Coach-Net Reviews: Is Coach-Net Worth It? (Cost, Benefits)

There are going to be different opinions. One group of people will never be satisfied with the service they get from their emergency road service membership. Another group will be and both groups have strong opinions on Coach-Net and other similar services you can sign up as a member. We will just give you the facts.

The fee for the first year may seem a little high but emergency towing can be even higher. The fee is worth a little peace of mind unless you already have emergency roadside memberships at other companies. Also, it is always good to have it even if you do not use it.

To learn more about Coach-Net and its roadside plans just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the right decision concerning emergency roadside service. Having a plan can save you a lot of trouble.

Is Coach-Net Worth it?


Many people carry emergency equipment, tools, and fluids just in case. They may not use those items but the expense is worth it because you never know when you will need to do emergency repairs.

The same goes for Coach-Net. You may never use it but it will be there if you ever need help when you are stuck on the side of the road. When you are caught in that situation, you will be glad to have the protection as emergency repairs and towing can add up. That expense can ruin your holiday.

Consider it an investment in peace of mind. You know you have help wherever you are when a good RV breaks down. But before you sign on the dotted line, make sure to read the fine print. You do not want to fall into any exclusions that may be hidden by the size of the printing.

Coach-Net Roadside Assistance Reviews

It has been mentioned a couple of times in our research results. No company will be 100% perfect and Coach-Net will fall into that category. Part of the negative reviews is that many RV owners who signed up with this company may have thought they were covered for certain issues.

Turns out they weren’t and the misunderstanding caused more than a few tempers to fly. For the most part, all we found were good reviews of the company and its service. There are some members who have had terrible experiences and it happens.

Plus, you have to take those negative reviews with a grain of salt. Their problems were the result of their own bad behavior and unrealistic expectations. Not all, but most. While people have complained about the service going downhill while the costs go up, those complaints do not outnumber the many positive reviews the company has received.

What Does Coach-Net Cover?


This is a long list as the company has two plans. One plan is for towables and the other is for self-drive RVs. Both will cover some of the same basics, like your spouse, children under 24, your personal vehicles, and even someone else’s car.

The plans can cover technical advice given over the phone, or send a mechanic to your location to handle the fix. Plus, it will tow you to the nearest approved service outlet. Plus, you can get unlimited tire repair service.

They will deliver water, gas, oil, and different engine fluids. There is also emergency travel assistance when someone needs medical attention. Then there is battery jumping, free connection to a locksmith, and free removal of stuck RVs or cars.

The details and which coverage you get depend on the level of plan you buy and which plan you buy. Make sure to read the plans carefully as there will be situations that those plans will not cover. Save yourself the embarrassment and know what is not covered when you have a problem.

Coach-Net Basic vs Premier

The biggest difference between these plans will be their cost. There is a $70 difference between the two. But, the company has changed the names on its plans. We checked their website and all they offer is the premier tow and the premier coach.

The former costs $179 while the latter costs $249 and it seems that you get a lot of the same benefits and coverage from both plans. Of course, the more expensive the plan will bring a few more benefits.

Their website is both very informative but at the same time not informative enough. You will get basic information on their website and you should talk to the customer rep service if you have any questions about either plan.

Also, read some reviews and talk to members on the different RV discussion forums to get the full picture before you sign up. Not everyone is satisfied with this service.

Coachnet Benefits


The benefits of both plans are found on the 24/7 protect web page on the Coach-Net website. Here they are and it looks like both plans offer the same number of benefits and services for both plans. we are quoting directly from that web page:

- all-inclusive coverage- Coverage includes Member, spouse, and dependent children ages 24 and under, and all other personal vehicles owned, rented, borrowed, or leased.

- RV technical assistance hotline

-Travel assistant services- If you are hospitalized more than 150 miles away from home within the United States or Canada, AirMed will provide you with access to travel assistance services 24/7

- Unlimited towing and unlimited tire service

- unlimited battery boosts, lockout service, mobile mechanic, & appointment service

- tire and camping discounts, along with hotel and motel discounts

- and more

These are listed under both plans so buying one over the other may save you some money. But do a further check to see if the more expensive plan has more benefits.

How Much Does Coach-Net Cost?

We have found only 2 prices which we reported earlier. The Premium tow is only $179 and the premium coach is $249. The reason for this disparity in cost is that towables do not come with an engine. The repair work on them will be less.

