Duralast 27DP-DL AMP Hours (Specs, Dimensions, Review)

With so many different types of batteries on the market today, it can be difficult to find the right one you need. The other problem is that there are only 5 to 6 battery makers left in the states. Only the brand changes not the battery type. You can be buying the same battery under a different name.

The DP stands for Dual Purpose and according to some owners, there is not much difference between this battery and the AGM Deep Cycle model. But it is a battery that is great for small motors with 3 or fewer cylinders. They also tend to charge slowly.

To learn more about this battery, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a great battery buying decision. A few minutes is all you need to see how this important information can help you.

What Type Of Battery is a Duralast Marine Battery?


This is a special series of batteries designed to work in boats or other marine vehicles. They are made to last a long time and not give you any trouble with expected performance. Duralast makes 2 different types- Duralast Marine Starting Battery and Duralast Marine Deep Cycle Battery.

Well actually, Duralast doesn’t make anything. Auto Zone parts store owns the brand name and they do not make any batteries either. The Duralast brand of batteries is made by 3 companies- Johnson Control, East Penn, and Exide.

It is not sure which of the three makes the 27Dp-Dl battery. What is known is that this can be the perfect battery for some RV situations when you want reliable starting and running power.

Is Duralast 27DP-DL AGM?

As far as we can tell, no it is not. This is a deep cycle battery, not an AGM model and it does have a dual purpose to it. It is good for starting and cycling making it a very valuable battery to use in your RV or boat.

It is a durable battery that will keep you either on the water or starting your DC features in your RV. The company designed the battery to last at least 5 years and you may get more time out of it if you take care of it.

You may not find this battery sold anywhere except at Auto Zone. It is the exclusive retailer for this brand of battery. Most people we have come across may say nice things about it but those comments may not be accurate according to other owners.

Duralast 27DP DL Specs


The battery seems to come with some fairly decent specs. On the label, it says 12 volts, has 1000 cranking volts and 32 degrees F, 115 amp hours, and 180 reserve minutes. Their recharging time may be slow but some people prefer slow and steady.

Others want a little faster charge and this battery should be able to handle both preferences. When you are using a marine battery for other applications, you should cover the extra terminals you are not using. A good battery cable cover should do the trick.

Some people think you do not have to worry about the exposed extra terminals but it pays to be safe. Talk to a mechanic about what you should do about that situation.

Duralast 27DP-DL Dimensions

Group 27 batteries are not that large. That explains why it does not have a lot of extra amp hours. At best the group 27 batteries measure roughly 12 by 7 by 9 inches give or take a 1/2 inch. We rounded up.

That is a nice size if you have little space in your battery box. Also, you should see Type A battery terminals on top. Some may come with a Type A2 terminal but from the comparison drawings, there does not seem to be much of a difference.

There is no difference between a group 27 and a group 27R battery. They also have 6 cells each to make sure there is enough power to get you going on a cold morning.

Duralast 27DP DL Amp-Hours


Marine batteries, especially in the Group 27 category do not have a large number of amp-hours to work with. This particular model only comes with 115 amp-hours. If you are going to use this battery for a trolling boat, then it should power the motor for days without needing a recharge.

Some owners say that it would be overkill to use this battery in a trolling boat. A smaller battery would be better for a trolling motor but some owners have found success in using this model.

But when you want power, this battery is going to handle different motors with ease. The key is if you want a Duralast or a better brand of battery powering your motors or DC features in your RV?

Duralast 27DP-DL Charging

The best way to charge this battery is by using a smart charger. One that can hold power at 7 Ah and fluctuate between 7 and 10 Ah. A battery charger that only puts out less than 2 amps may take up to 44 hours or longer for the battery to charge.

A battery charger that has a slow speed of 2 amps and a top speed of 15 amps would be ideal. These can be found under different brand names. Many people recommend the Battery Tender and Battery Tender 2 but this brand tends to charge at a less than 2 amp speed.

If you are charging an acid-type battery, then the 10% rule would come into play. If it is a 100Ah battery then you will want a 10 Ah battery charger. If it is a 50 Ah battery, then a 5 Ah charger will work.

Duralast 27DP-DL Price


The battery is exclusive to Auto Zone. This means you will not find it at Amazon, Walmart, or any of the big box stores in your city. It will only be available at Auto Zone. It is a top 12-volt battery.

The cost of the battery in 2009 was $69.99, not a bad deal. 13 years later, you can expect to pay $100 approx., plus an $18 charge. That is not so good but it is a cheaper battery than other brands.

The price may vary depending on the city you are living with bigger cities carrying a bigger price tag for the products sold there. Hopefully, all Auto Zones have the same price tag on this battery. Don’t look for it to be sold at any competitors of Auto Zone.

What Does DL Mean on a Marine Battery?

According to one source, DL is simply a notation telling you that the battery was made by Duracell. So a battery with the label reading 27 DP-DL 2032 only means that it is a Group 27 battery, Dual Purpose, made by Duracell.

The 4 numbers tell you a different story. the first two digits tell you the diameter and in this example that would be 20 mm. The last two digits tell you the thickness which in this case would be 32 mm.

You may see batteries labeled CR2032. The Cr is a generic lettering system similar to AA and AAA. All generic battery makers use CR. Also, DL and CR batteries are interchangeable but the 4 numbers need to match for that swap to work.

Is Duralast a Good RV Battery?


It is hard to say. They are made by some of the top remaining battery makers in America so they should be very good. However, it all depends on what quality Auto Zone wants to pay for.

The three companies we mentioned above are not the only battery makers Auto Zone uses to make its batteries. So the question of how good they are will depend on where they were made and what materials were used to create them.

Some owners have used theirs for at least 5 years and are very happy with the product.

Our Duralast 27DP-DL Review

This battery is made for Auto Zone who should have the best specs for a car battery. However, the battery is only as good as the parts and the company that makes it. It is a durable, long-lasting option but it does not make any top 10 lists or reviews we have been able to see.

In other words, you can do better than this battery. To get them to last a long time, you have to keep up the maintenance on them. If you do not look after the battery, it will not last very long.

Some Final Words

When it comes to performance and budgets, this model will serve both well. It is not the best battery you can buy nor is it the worst. But it does perform well under the right conditions. Just make sure to take care of it so that it will last you a long time.

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