AutoZone Battery Recycling: Does AutoZone Take Old Batteries?

When you store them in your garage, old batteries take up a lot of needed space. Plus, they also pose a little bit of a health risk as old batteries can get damaged and leak. The best thing to do when you replace an old battery is to recycle them. Right now 98% of all car lead batteries made are being recycled.

Does AutoZone take old batteries? Yes, AutoZone does recycle batteries, and if you have old batteries other than the one you are replacing they will accept those as well. Just make sure you check with the store you are going to to find out which batteries qualify for their recycling program.

To learn more about Auto Zone’s battery recycling program just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about in order to recycle your old car and truck batteries. Take a few minutes to learn about their program.

Will AutoZone Take Back a Battery?


Yes, they will and you should contact the store closest to you to find out all the details involved in recycling old batteries. Each store may have different rules so it is always best to check first before arriving on their lot.

If your battery is 4 years old or more, their battery recycling page we just linked to says to bring your car in and they will test your old battery for free. If it is still good, you can continue to use it and not have to buy a new one.

But that is not the only free battery service they offer. If you buy your battery from them, they say they will install it for free as well. AutoZone seems to go the extra mile for its customers besides having a top-quality recycling program.

Also, there is a bit of good news on the battery recycling point. You do not have to return the old battery in your car. If you have a stockpile of old batteries you can bring them in, per their rules, and dispose of them properly.

That means you can get rid of that old battery clutter that is taking up too much space in your garage or basement.

Does AutoZone Buy Old Batteries?

This is a point of contention for some people. There is one side that says no they do not. The $10 gift card is merely returning your core deposit to you. That means that they are not losing any money but making sure you spend it in their store.

There is another group that says that a $10 gift card constitutes a purchase and AutoZone is buying back old batteries. Which side of the debate you sit on is up to you but there is some evidence that supports the buy-back point of view.

On their battery recycling page, AutoZone does declare that they will give you the $10 gift card FOR EVERY battery you bring to them for recycling. What that means is that you are getting paid for disposing of those old batteries even if you did not buy them at their store.

That is good news for those who have a few batteries sitting around their yard or home. Getting rid of old batteries helps make your yard and home look better plus, you get a little cash to buy needed parts or accessories. It is worth considering getting rid of those battery eyesores.

AutoZone Battery Disposal


This company seems to have a very liberal recycling program when it comes to batteries. We found no per day or at one-time limit imposed on batteries like there is for old oil and filters. However, if your old batteries are damaged, defective, or part of a recall, you may not be able to take them to AutoZone.

In fact, even call2recycle says that you need to e-mail a special number to get someone out to your home for a special collection of those damaged batteries. What this information means is that you have to check your batteries to make sure they are in good shape and then contact the store to see if they will take damaged, etc., batteries.

We are not going to speak for AutoZone in this situation so it is always best to call first and ask. If they don’t take those damaged, etc., batteries ask them who does and where to find them. That will be the best way to handle that issue.

If they do take damaged batteries, etc., then you are in luck as they should qualify for that $10 gift card.

Autozone Battery Recycling

It seems that AutoZone doesn't limit itself to old car and truck batteries when it comes to recycling. There is some information out there stating that they will accept marine batteries as well.

We checked both Auto Zone web pages talking about recycling batteries and their phrasing was very generic. They did not limit the type of batteries they would accept but limits do apply as they do say to call them for all the details.

Use a little common sense when returning old batteries as different types of batteries take special handling and are not processed in the same manner. If you do not like this company and won’t do business with them, then you can call a recycling center or try a scrap or junkyard to see how much they will pay for your battery.

Those are your other options or try another auto parts store in your area. There should be lots of stores participating in this recycling program since 98% of all lead batteries made have been recycled.

Here is the link to their second web page on this topic. It also contains the 98% statistic we have quoted a couple of times in this article.

Does O'Reilly Take Old Batteries?


This competitor to Auto Zone does the same things. It will offer you a $10 gift card for every battery brought even if it wasn’t purchased at one of their stores. However, O’Reilly’s web page is a bit more specific when it comes to what type of battery you can return to them.

They clearly state it has to be a lead-acid model. Their $10 gift card exchange is not available at all locations though. They put that disclaimer in small print at the end of the blurb on how to recycle your car battery.

Their web page does provide some interesting statistics about battery recycling and you can read those stats at this link. Like AutoZone, you really should call first. If you are not living in an area that gives out those gift cards, it may be best to go to a store that does.

Needless to say, that recycling old batteries is a very smart thing to do and can make your spouse happy as you are cleaning out the garage. After recycling, you can buy some needed auto parts with those gift parts.

Does Advance Auto Take Old Batteries?

