Entegra Vision Reviews and Quality (Entegra Vision vs Emblem)

There are a lot of RVs on the road. This is what makes buying a new RV so difficult. You have a wide selection of models to choose from, however, not all these models are built to top-quality standards. Finding those that are, takes time and reading a lot of reviews.

The reviews are mixed for this self-drive RV. Some people like it and others have found that a perfect RV does not exist. The Entegra comes with a 350 HP V8 engine placed on a Ford F53 chassis. It is built to last if you treat it right.

To learn more about this self-drive RV just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is the RV for you. It comes in Class A and Class C sizes and should have a strong chassis underneath.

Who Makes Entegra Vision Motorhomes?


The original company that made the Entegra Vision was called Travel Supreme. This company was started in 1989 by two men with one having no RV building experience. The company put in advanced features in their 5th wheel and coaches that made their product very popular.

Details are sketchy that led to the fall of this company but it went out of business in 2008. The rumors are that the changes the original company made caused the workers to take shortcuts by which the quality of the product diminished greatly.

Travel Supreme went bankrupt in 2008 after a long decline and its pieces were bought by Jayco. This new company folded Travel Supreme into its Entegra line and now these motor homes are made by Jayco.

If you know anything about RV ownership, you will realize that Jayco is not an independent company. It is owned by Thor Industries so technically, Thor Industries owns Entegra.

Despite this chain of ownership, the real history of Entegra is lost to time. Many people claimed it started in 2008 and it may have but it may also be the new star built from the ashes of Travel Supreme.

What is known is that when that latter company went out of business, Entegra seemed to start from nowhere.

Entegra Vision Quality

This brand of RVs is the luxury arm of Jayco and Thor. That means you are paying more to get the quality you want in an RV. These RVs are made to the three companies’ standards and with the extra cost, they do come with a lot of quality features and construction.

Entegra focuses on building the best luxury Class A, B, And C self-drive RVs or coaches. They do not make any 5th-wheel trailers anymore even though the original company did. They also do not make any travel trailers at this time.

If you go by the reviews and owners of this brand of RVs, you will get the impression that they are quality RVs. Those that are satisfied with their purchase have very little bad to say even though they would like to see some more upgrades made to the coaches.

What makes it hard to say how good these coaches are is the fact that many of the models do seem to be victims of employee shortcuts or company changes that lower the standard of construction.

It would be best to say that chances are you will get a quality coach even though some models are not that great when it comes to quality.

Entegra Vision vs Emblem

This comparison is looking at the 2023 models for both RV series. The Vision is made with 4 floor plans while the Emblem comes with only 3. The Vision reaches almost 37 feet in length, is 101 inches wide, and has an exterior height of 12’ 10”.

In comparison, the Emblem is 38’ 8” long, is 101 inches wide, and only reaches 12’ 7” high. Then the Emblem comes with many features you may only find in residential homes. Features like vinyl floor planking, residential fridge, wood framed kitchen window, spice racks, and solid surface countertops.

The Vision only seems to come with a residential sized fridge and microwave. In looking at the interiors, the Vision seems to be more spacious and has a more open look to it. But the Emblem may come with more slides depending on your floor plan purchase.

Other than that, they seem to be the same coach. The exterior design is the same, they both come with 2 AC units, large windows, and extra exterior storage compartments.

The biggest difference will be in price with the Vision costing you about $197,000 and the Emblem costing you just over $229,000. Each model may have a different price tag depending on the optional features you include.

Entegra Vision Reviews


This is where it gets hard to judge the quality of this RV coach. There are a lot of mixed reviews about this model. One discussion forum thread spent its time talking about the upgrades they would like to see made to this model. They did like what came with it but felt that there was room for improvement.

Other review websites had a more mixed reaction to this RV. They did not complain about the cost of the coach but were unhappy with how its features lasted. For some, it was not very long and they are not happy about buying a lemon.

Many of the 5-star reviews were very happy with their purchase even though they did have normal issues. When they reported these issues they said the customer service department went above and beyond their call of duty to remedy the situation.

Other reviewers were not so gracious and were clearly upset that something went wrong on every trip they took. If it wasn’t the generator going out, then it was the wind noise at the windshield. They also said they received bad customer service.

Your experience and how good or bad this RV is will depend if your coach performs well or is in the shop more than you use it. Some owners have the latter experience and are very frustrated.

How Much Does an Entegra Coach Cost?

