Can You Walk on the Roof of an RV? (Helpful Guide + Tips)

People like to use their roofs for a good vantage point. They get a better view and the cool air feels great. The same feeling applies to RV owners, their roofs provide them with a great seat to fireworks and other important events.

Can you walk on the roof of an RV? Yes, it is possible to walk on the roof of your RV. But it is better if your RV has a ladder option. It seems that those RVs with ladders come with a thicker roofing deck. That means it is safer to walk on your RV’s roof than a coach or TT without one.

To learn more tips and how to walk on the roof of your RV safely, just keep reading our article. It is filled with the information you need to know about so you do not make an RV mistake.

Are RV Roofs Safe to Walk on?

Some are and some aren’t. Those RVs that come with ladders should be safe for most people to walk on. But you need to know that RV roofs are not as strong as a house roof and they do come with weight limits.

The sticker on TTs and RVs should be located on the back of your vehicle. This sticker tells you how much weight your roof can hold. If you are above that weight capacity then it is not safe for you to walk on the roof.

A fiberglass roof is the strongest one made for RVs. This means that you should be able to walk safely if your RV has one of those roof styles. Other roofs you should consider their age, the shape they are in and other factors before trying to get up there and do a little maintenance.

If the roof is wet, it is not safe or advisable to walk on top of your RV.

Can You Walk on a Fiberglass RV Roof?


Yes, you can. Of all the RV roof styles, the fiberglass option is the strongest. That means you should be able to walk safely on a fiberglass roof. There are some things you should do to help make it a little safer. First, you should walk on the rafters and not in between them.

Second, you should crawl as this position is safer than walking. Your center of gravity is lower and you should have more balance. Third, if you have been drinking, it is best to stay off the roof.

Even a few beers can alter your perception and make it a little risky being up on the roof of your RV. Finally, even with fiberglass roofing, you should never lean over the edge. If you have to do work on the edge or side of your RV, use a leaning ladder instead. It is safer.

What About EPDM Rubber Roofing?


This roofing style is designed to handle some foot traffic. It is made more for light foot traffic and not for daily use unless you really have a problem up there that needs lots of time to fix.

Also, you should reinforce the roof area where you will be walking regularly. This reinforcement helps prevent further damage to the roof and protects you at the same time. There are companies out there that can help you with this part of the process, if you want.

Even on a rubber roof, there are activities you shouldn’t do. One is, don’t walk backwards. You may not see how close you are coming to the edge and may take a hard fall.

Then if your rig doesn’t come with a ladder, you should use an extension ladder that goes about 2 feet above the roofline of your RV.

Walking On a TPO RV Roof

It shouldn’t be a problem walking on your TPO styled RV roof. Just follow all the safety protocols and you should be okay. There will be those maintenance times you have to get up on the roof and fix. Things like leaks needing sealant, and so on requires that someone needs to go up there and fix them.

Check your owner’s manual or look for that weight capacity sticker on the back of your RV. If you meet or are under the weight limit, then you should be fine, as long as you step carefully. If you are over the limit, send a lighter person up to handle the repair task.

How to Walk on RV Roof Safely


There are several ways to walk safely on top of your RV. The first way is to put some 4 by 8-foot sheets of plywood up there first. The plywood helps distribute your weight making it safer to walk.

Or if you do not have plywood some 2 by 4s will do the same thing for you. Weight distribution is the key to walking on an RV roof. The third thing you should do is not walk on or near where cutouts have been made to install accessories.

These roof areas are a lot weaker than other parts of the roof so be ultra-careful when near them. Finally, you should walk on the rafters and not in between them. The rafters provide the best wight support you can get.

Think about drywall. The RV roof is like that. It is strong where it has support and weaker when it gets further away from that support.

Some Final Words

Walking on the roof of your RV is not outlawed. Sometimes it has to be done. If you follow the safety tips mentioned in each section in this article, you should be good to go. Safety is always first, especially when you are on top of an RV roof.

Make sure to check for the weight limit of the roof before taking your first step on it. Then find ways to distribute your weight and walk on the rafters. That way you can avoid expensive injuries.

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