The answer is yes and to stay abreast of the competition, they too offer a $10 gift card when you bring your old batteries to them. Like O’Reilly’s, they have certain areas that do not give out the gift cards and the printing on this web page is much bigger than on the O’Reilly’s web page.

When you go to that link, you will see that Florida, Alabama, and South Carolina outlets are not giving out the gift cards as well as those outlets that are prohibited by law in other states.

However, there is a couple of very interesting pieces of content concerning battery recycling on 2 other web pages from their website. One explains how batteries are recycled and the other provides useful information on jump starting, reusing old batteries, and other topics.

If you are not familiar with jump-starting, that information may be helpful to you as it is a simple and easy process to do. At least, you have battery recycling options and you can go to the auto parts outlet your frequent and like to participate in those different buyback programs.

Spring cleaning may have passed by but that doesn’t mean you can’t clear out those old batteries piling up in your garage.

Does Canadian Tire Take Old Batteries?


This is a Canadian company that may have outlets in America and other countries, so its policies may reflect Canadian law. There is one difference between this company’s gift card offer and the other companies we have already mentioned.

Their $10 gift offer is only for those batteries bought at Canadian Tire. That tells you that this company is not as generous as other auto parts stores and you will have to either look for another company to dispose of old batteries or go to the local recycling center.

When we checked their website, their battery and other recycling information were quite disappointing. They only refer you to other recycling companies in separate provinces and do not seem to have a unified program like the American companies we have already talked about.

Here is the link to their recycling page so you can see it for yourself. On another website, it is said that the Ministry of Environment is encouraging retailers to take back 1 auto battery for every one they sell. That is not a good recycling program or effort.

Also, the take-back program is voluntary so definitely call your Canadian Tire outlet before going to their store with an old battery. You may be redirected to a local recycling center and not get your $10 gift card.

What Should I do With Old Batteries?

While this article talks mostly about auto and light truck batteries, you should not toss any battery you have into the trash. That is not good for the environment and you are wasting raw materials that can be reused.

There are a lot of raw materials that go into all batteries that when reused help keep consumer costs down. Plus, you are helping to protect the environment providing a safer future for your future generations.

The best answer to this question would be to recycle your old batteries. Recycling is a win-win as you can get some store credit at some auto parts stores and what non-auto parts stores offer is up to them. Look for the best deal and which one is the most convenient for you to go to.

It doesn’t matter which company or recycling center you bring those batteries to as long as you recycle them. One thing you shouldn’t do is store them in your home or garage. You never know when they will get damaged and leak.

When they leak, you are putting your and your family’s health at risk. They are also an eyesore which doesn’t help marital relationships that much.

How do I Dispose of Batteries?


As you know by now, there are a lot of good auto parts companies that participate in the battery recycling program. All you have to do is call each one in your area and see what their rules are and then put the old batteries in your car and drive to the store you want to use to dispose of those old batteries.

If you do not have an auto parts store near you, call a big box store that has an automotive section and see what their policies are. Since Walmart and Costco have oil change and tire repair shops in some of their centers, you can also call them and see what they have to say on the issue.

Then, if you do not like or have any of those businesses near you, there are plenty of national and local recycling centers that have a convenient drop of locations you can visit and call. Call first to make sure you use the right packaging to get rid of those batteries.

While you are looking to recycle old car and light truck batteries, you can call different retailers about recycling smaller batteries for toys, watches, phones, and other electrically powered devices.

A little time on the phone can spare you some legal problems as there are laws in some states that prohibit sending batteries to the landfill.

Does AutoZone Buy Old Alternators?

We have not seen anything on whether AutoZone buys old alternators. The only mention of old car parts is on the first link we gave near the beginning of this article. We quote: “you can recycle your old parts and fluids at your local AutoZone.”

As you can see, the company is fairly generic when it comes to mentioning which auto parts they will accept. One word of caution, do not expect all AutoZone stores to be participating in this recycling program.

We have come across no further details on this topic no matter where we have looked. You will have to call your local outlet up and ask them. Getting the information from the horse’s mouth is always the way to avoid confusion and get the real information you need.

You may have to just be content with the old battery offer and leave it at that. Also, keep in mind that states and the federal government may put restrictions on what parts these stores can accept and recycle.

It is not always the store managers or the companies fault for not accepting your used items. This is customer service and usually, it is voluntary participation, not a mandatory one.

Some Final Words

We would like to encourage you to recycle old batteries. Not just the bigger car and light truck models but all sizes types of batteries. From motorcycle batteries on down to cell phone ones.

This is something that can be done with little effort on your part whether you go to AutoZone, one of its competitors, or a local recycling center. Not only do you help preserve the environment, but you set a good example for your children to follow.

Looking good in your children’s eyes is worth all the time and effort you put into this recycling movement. It will make you feel good as well.

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