, the model of camera you need to buy is determined by the mounting bracket that is pre-installed on your travel trailer or RV. If your trailer is older and does not have amounting bracket already installed, then you are free to pick any camera option on the market.

You just pick the model that is the best and will fit your budget. Now if your RV has the Furrion bracket installed, then it will work with the Furrion cameras only. Unless you buy an adapter plate.

If the bracket was made by Voyageur, then that is the brand of camera that will work with that bracket. Again, unless there is an adaptor plate made for your model of camera.

Grand Design RVs and trailers use the Furrion system. That can be good as you can also use the Haloview camera with an adapter plate. One thing to be aware of, if your tow vehicle or RV already has a monitor, the Furrion and Voyageur cameras usually do not work with those generic monitors.

That is why both companies include a monitor when they sell you their cameras. There is a 3rd company that makes backup cameras and it is called Way Interglobal but most RVs are not pre-wired for that system although some are, including Gulf Stream models and the Forest River Wildwood X-lite.

Do your research to see which option is best for you and which one provides the best view with clarity. These systems may be expensive but it is far cheaper than what you may have to pay out when you have an accident.

Grand Design Backup Camera Always on


This is an option if that is what you prefer. Most people like this option as they can use their observation camera all the time, even when driving. It is a handy feature to have especially when you want to change lanes and your mirrors are not telling you the whole story.

There are 3 ways to achieve this option. The first is to wire the camera directly to a constant power source. That means you need to hook it up directly to your battery, and that can be done through your cigarette lighter. The drawback to this method is that your battery gets drained unless your vehicle is turned on.

The second method is to connect the wiring to your ignition. That way the camera will be on when your tow vehicle is on. This protects your battery from being drained but its drawback is that you cannot use the camera as part of your security system when you sleep.

The third method you can choose is to use a manual switch. The camera system is directly connected to a constant power source but you control when the power is used. You just flip the switch on or off depending on what you need at the time.

With the Furrion system, your camera may be wired for one of two options. Either they will be wired to stay on all the time or they will be wired to your running lights. That means you have to use your running lights in the daytime to use the camera.

When your RV or trailer is older, you have complete control over this situation and can wire the camera to your preference.

Grand Design Furrion Backup Camera

There are only 5 models of the Grand Design trailers that are pre-wired for the Furrion backup camera system. One of the features of this brand is that when parked, it has a broadcast range of almost 500 feet. 492 to be exact and when driving its broadcast range is 50 feet. at high speeds (per their website).

The cameras are supposed to operate at 2.4 GHz for the wireless system which provides no lag time and uninterrupted video. There is also a motion detection system that sounds an alarm when someone is moving around or near your trailer. This is when you have the camera set to observation mode.

Also, there are supposed to be microphones that can be activated. These microphones will pick up any sounds that are close by. There are about 5 or 6 models at least offered by this company and you should talk to an expert to see which one is best for you and your trailer.

The 5 or 6 we just alluded to are the wireless models and they all come with the same specs but different features. The best viewing angles that we saw reached 120-degrees.

Again, if you find a brand you like, you do not have to use it on your Grand design trailer or RV. You can use the adaptor and go with a brand of backup camera you like. Many owners do that and are quite satisfied with their results.

How Do You Install a Wireless Backup Camera on a Travel Trailer?


There are three ways to mount a camera to your trailer. The first way is the surface mount which is the easiest one to use. It mounts to any surface and just needs a few screws or bolts to hold it in place.

The second way is the flush-mounted option and this method depends on your being able to make a self-made hole for the camera to fit into. This makes the installation permanent.

The final method is the license plate mount. This option has the camera fitting into the hole in your license plate. It is the least invasive method and causes the least amount of damage to your trailer or RV.

Aside from the basic drilling and tightening screws, each method has its own unique way of being installed. The instructions will provide you with the steps you need to take to get the camera you bought in the right place.

These methods will take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours depending on your skill or if you hire someone to do it. Follow the instructions that come with your camera to make sure you get the installation right.

Grand Design Backup Camera Install Tips

Getting tips to make the installation easier is always helpful. Besides what you read here, you should talk to those owners who have the same model as you do and have installed a camera on it. They will be able to tell you more specifics and what to watch out for.

1. When in doubt- if you do not like working with wiring or are not confident in your handyman skills then hire a professional to do the job. It will go a little faster and the installation should be right.

2. Pick the right system- it can be a hassle if you pick a camera that is not compatible with the bracket or wiring on your trailer. Not every camera will work with the adaptor plate either.

3. Stick to your budget- there are plenty of good cameras out there that can be connected to your pre-installed wiring and bracket. Go with the one that fits your budget and is easy to use.

Pros And Cons of a Backup Camera System


Before you make your purchase make sure to consider the following pros and cons. These facts will help you determine which type of backup camera is best for you.

1. Wireless cameras


  • Simple to install- most people can do it themselves
  • The best technology- these cameras are better than the wired versions
  • Not as expensive as wired systems- including installation costs


  • Weather and debris may affect this system more than the wired one
  • Loss of signal- lenght of RV will affect the signal as will other wireless devices, turning may take the camera and monitor out of alignment, and so on
  • Image quality may not be as good as the wired system

2. Wired cameras


  • No signal interference
  • Sends more data so you get better picture quality
  • A very reliable system
  • No issues when turning or backing your trailer or RV up to its parking spot


  • Need to thread the wire through your trailer, over the hitch, and to the monitor and power source. This is a lot of work
  • More expensive- both in the purchase price and installation costs. This system has better quality and more equipment to install

Some Final Words

There are no real words to convince you that your RV or travel trailer needs a backup camera. While you may think those tragic and unfortunate back over and other accidents will not happen to you, it is always better to have the protection than be without it.

Take your time to go through and think about this information then do your research. Finding the best camera system is as important as having one installed on your trailer.

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