We can give you the costs for the Vision and Emblem floor plans. There are only 7 of them but the Entegra website is only giving the starting prices for both model series.

For the Vision, the starting price is $196.493 and for the Emblem, the starting price is $229,725. If you want the prices for the other models in both series, then you need to contact Entegra directly. We tried switching models and floor plans but that did not change anything.

This company does make a diesel version and it is called the Anthem. Its starting price, and hang on to your hats, is $705,865. The Class C models start at around $149,000 and the Class B's are listed at starting at about $145,000.

You are not going to find a cheap RV at this company. These prices make it understandable why many owners are very frustrated when things go wrong. Just so you have an idea, the diesel models are 44 feet 11 inches long.

The company also put in a 150-gallon fuel tank and a 100-gallon freshwater tank. According to the floor plan, there seem to be 4 slides included in your purchase.

The Emblem and Visions model series are the only gas models you can buy in a Class A size. The diesel version has 5 different model series to choose from.

Entegra Vision Forums

We found only one Entegra owners' forum listed in our search. You can find it at this link. It is not going to be a very large forum as there do not seem to be that many Entegra owners at this time.

We counted 5 categories with the largest having about 550 posts to it. It has 244 topics to read through. That category was the technical talk. There is a general discussion category which is the second largest category with just over 540 posts and 187 topics.

You may get more interesting conversations at the other RV discussion forums that dot the internet highway. They seem to be a little more active in individual threads labeled Entegra…

The discussion category is mainly for those who want to talk about the good things in their coach or the problems that they are having. However, in viewing that category, the different topics are getting views but no replies.

That means you may get better conversations outside of this forum on its competitors’ forums. You be the judge after you go to their forum through the link above.

Entegra Vision Owners Manual


First, you can go to the Entegra website and navigate the different web pages to find if they have any download versions of the manual. We came across a page called Owner’s Center but you need to log in and have an account to go any further.

Or you can go to an Entegra dealer to see if they have any extra manuals on hand. If you are not looking for a download but a hard copy version, this would be your best bet.

This link will take you to the Entegra Discussion forum and specifically to the thread that lists a lot of owner’s manuals. These manuals cover just about every major feature in your Entegra model.

To access it, you may have to set up an account and log in. Be careful when your search turns up different threads discussing this topic on different discussion forums. Those posts can be up to 10 years old.

Even the posts on the Entegra discussion forum for this topic reach 5 years of age. The best option is to go to your nearest Entegra dealer and pick up the different manuals that you are missing.

The Smallest Entegra Coaches

Entegra does not make 5th-wheel trailers or travel trailers but they do make different coaches in different classes. They also make their models in different lengths. Here are the smallest ones they make:

- Entegra Coach Class A: 2021 Vision 26X - 28 feet 5 inches & weighs 16,000 pounds

- Entegra Coach Class B: 2021 Ethos 20A- 20 feet 11 inches and weighs 9350 pounds

- Entegra Coach Class C: 2021 Qwest 24K- measures 25 feet 2 inches and weighs 11,030 pounds

The Biggest RVs Entegra Makes

Size does matter to some people and getting the biggest and the best is what they want. Here are some of the biggest models this company produces.

- Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel: 2021 Reatta 37K- measures 37 feet to inches and weighs 32,600 pounds

- Entegra Coach Class A: 2021 Emblem 36H- its length reaches 38 feet 8 inches and weighs 24,000 pounds

- Entegra Coach Class C: 2021 Accolade 37HJ- its length reaches 29 feet 4 inches and weighs 31,000 pounds

- Entegra Coach Luxury Diesel: 2021 Cornerstone 45B- it may be the longest of them all at 44 feet 11 inches and it weighs 54,000 pounds

Are Entegra Coaches 4 Seasons?

Are-Entegra-Coaches 4-Seasons

There is some good news here. Due to the way this company constructs its coaches, you can use them in all 4 seasons. From the longest Class A to the Shortest Class B, you should find something for those cold weather months.

At least one model comes with a heated floor so your feet won’t get cold when you get up.

Some Final Words

The Entegra Vision seems to be a very good luxury RV if you have the money to buy one. It looks well-built and the company uses top construction materials and engineering to make sure you get your money’s worth.

Just be forewarned that not every model is going to be free from problems and you may have to see your dealer more often than you would like. As long as the repairs are under warranty, you should not have to pay too much for repairs.

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