RV Roadside Assistance: Good Sam vs AAA Plus vs Coach Net

The only thing you need to have a great vacation is make sure you have a top quality roadside service ready to help you when you have a problem.

There are a lot of good road side services available but AAA has been around for a very long time and they know what they are doing. It would take some research to find out if their programs are still better than their competition but AAA is still one of the best.

To find out if another company trumps AAA services, just continue to read our article. It is filled with a lot of information comparing AAA to its competitors. This information will help guide you to finding the right roadside service for you and your RV.

What is an RV Roadside Assistance

RVs are not infallible. They will eventually break down and cause a lot of problems for other travelers until your RV can be moved to the side of the road and out of the way. You may not make a lot of friends when your RV clogs up traffic for hours on end.

This is where RV roadside service come sin handy. For a little extra premium payment you can get access to top quality and very professional roadside service companies. This coverage is needed as tow truck expenses can be quite high with some tow truck operators charging over $25 per mile for cars alone.

Towing may not be what you need which is a good thing. Sometimes you may miscalculate the amount of fuel in your tank and the amount of traffic on the road. In those situations, roadside assistance will bring out some gas for you or they will recharge your battery, give you a jump or fix a flat tire.

Roadside assistance is your buddy who comes to the rescue when you need help along the road and you are far from town. It is a service that is designed to get you back on your vacation as quickly as possible.

RV Roadside Assistance Coverage

Roadside assistance coverage will vary from company to company. AAA’s basic plan is not a good plan to have on your side. It may end up costing you $5 a mile if you need to be towed past the plan’s 5 mile limit.

AAA does have higher priced plans that bring you far better service and coverage. You would have to talk to a AAA agent to get the specific costs for their multiple plans but AAA has the benefit of being in business for along time and they have the resources to help you out.

Coach-Net has a plan that covers those RVs that are towed behind a vehicle and a separate plan for the motorized versions. Both plans come with 3 levels of coverage with the limited version offering you 75 miles of towing and one other issue that needs to be solved.

Its basic plan provides unlimited roadside care and towing while its premier plan does a lot more. Your costs will depend on which plan you use. Good Sam has 2 basic affordable plans that can include unlimited towing.

Which coverage you go with depend son you, your financial position and the amount of research you do.

Does AAA Have RV Roadside Assistance

AAA has been doing roadside assistance probably ever since cars were first invented. Hard to say but they have been in the business a long time and have helped thousands of stranded motorists solve their vehicle issues.

The good news is that they have extended their roadside assistance programs to include RVs. They have about 5 coverage programs to assist you you when you are out on the road.

The catch is that 4 of their programs are add ons. This means you must purchase their AAA basic plan before being allowed to add on t=one of the four additional RV coverage options.

There is a second catch as well. Their memberships are not transferable. Only the person whose name is on their membership card will get the coverage paid for. To get all the detail son the AAA RV coverage plans just click this link here.

The link will give you all the details of their individual plans and restrictions.

Does Progressive Offer RV Roadside Assistance

While Progressive does offer roadside assistance to RV owners, it may not be as great of coverage compared to what other companies offer. They do offer basic towing to the nearest RV repair shop as well as normal assistance such as fixing flat tires and delivering fuel, etc.

Yet their reputation is a bit spotty due to certain issues that always arise when you turn to an insurance company to handle your roadside needs. But that reputation can be countered by the many RV owners who have been treated quite well by Progressive.

You can read some people’s experience at this link. Then you can read up on their roadside service at their website. Just click on this link to get there. The latter link has all the buttons you need to explore their coverage thoroughly.

They also claim to be willing to help you if you have problems with your RV before you leave your driveway at home.

RV Roadside Assistance Clubs

You are in good hands when you purchase your next RV. There are a multitude of roadside assistance clubs and insurance companies that offer you assistance when you have a problem with your RV.

The difficult part you will have is choosing the best one for you. Already mentioned is AAA and you already have the link to their plans. Another one already mentioned is Progressive and you can click on their links to get up to date information.

The next on the list of good roadside plans would be Good Sam and you can get all the details of what they offer at this link. Their plans cover different motor homes, trailers as well as the different services you may need.

