Coleman Mach Thermostat Wiring Diagram: How Do You Hook It Up?

When you want to run your Coleman air conditioner or heat pump, all you need to operate it is a little power. To get that power, you need to wire the thermostats correctly and the unit should run as advertised. It is not hard to wire one of these devices when you replace an old one.

The key to hooking up this thermostat is putting the wires in the correct places. You have to make sure the right colored wire goes to the correct color terminal or connection to have it run properly. Bad wiring can ruin the device and cost you more money.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. Take a few minutes to see how helpful this information is and how it can help you to wire your thermostat easier and correctly.

How do You Hook up a Coleman Thermostat?


If you can read wiring diagrams, the easiest way to do this task is to follow the diagram. You will have to go slowly so you do not make any mistakes along the way. Also, you do not want to create a short when you are trying to fix the original problem.

With the color-coded system, it should not be that difficult to wire the thermostat. All you have to do is connect the colored wire to the connection point that uses the same color as the wire does.

Your only problem may be that the ground wire may not be a color that you are used to seeing. That can complicate everything when you do not see the color you are used to using for the ground connection.

If you do not like working around electrical items, then it is best to hire someone who doesn’t mind that type of work. It takes a lot of concentration to make sure you do not make a wiring mistake.

Coleman Mach Thermostat Wiring


One thing to realize about wiring this device is that there is a specific order or arrangement for the wiring to make sure all components work effectively and as designed.

To make sure that you get this order and arrangement correct, you need to follow the wiring diagram. If you cannot see one in your owner’s manual, then you can contact Coleman directly or pull one off the internet.

The problem with using the last option is that the instructions only look like they are written in English. The websites we checked were very incoherent and did not properly explain what you need to do.

You would need to talk to a professional who handles this brand of thermostats to be able to get good direction in how to wire this thermostat. If you hire them to do it for you the repair can get fairly expensive. One owner paid almost $500 for two repair attempts by a professional.

You have to be careful when you hire someone to wire your thermostat. It should be easy to do because of the color-coding but it is hard to say with the way technology works these days

RV Thermostat Wiring Diagram 6 Wire


What we are going to do here is link you to some websites that have multiple wiring diagrams for this brand of thermostat. 

This website does not label its diagrams. It just says electrical diagram or single phase over top of each image they place on its pages. Click here if you are brave enough to try to dissect what they are saying and if the diagrams will help you or not.

This final website may be more of a help than the previous two as it lists the different parts of the Coleman Mach AC unit. But you be the judge as you read through the content and examine the images.

If you cannot understand these explanations or the diagrams, contact a Coleman dealer who can help you out.

What Color Wire Goes Where on a Thermostat?


From one of the diagrams we saw on the preceding websites, we were able to see how the different colored wires line up. The key is to be careful when looking at the shorthand used on the thermostat. it can get confusing if you are not careful.

The white wire will connect to the terminal marked W2 AUX and the brown wire will connect to W with a couple of symbols under that letter. For Y and Y2 terminals the former connects with the yellow wire and the latter connects with an orange-colored wire.

The red wire will go to RH but not RC and the blue wire connects to the terminal marked C. Then the green wire goes to the terminal marked G. The green wire seems to be the only logical connection except for the yellow wire.

One thing we noticed on the diagram was that the other end of the connection may not be coordinated with the same codes. You may just find an R and a HUM set of letters replacing the RH & RC while the HUM stays vacant.

Make sure to have your owner’s manual handy if it contains a wiring diagram and clear, more coherent instructions.

How do You Wire a Camper Thermostat?


There seem to be no strict industry standards when it comes to electrical wiring. You will have to look at all the material that comes with the device to make it work with your specific camper.

You may end up drawing your own wiring diagram that includes the following: color codes, functions, and terminal numbers. To wire, all you need to do is take the outer cover off and then loosen any of the connection screws that will hold a specific wire.

Then use wire strippers to remove about 1/4 of an inch of insulation to get them ready for connection. Next, connect the wires to their correct terminals. 1 is usually ground and it takes a black or blue colored wire; 3 is the hot terminal and connects with a red wire; 5 is the supply wire and it has the yellow wire connected to it.

No. 6 is the fan speed and takes 1 green wire, while 7 takes the second green wire, and finally, 8 has the white wire as it is the supply wire to the furnace. Once the wires are connected, just tighten down the screws, and you are done.

How do I Test my Coleman Mach Thermostat?


The best way to test the thermostat would be to use a multimeter to see if it is getting any power. If it isn’t, you may have placed a wire in the wrong spot, have a short, or even have no power in the batteries.

You can check your wiring to see if you made a mistake. If you have, you just need to correct that mistake and place the wires in their rightful spots. If you have a short, then check your fuse or circuit breaker to see if they have been tripped or blown.

If so check for the location of the short and fix that. Then replace the fuse and flip the breaker back into its proper position. Also, turn the thermostat to your desired temperature level and see if the AC kicks in and steps at that designated spot. If not, then you have more work to do.

Coleman RV Thermostat Wiring Color Code

Coleman has created its own standard for color-coding its wires. The company uses the following colors in its thermostats- red, white, gray, green, yellow, and blue. These wires are connected in the following manner:

- white- goes to the furnace (WF)

- gray is for the low fan speed (GL)

- green is for the high fan speed (GH)

- yellow powers the AC compressor (Y)

- red is hot (R)

- blue is your ground wire (B)

- white/black goes to the heat pump (WHP)

Some Final Words

Wiring your Coleman Mach Thermostat should be left up to the professionals unless you are up to the task of DIY. It can be fairly confusing when you look at the wiring diagrams but the color code given above should make everything clearer.

Again, do not try to wire your own thermostat if you are not comfortable working around electrical items. Or if you do not have the proper wiring skills. Let a professional handle this task.

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