Finding ST235 75R15 Trailer Tires (Load Range C and E)

Finding specific tires to replace the original ones on your trailer is not always an easy task. Some tire outlets do not carry every tire made. If they did, their warehouses would be huge. Plus, it would be a waste of storage space if they are not popular tires.

There are outlets that do sell this tire but you may have to order them in as they may not be in stock due to storage space. The quick sellers will be in stock but the 235/75/15s may not be that popular, so they are not on the racks as much.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know so you can have an easier time finding the set of tires you need for your trailer.

What Size Tire is 235/75/15?


Those numbers on the side of the tire do mean something. Those figures are a mixture of different math systems as the first number, 235, is in millimeters, the second is a percentage, and the last number, 15, is in inches.

What those 3 sets of numbers mean are:

- 235 is the width of the tire in millimeters. It translates into 9.3 inches

- the 75 is the aspect ratio percentage between the tire tread and sidewall

- 15 is the size of the hole diameter for the rim. You will need 15-inch rims to put that tire on your trailer. That translates into 732 mm.

To convert the numbers you simply divide 235 by 25.4 and the answer is 9.3. The 9.3 is then divided by 75% which gives you a 6.9-inch sidewall. To get the overall height of the tire, you add 6.9 + 6.9 + 15 = 28.8

You do 6.9 twice because of the top and bottom sidewalls. There are compatible tires and one mentioned by a trailer owner was the 225/75/15. It is just a thinner tire but will fit the same rim.

ST235 75R15 Trailer Tires


These tires are available. We found them at Walmart and other outlets. The biggest problem you will have though is getting the exact load range of your original set of tires.

We mention that because Walmart was not advertising the load range on its 235/75/15 selection. They were mentioning everything else but not that category. The company carries a wide range of brands at some very attractive prices.

The Ranier Apex brand was a load range C and it was on sale at the Trailer Set Go website. But it is an off-road model tire and may not be what you are looking for.

Amazon has quite a few of these tires as well from different brands. The load rating they and Walmart use is not the letter rating everyone is used. They use the numeric system and the load rating for some of their tires is 104 and 109.

You would have to get to a chart that explains the difference between the alphabet system and the numeric one. You can get his tire in load range C at Tire Mart but you may not recognize the brand names.

This tire is not that hard o find if you are willing to compromise a little bit on the brand name. Just be careful as there are many complaints made against the Chinese brand of tires.

What Does Load C Mean on Tires?


The first issue that needs to be addressed is the letter C. Do not confuse load C tires with C-type tires. The two classifications are not the same nor are they interchangeable. They are two different types of tires and purposes.

The C-type tire is a specially made commercial tire and its code will read- 225/75R16C. Whether you can use C-Type tires on a trailer is a topic for another day.

The load C tire is telling you how much weight the tire can handle at so much PSI. A typical load C trailer tire is rated for 1820 pounds at 50 PSI. But this is not the same for all tires.

Different sizes of tires will have a different capacity at the same load range. So it may say load range C on your tire but it may hold 2000 pounds at 60 PSI (an example only).

Now if you want to tow heavier trailers, then you would have to upgrade to a 235/75/15 load range D or E tire. The further down the alphabet you go, the more weight the tire can hold.

When you change tires, always make sure to fill them to the maximum PSI listed on the side of the tire. Do not overfill and do not underfill those tires if you want maximum performance.

235 75R15 Load Range C


These are fairly good tires and they come in different styles. For example, we have come across regular trailer tires that are best used on paved roads in the summer. Then there are all-season 235/75/15 tires that will work throughout the year.

Another type is the all-terrain tires that let you go over some fairly rough roads. Finally, you will have the off-road 235/75/15s load range C tires that get you almost anywhere you want to go.

To find them you may have to order them off the internet. Walmart seemed to be the only tire store that had them available in their stores. Not many of the dedicated tire stores showed up in our many searches. You may have to do some local searches to see if there is a tire outlet near you with those tires in stock.

Some owners have ordered off Amazon and received their tires in 54 hours. You may be as lucky as that or you may have to wait longer. Goodyear and Cooper make this type of tire so you may want to contact them directly to see how fast you can get a set.

235 75R15 Load Range E Trailer Tires


This load range option may be harder to get. E-trailer did advertise that they had 235/75/15 tires but the highest rated option was load range D. Their first selection was a 225/75/15 LRE.

This may be a better option as the 225s are more readily available and are included in different top best lists for 235s. One list for the 235s did not register a 235 at all. They went with all the compatible tires you can buy that will do the same job as the 235s.

Walmart only listed 225s and 205s in the same rim size and for Load Range E tires. There were no 235s listed for that load range. The only 235s we saw listed in the load range E category were 235/80/16s.

So you may have a more difficult time getting this tire in that load range. But check the different tire outlets to see if they can help you. Their specialty is tires so they would know where they may be on sale in your area.

Or contact different companies directly to see what they can do for you.

Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 Costco


We checked the Costco website and their tire section. They do not carry this brand of tire that we know of. It did not come up in any search we conducted and there is always a good reason for this situation.

Goodyear may not have a contract with Costco to sell its tires. We say that as we found Pep Boys, American Tire Depot, Amazon, Walmart, and many other top tire outlets carrying this tire and brand.

The brands that Costco sells are Michelin, Bridgestone, and BF Goodrich tires. It would be nice if Goodyear was on that list as you could save a lot of money buying through that chain of stores.

Plus, you would get a lifetime warranty, lifetime tire maintenance, and more benefits. The tires that Costco sells are usually in the higher end of the cost range but with the discounts and benefits, you may be saving over the long run.

Of course, that lifetime tire maintenance comes at a cost. You would have to pay an extra $19 for that service. That cost is per tire not per set of tires. So you really are not saving that much.

Costco does have its rules so make sure you read them all before you buy from them.

Some Final Words

Getting tires can be a bit tricky as some brands and sizes are more popular than others. But if you look hard enough, you should be able to find the 235/75/15s load range C & E.

Your best net would be online though but talk to your local tire dealers and see what they have to offer you. Sometimes a compatible tire is just as good as the originals, if not better. There are lots of compatible tires for this model.

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