Beware of Forest River Wolfpack Toy Hauler Problems (Review)

We will state it upfront. Not every Wolfpack toy hauler will have the upcoming problems. And if some do, that does not mean that all of them are bad trailers. We are just pointing out the different issues that can arise when you buy this particular RV model.

One owner had a host of issues with his Wolfpack trailer. One of the major ones was a crack that went from the outside to the inside of the trailer. It showed on both sides of the wall. No matter which model you buy, you will have problems from time to time.

To learn more about the problems that come with the Wolfpack toy hauler, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a wise decision about your next travel trailer or toy hauler.

Warranty Coverage


Forest River will provide you with a warranty. That is a given if you buy new from them. That is the key to this situation. If you buy a used Wolfpack toy hauler from a friend or non-dealer, do not expect to have any warranty coverage.

Even if the problem is from the manufacturer, you will not have any warranty protection. If you buy from a dealer, you may be able to buy some extended warranty policy or whatever the dealer offers.

But when you are the second owner, the original warranty will not protect you from the cost of repairing damage to the toy hauler. Before you buy, look into this aspect closely and see what protection you can get.

One owner did not do this and while he understands the policy, it is going to be out a lot of money if he makes repairs. He bought it from a friend and thought everything was okay. It wasn’t.

Even if you buy from a friend, do not take their word for anything and check their trailer or toy hauler out carefully so you know what is or isn’t wrong with it. This action may put a strain on the relationship but it is better to have that strain than the one that comes when you find out you got cheated on by a friend.

Common Wolf Pack Toy Hauler Problems


There are different common problems with Wolfpack toy haulers. We say differently as some owners may not experience the same things as other owners and there are enough of them to make those problems common as well.

Here are some of the common problems you can face when you buy this model of toy hauler:

1. Furnace problems- this seems to start about a month or so after you made your purchase. The furnace starts to act up and all the dealer says to do is reset it. This may or may not work and some owners have only received about 30 seconds of operation before the furnace quits.

Also, the reset button is back in the basement surrounded by pipes and other things. The problem could be blown fuses or it could be something worse and it is a dealer issue to fix.

2. Slide-out leak- when it rains, you will see some water leaking into your trailer. The source for this is a faulty seal or bad caulking done by the manufacturer.

The only fix you have is to replace the seal or re-do the caulking. If you are not under warranty this is something you may be able to do yourself but if you are not a handyman, take it to the dealer to work on.

3. Engineering or structural issues- this is a problem reported by quite a few owners. They find different parts put in the wrong spots, like awnings too low, and they have problems opening their doors or the awning.

Or you get squeaking floors, kitchen counter pulling away from the cabinets, and improperly placed propane tanks and tank holders. Or the tongue’s break away switch is too far back or too low and a cable will snap.

It is a well-known fact that RV manufacturers cut corners whether they know about it or not is another story. Most of these are a dealer issue to solve. There is a lot of work involved if you do it.

4. Tires and flooring are not that great- Cheap is the key word and not just in price but in quality and installation. The flooring is not well supported so you will feel it sag in places as you or someone else walks over that area.

The tires are nicknamed ‘China Bombs’ and the ones the RV makers use are not top quality. Cheap is an understatement here and you have to be careful with those tires. They can blow fairly easily.

The repair of the flooring will be very expensive if you do not know how to do it yourself. Replace those tires as quickly as possible as other owners have done.

5. Siphon effect- this is another common problem many owners face. When they fill their freshwater tank, sometimes the water goes into the overflow system.

This creates the siphoning effect and can drain your tanks while you are towing the trailer. The water may end up in your trailer. A valve will be needed to fix this problem.

Honorable mentions:

- Decals,

- Water heater element,

- Garage floor,

- Cabinets (needing rebuilding),

- The refrigerator door,

- Entrance doors (complete replacements necessary),

- Large cubby door,

- Bad rim (tire wouldn’t hold air) etc.

The bad rim just needs replacing, the garage floor may not be supported that well and so on. Construction is not always A-rated even though you are paying a lot of money for this toy hauler.

Forest River Wolf Pack Toy Hauler Construction


The company makes it sound like you are buying your dream home that is built to high standards, using excellent construction skills. It seems that the more you pay for a toy hauler or other trailer, etc., the more attention the company pays to its construction habits.

If you are buying a low-end trailer, etc., then you are better off taking that money to Las Vegas. You may walk away a bigger winner by doing the latter and not the former.

When you buy a Wolfpack toy hauler, the consensus is that Forest River does not care what problem sit has. It seems that they hire 6-year-olds to do the work and allow those toy haulers to be slapped together in any way.

This may seem harsh but when you read about the reviews this trailer gets, you should understand why it is so harsh. They do create great floor plans but that is a minor positive when the rest of the build is sub-par and full of mistakes.

The p[rice you are paying for this trailer, even used, does bring some expectation of higher quality construction. But that does seem to be absent on many of the Wolfpack options.

According to one reviewer, the construction level on many Forest River products is adequate. That is not saying a lot. Adequate is something you get from someone who is new or does not know what they are doing. Not from professional builders who have years of RV building experience.

Wolf Pack Toy Hauler Reviews


This is not good. The only places that the Wolfpack got higher than 3 stars were in the floor plan and the towing categories. Both averaged 4 stars and we have seen people rave about the floor plan.

But where it counts, factory warranty, livability, and overall quality, the Wolfpack could not get above a 3-star average. The factory warranty only received 1 star. That is saying a lot about how Forest River treats its high-paying customers.

One reviewer gave 5 stars for every category except the factory warranty option. They may not have used the warranty so they may not have felt like they could rate it.

There are customers who love their model and would not trade it in for anything. They felt it was the perfect RV for them. The main areas where customers had problems and became frustrated with the company are as follows:

- Dealership taking months to service an RV

- Issues on brand-new models not fixed right away

- Warranty claims between the dealership and Forest River take a long time to process

- Forest River disagrees with customers on what is or isn’t a manufacturing defect

- Service department waiting months for the manufacturer to send a part

Some Final Words

No matter which manufacturer or toy hauler model you work with and buy, there will be problems. It just seems that the Forest River Wolfpack is a magnet for most of them

To be fair, you will find many Wolfpack models that are perfect and well-built. Just do not buy used from anyone other than a dealer. You may spend more than it cost you to buy the trailer.

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