The EverStart Deep Cycle Battery 29DC (Review, Specs, Amps)

Batteries are not the same. Even though there are only about 6 battery makers left in America, they are not built to the same standards. Some will be better than others, more powerful, and last longer. Which one you get will depend a lot on where you buy it. Famous stores do not always carry great batteries.

This battery is sold at Walmart and with their policy of the cheapest price, do not expect a lot of quality in this battery option. A 12-volt marine battery has 845 MCA and it is a deep cycle battery to boot. It just may be overkill for your RV needs.

To learn more about this battery, its specs, and what people think of it, just continue to read our article. It has the important information to help guide your battery buying decision. Under normal use, this battery is maintenance-free.

Are Walmart EverStart Deep Cycle Batteries Any Good?


Whenever this question comes up in a discussion on batteries, the answer will always be subjective. The answer will depend on the experience the person has with it and what they think of Walmart.

For some owners, this is a great battery as it provides more than enough power to get your RV powered when you are not using AC current. For others, this is not a great battery simply because it is being sold by Walmart.

Still, more people will think it is a bad battery because their experience was more negative than positive. The battery does come with a one-year free replacement warranty but that replacement offer hinges on how it was treated during that year.

In addition to the warranty, there is upgraded technology applied to the construction of this device. This technology helps protect against sulfation and keeps the battery maintenance free for the most part.

Then, it is a powerful back up when you need to power high voltage appliances when you are boondocking.

How Many Amp-Hours is The EverStart 29DC?

According to the Walmart website and specifically the web page advertising this battery it contains 122 amp-hours. It is a dual post battery design which also contributes to the high cycling and recharge abilities.

The construction and the power involved with this battery may be overkill when it is taken out of its marine environment and placed in an RV or travel trailer. That is when they are being used as a chassis battery

The key to using this power option is to watch the water levels. If they go down too far you may ruin the unit and find yourself looking for a replacement. Also, make sure not to completely deplete their power. That is one way to shorten the battery’s lifespan.

This battery brand can last up to 8 years or more under the right care. It is important to maintain them correctly. They are reliable but not if you abuse them. Take the time to keep corrosion away as well.

What is The Difference Between EverStart And EverStart Maxx?


The Maxx is going to be the superior of the two batteries. Their reserve power runs between 100 and 300 minutes while the Everstart may be a bit lower at 95 reserve power. The battery will be a bit larger by 3 inches on one side and 5 inches approx. on another.

Plus, the warranty is going to be better with the Maxx battery. If you buy this option you should get a free 3-year replacement warranty while the regular Everstart’s only are given 1 by Walmart.

When it comes to cold cranking vamps, the Maxx is best in this category as well. it delivers 800 to the Everstart’s lowly 650. However, the weight of the Maxx is considerably lower than the regular Everstart, 37.3 to 47.2 pounds.

Probably the most interesting stat is how it will start and perform. The Maxx is said to provide reliable starts in any weather you encounter. The Everstart is said to be dependable at a value price.

Not very encouraging when looking to have power and save some money at the same time. Finally, The Maxx option is far more expensive than the standard Everstart model. By about $30 approx., sometimes a lot more. The price difference can get to $90 or more at times and depending on the battery model.

EverStart 29DC Specs

The specs differ between the standard Everlast 29DC battery and the Maxx 29DC. Surprising the latter battery costs $30 less than the regular option. here are the specs for both models to help you make the right decision.

1. The regular battery

- 1-year free replacement warranty

- 12-volt marine deep cycle battery

- 845 MCA

- 95 minutes of reserve power

- 122 amp hours

- Dual post

- Maintenance-free under normal circumstances

- Top cycling and recharge capabilities

- Price- $89.97

2. The Everstart Maxx 29 DC

- 2-year free replacement warranty

- 12-volt marine deep cycle battery

- 845 MCA

- 85 minutes of reserve power

- 125 amp hours approx.

- Dual post

- Maintenance-free

- long battery life

- Price- $59.00

There is a slight size difference but that is usually under an inch between the two. To find which battery is best for your camping and RV needs talk to the people at your local Walmart. They should give you a more in-depth idea about both batteries and how they will work for.

EverStart 29DC Amp-Hours


This regular battery only comes with 122 amp-hours. This figure only talks about the battery’s capacity. That may be good and it may not as the battery building formulas are more complex than you may realize.

