The 1997-2001 Coleman Sea Pine Pop Up Review (Specs, Manual)

Coleman is a trusted name. For many decades this company has produced great camping equipment. They are also said to have produced some top-of-the-line pop-up campers. Though short-lived production-wise, they are still good pop-ups to use on any camping trip you take.

For roughly 14 years Coleman made pop-up campers with Fleetwood RV. That partnership produced some fine campers including the Sea Pine model. This pop-up camper can sleep 8 giving everyone plenty of room for a good night’s rest.

To learn more about the Sea Pine camper, just continue to read our article. It provides the information you want to know about so you can make a great purchase decision. Used campers are not always bad or in rough shape. Many are kept up by their owners.

Our Coleman Sea Pine Review


As pop-up campers go, Coleman did not think outside the box or push the envelope. It is a standard-looking trailer whether it has been closed or opened. One of the great aspects about this option is that it has many windows or screens to it.

You are protected from any flying insects while camping while still getting more than enough sunlight inside to make the space look larger. The interior is well organized with the main beds on the front and back of the camper. They fold out giving you a lot more living space when you need it.

Inside, the kitchenette is a little cabinet that houses a built-in small fridge and a 3 burner stove. There is a small heater in that cabinet as well so you know you will be warm throughout the night.

The dining table is just to the left of the kitchenette, with two bench seats, one on each side. The thick foam cushions should be nice and comfortable. There are no slide-outs on this version of Coleman’s pop-up camper series but that is okay,. It is long enough to give everyone enough move around space

The biggest drawback to this trailer is the lack of storage space. It will be hard to find enough spots to put your food and other equipment inside the camper. The best thing about this model option is that it sleeps a lot of people so large families can adapt to the lack of storage space and still have a lot of fun.

This pop-up is comfortable and it certainly beats camping out in a tent that is hard to set up when the sun goes down.

Coleman Sea Pine Specs

This is a single axle pop-up trailer despite its length, It is said to go where you want to go so it is a tough camper to be towing. Getting out into the wilderness should not be a problem when you are using this model for your camping trip.

The length of the trailer is 21 feet 11 inches, providing lots of living space for those couples who have large families. If you like a lot of room then the two of you can enjoy using this trailer.

Once opened up, the trailer reaches 7 feet 3 inches high giving you and your taller members of the family lots of headroom. You may find some earlier models in smaller lengths. There should be a 16 and 18-foot option available if you can still find them for sale.

The sleeping capacity in these smaller models will range from 4 to 7 depending on the interior design of the pop-up camper. There does not seem to be that many of the earlier models on sale. Most people have upgraded to more recent versions which were made in partnership with Thor RVs.

But you may still find a few for sale if you do some good research.

Coleman Sea Pine Weight


The 1997 model is said to weigh just under 1600 pounds when empty. That should leave you with a lot of room to pack supplies and equipment if your tow vehicle can handle a lot of weight.

If you own a minivan and want to tow this trailer, you would be pushing the towing capacity limits before you add in your supplies. You have to make sure your tow vehicle can handle a lot of extra weight including passengers before hooking up any trailer.

The 1999 Sea Pine model is said to weigh 1650 pounds cutting down your room for equipment and supplies depending on your tow vehicle. The weight of this model of the pop-up camper will depend on what is included inside and the year it was made.

Sometimes they can be as heavy as 3000 pounds and extreme weights can reach up to 4000 pounds. This discrepancy will depend also on the construction materials used for that model year.

While this is one of the lightest campers to tow, it can still be too heavy for certain vehicles. Check your car or SUV manual to see what towing limits you have to meet. The hitch weight should roughly equal 10% of the dry weight of the camper.

Downloading The Coleman Sea Pine Manual

The first place to check will be Coleman’s online store. They usually have a link that takes you to the manuals they still have in stock. The store is called Coleman Pop Up Parts and there is a link named owner’s manuals you need to click to get to the section.

That link takes you to the owner’s manual page and you will have to scroll down to the model year you want and then click on the link under that year. Also, for the years this article is covering, there will be an owner’s manual for all models.