There is a renew membership button at the top of the web pages. We clicked on it but could not get a price as we are not members of this service in need of renewal. We have found that after the first year, the annual membership fee is $149.

But talk to the company to verify that information. It is a nice saving if true. Plus, having protection set up allows you to enjoy your time on the road better. Always check with the company so you have the correct information. Do not always rely on reviews and other people’s experiences.

Does Coach-Net Cover The Tow Vehicle?


Yes, it does and we will quote the two benefits sections addressing the towing coverage. The first is the all-inclusive coverage which says:

Coverage includes Member, spouse, and dependent children ages 24 and under, and all other personal vehicles owned, rented, borrowed or leased.” (bold ours).

Now the towing benefit:

No mileage or dollar amount limits – no out-of-pocket expense when towing your disabled vehicle to the nearest qualified repair facility.”

Again we will advise you to clarify any questions you may have about these two statements with the company. There are certain things not covered by your membership and you need to know those before you have a problem.

Many members have had problems when they thought they had coverage when they didn’t. Instead of listening to reviews, ask your questions about the company before you sign up.

Does Coach-Net Cover Cars?

If you own an RV or a trailer, then yes, there is some coverage available. As we quoted above, the company seems to take care of its members and makes sure all their vehicles are covered.

But is there a separate membership for car owners only? The answer would be no there isn’t. We only found the two membership plans on their website and on their join now web page, they list the vehicles that their membership plans include.

You need to own one of them to have coverage for a car. According to one member, they have used this service for different needs and they are approx. 6+ years ahead of the game if they had not paid for the coverage.

Plus, they have saved a lot of money just through the use of their roadside technical assist hotline. We are not saying that everyone will get this savings but put it up here to show that you can get a lot of savings if you sign up.

Coachnet vs Good Sam

This is one of the more popular comparisons out there. Good Sam is cheaper to join at $69, but they also raise the membership fees to $118 for every year after. Coach-Net lowers its membership without sacrificing any benefits.

One difference between the two is that Coach-Net only offers 2 membership plans. Good Sam offers 3 levels of membership. However, those memberships have different costs and benefits.

Another difference is that Coach-Net does not offer discounts while Good Sam will for first-time members. Then speaking of discounts, Coach-Net offers discounts on RV supplies, campgrounds, hotels, and motels. You have to sign up to be a member of Good Sam’s discount club

Finally, you get 24/7 emergency roadside hotline help from Coach-Net. Good Sam only offers this in limited membership plans. In other words, you are not going to get the repair help you need if you bought the wrong membership.

Coachnet vs FMCA

FMCA has been around for about 25 years longer than Coach-Net thus its membership fees may be cheaper. Plus, they have over 500,000 members which help to cut down on fees. It was started in 1963 and the letters stand for Family Motor Coach Association.

FMCA also has a discount club that offers discounts for pets, medical help, insurance, and different camping options. Their website will outline those discounts as those are just a few you can receive through this roadside service.

The company also provides a lot of benefits that may be more attractive than Coach-Nets offers. For membership costs, you have to pay $60 for the first year and $50 every year after. Plus, you can sign up or renew for 3 years at one time.

The caveat here is that while the membership is cheap, you may face additional costs when the company provides its services.

Coach-Net vs AAA

Does-Coach-Net-Cover-The-Tow-Vehicle (2)

This is the granddaddy of all roadside service companies. It has been helping motorists for over 100 years and they have many travelers’ booklets that they have published to help motorists find what they need and tell them what to avoid.

Their help goes beyond just roadside service. The problem with AAA is that they do not specialize in RVs. Their company has been around for a very long time and they have developed services related more to car travel than any other mode of transportation.

The company has about 5 roadside programs but you have to buy the basic membership first, then add on the program you want and pay extra for it. AAA is better for cars while Coach-Net is better for RVs.

The AAA website is not very easy to navigate either. It may take some time before you get to the right web page with the correct information you need.

Some Final Words

Some owners have multiple emergency roadside service memberships. This may be overkill but it also may be prudent. You can get different benefits from different companies offering the same type of service.

The extra coverage can help you save money on different needs. Just keep in mind that all companies mentioned here will not be perfect and the help you receive depends more on the local people involved than the company.

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