When you see the term ‘amp hours’ all this is telling you is how much amperage the battery can produce per 1 hour. When you compare batteries, AA options are often labeled in milliamp hours or mAh. While larger batteries like this one will be labeled Ah.

When it comes to deep cycle batteries, their ability to deliver power is measured or stated in C ratings. The C rating only tells you how many amps a battery can deliver for a certain amount of time.

For example, the rating should look like this- 28.6/5 or 28.6 amps for 5 hours. or the same battery can provide 36 amps over 100 hours. The lower the rating, the more power you are losing. This is due to the heat generated by the battery during that 5-hour run time.

EverStart 29DC Reserve Capacity

The 29DC regular and Maxx reserve capacities seem to have some conflicting information. As we listed above the former is supposed to have about 95 and the latter about 85. But we got that information off of the Walmart website.

It has been listed elsewhere that the two battery options will have roughly 210 reserve capacity. We tend to believe this figure as we have looked at other Everlast models and their reserve capacity is in the triple digits as well.

If you are not sure what reserve capacity means, it is the amount of time a fully charged battery at 80 degrees F can supply 25 amps at 10 1/2 volts until the latter drops down. This is measured in minutes and a 210 reserve capacity means it will take over 3 hours for the voltage to drop.

This is an important stat to know as the higher the reserve capacity, the less likely you will run out of power if the alternator fails. Do not confuse this rating with cold cranking amps.

The important thing to remember is that a battery cannot have top numbers in the reserve capacity and the cold cranking amps. If you live in a cold area, you want the higher numbers to be in the CCA category and not the other one.

EverStart Maxx 29DC Dimensions


These are not small batteries and you will find that the regular Everstart measures13.00 x 6.80 x 10.00 Inches (L x W x H). We mentioned earlier that the Maxx 29DC was not much bigger. its measurements are- 13.15 x 6.73 x 9.13 Inches (L x W x H). Both dimensions are taken from the Everstart regular battery Walmart web page and the EZ web page for both batteries.

We do want to point out that the Walmart web page for the Maxx 29 DC has an image of the Maxx 24 DC and not the 29 DC. It also lists a price of $99 instead of the $59.00 reported earlier. One of those pages is in error but we cannot be sure which one it is. The latter price came from the EZ website.

Make sure to measure the space you have available to see if these batteries will fit. Also, check your battery box size to see if it will be a smooth and spacious fit or a cramped and tight one.

EverStart Marine Battery 29DC Weight

The two batteries we have been comparing in this series come in at different weights. The Maxx option weighs 61.7 pounds and the regular Everstart battery weighs in at 58.7. Not much difference between the two and the weights was taken from the same two pages mentioned above.

They are heavy so make sure you have an easy way to transport them from your car to your RV or trailer. You do not want to throw your back out lifting and carrying them.

EverStart Maxx 29dc Warranty


The Walmart warranty for the regular Everstart 29 DC battery is only 1-year. You get a free replacement if the battery was used under normal conditions. This is not hard to do as the warranty should tell you what is or isn’t acceptable use.

If you want to go with the Maxx battery at this level, then you get a 2-year free replacement Warranty. This information is per the labels on each battery. You can get to their warranty or protection web page, Just type in the term warranty in the website’s search box, and you are taken right to it.

This web page provides all the necessary information including terms and conditions. Just scroll down till you get to the part that you are looking for. Then click on the FAQs, the link you need, or just read the page.

Our EverStart 29DC Battery Review

We are not big fans of Walmart products or processes. They can be a bit on the cheap side or not handled in the best of manners. However, from the information we have looked at today, you could do a lot worse than buying an Everstart batter from this company.

These are good batteries that will serve you well. They come with enough reserve capacity, amperage as well as power to keep your appliances, etc. running for some time. They are also reasonably priced fitting your budget when you do not have a lot of extra money lying around.

The batteries seem dependable and reliable so you should not have to worry about getting things started n the morning when you are camping. Just make sure to not abuse them or discharge them too low and you should get a lot of years out of them.

Read the reviews before you buy and talk to people who use this brand. They will give you their experiences and help you make up your mind.

Some Final Words

Batteries come in all different sizes and power levels. Walmart is just trying to make their purchase less expensive and easier on your budget. There are better batteries out there but not for the same low price.

Check the Everstart 29 DC battery out and see for yourself if they will fill the need you have when you are camping, Running out of power at the wrong time is never any fun.

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