Allstate is an insurance company that offers top roadside coverage. You can click on this link to see what they offer, which include travel discounts and lock out help. The Better World Club offers eco-friendly roadside help with cost effective plans to help you enjoy your vacation worry free. Just click here for all the information.

Then there is the Paragon Motor Club which offers you 24/7 coverage. Their plans range from basic to extended including refueling help. Click on this link to get all the information you need to make a good decision.

Finally, there is Coach Net. They seem to have a good reputation and a variety of roadside assistance plans that may work well with your budget. Just click on this link to get all the details.

RV Roadside Assistance Comparison

It may seem like we are comparing apples and oranges but we are not really. Comparing roadside plans is letting you know as much information as possible about different roadside assistance companies.

In this section we will only review a few of the more prominent companies.The links above will help you research the rest. That way you can save a little time while getting the maximum amount of information to make an intelligent decision.

  • #1 AAA plus RV vs Good Sam 110 67.59

There are a few distinct difference between the two plans. Both options will cover all the vehicles you own but the one main difference is that Good Sam will tow your vehicle to the nearest repair facility with unlimited towing miles. AAA will take you anywhere you want to go within its 100 mile limit.

Good Sam may charge under $100 for their service which includes getting your trailer to a campground. AAA may charge a little more than $100 and will tow the vehicle to the repair shop only.

Also a Good Sam member may receive discounts on a variety of items for sale at Camping World. AAA does offer these same type of discounts. AAA makes sure to send out a qualified repairman with all the tools needed to fix your repair.

Both coverage plans and companies will have their good and bad points.

  • #2 Good Sam vs Coach Net

It seems that a lot of experienced RV users prefer Coach Net to Good Sam. While Good Sam is good at its job, they seem to find Coach Net a little better. Even in the pricing department. Coach Net and Good Sam are fairly close in their coverage plan pricing.

Good Sam has one advantage in that they will cover under 25 year olds in your household for no extra charge. Whereas Coach Net has 24 7 technical support by a qualified technician who knows your RV.

Like Good Sam, Coach Net also offers discounts on a variety of goods but offer Concierge service on top of their other offerings. While Good Sam offers unlimited towing mileage. The only catch to their program is that it is to the nearest repair shop which may not be inexpensive to use.

In either case many new RVs come with a complimentary Coach Net plan but you wouldn’t lose out by going with Good Sam over their competition.

Good Sam and AAA RV Roadside Assistance Cost

The amount that each company charges will depend on the type of plan you purchase from them. Another influence on their pricing is what is involved in the coverage. If you are going to go with the basic plan, then you will pay the cheapest amount.

The Good Sam programs come with a lot of benefits including unlimited service calls, coverage for all members of your family and free fuel, etc., delivery. You also get unlimited towing mileage.

Their standard plan costs about $79.95 a year. Then their platinum plan rings in at $114.95 per year. AAA has been in business since 1902 and they know how to do roadside service right.

Some of their benefits include complete coverage on all your vehicles, discounts on a variety of services and entertainment packages, as well as discounts for certain RV parks. You also get passport help and DMV servicing through AAA.

The cost to access those and other AAA benefits and services may vary between the states. California is known to charge $91 per year for the AAA plus package and $119 for their premium plan.

It is best to call your local AAA agent to get accurate costs for your area.

Who has the Best RV Roadside Assistance

While this assessment depends a lot on you and your individual experiences, we found that a wide range of RV users preferred Coach Net over the competition. AAA came close and their experience and longevity brings in a lot of satisfied RV customers.

Of course, the many different insurance companies perform this service but most people preferred to work with actual roadside companies than go through their insurance providers.

They are basically very good companies that work hard to help solve your roadside issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Just do your research to make sure you keep yourself and your RV fully protected.

Some Final Comments

Roadside service is important. Even a minor issue can interrupt your vacation or ruin it. That is why getting the best coverage possible is essential to your RV traveling time.

All the companies mentioned above have good plans and good customer service. Which one you go with will be up to you. Just make sure you do your research and compare the best plans with each other.

Your selection may boil down to cost of the annual plans. Some charge more but they provide a better service overall or have the outlets already in place so your issues can be taken care of quickly.

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