Another place to look will be at this link. It too covers many different models and Sea Pine is listed as the first one, making it easy to find. Believe it or not, you can buy one through Amazon but it is doubtful that it is a download version. Originals are said to not be in production anymore.

There are not too many options available on the internet for older owner’s manuals for a trailer that has gone out of production. You may have to look for hard copies at dealers or used outlets that sell these campers.

Buying Coleman Sea Pine Parts


Again, the best place to start when you need parts will be direct with Coleman. Their online store does list a lot of parts and you can always contact them if you need something that is not on their web pages.

The link to that store is above and make sure to contact them if you do not see what you need listed. There is a Coleman store that is separate from the Pop Up parts outlet but it is limited to simple camping gear made by the company.

The next best option to try would be the different RV discussion forums. Not only do they have a classified ads section, but many Coleman Sea Pine owners should know where you can get parts if you cannot find any near you.

Talking to owners is one of the best ways to get what you need. You can try Hannah Trailer Parts as that company deals in many used models of pop-up campers including Coleman. They and other parts stores may use the term Fleetwood Coleman and not just Coleman.

You can find their website by clicking on this link.

Coleman Sea Pine Cable Replacement

One thing about cables, there are not a lot of differences between them. You may find that a cable used for another brand of a pop-up camper may work for your Coleman Sea Pine. Cables are cables and the biggest difference between them will be their weight capacity.

Then, if you do not want to take a chance on that being a fact, use the link to the Coleman pop-up parts store above and talk to them. They may have replacement cables you can buy. It is always best to check with the manufacturer first.

Then if they cannot help you, use the other links above for spare parts. Cables would fall into that category and they may have some on hand that will work for your Sea Pine model.

Also, check with your neighborhood cable outlets (not television). They should have something comparable that will work like the original, if not better.

Coleman Sea Pine Awning Options


For this accessory, we will send you back to the same outlets we have already linked to. They should have the awnings that will fit your model of Sea Pine camper. If not, they may know who would and provide you with their contact information.

Awnings are a unique accessory as they can easily be made to fit any model of a pop-up camper. You may be able to find a local awning manufacturer who can make one for you or have something that fits already in stock.

Most awning dealers will be found in your yellow pages or contact used dealers for leads. They should know where you can get them as the internet does not have any specific links to specific companies dealing in Sea Pine awnings.

Then you can talk to a local customizer to see if they can make one for you. These are the options available as awnings are not a must-have part for pop-ups. They are low on the totem pole of priority parts.

1997 Coleman Sea Pine Value

The value for this model is not going to be very high. Unless the camper is in excellent condition and almost at showroom finish do not expect to get a lot for this if you try to resale yours.

We have seen prices below $3000 for the 1997 and we have seen some nice looking 1998 and 2002 going for $1800 and $2495. The price you pay will depend on the seller and how they value their pop-up camper.

There may be room to negotiate as well. One 1998 model kept in good condition was listed at $4500 and you may be able to talk the owner down a little in price. What we are saying is that the price for the 1997 and other model years for the Sea Pine are all over the map, it will depend on condition, use, owner, and so on.

Finding a Coleman Sea Pine For Sale


This is not a hard task. A quick search for Coleman Sea Pine campers produced a lot of used dealers advertising their stock. The problem is they are selling more than just the 19967 to 2002 model years. That may make your decision harder or you may find a more recent model for a very good price.

These online dealers are listing Sea Pine models from around the country so there is a good chance that you will find one in good condition at the price you want to pay near you.

To get to these dealers and their stock options, just put ‘Coleman Sea Pine pop-up campers for sale’ in your search box and you will have a lot of results to go through. There is no shortage of these.

Plus, you can always go to the different RV forums and check their classified sections. Someone is always selling something on these forums including this model of a pop-up camper.

Some Final Words

Coleman has had a good reputation in the camping world for over 120 years. Their pop-up trailers are supposed to be some of the better models made. The Sea Pine is a good camper to use and it should be large enough and tough enough to go where you want to camp.

Just make sure to get it at the price you want to pay so you can enjoy your camping trip with peace of mind.

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