Top Idaho Rest Areas: Can You Sleep at a Rest Stop in Idaho?

Traveling can be fun. It can also be tiring especially when you need to cover long distances. That is why the rest stop network was created. These little areas provide you with the opportunity to stop, rest, go to the washroom, and have a nice picnic lunch, all for free.

Can you sleep at a rest stop in Idaho? Yes, you can sleep at a rest stop in Idaho for 8 hours. There are only 3 interstate highways that go through this state. The top rest stops should be found along those routes. Huetter is near Coeur d'Alene and has lots of amenities for you to use.

To learn more about sleeping at rest stops in this state, just continue to read our article. it explores the topic so you have the best information possible. Of course, rules and regulations can change at any moment depending on the administration in power at the time.

Can You Sleep at a Rest Stop in Idaho?

The rules governing Idaho rest stops are fairly generic. You cannot do any activity at their rest areas other than resting and relaxing. That means that camping is out. Whether Idaho officials consider being in an RV is camping is up to the officials of the state.

The time limit you can stay at these rest stops is fairly generous as you are allowed 8 hours at the ones along the interstates and 16 at the ones populating the state highway system. This means that you can sleep a little bit as that is considered resting.

The reason you are allowed to stay so long at this state’s rest areas is you are to recuperate from the fatigue of travel. You may be asked to move along if you are doing other activities than that. keep the lawn chairs inside and the awning retracted when at these rest stops.

How Long Can You Stay in Idaho Rest Area?


As was just reported, the Interstate rest stops only allow you to stop for 8 hours and you cannot break out the tents or sleeping bags. You may sleep in your car or RV as long as it is determined that you are not violating the rules of the rest area use.

The other highways, non-federal, allow you up to 16 hours for the same reason and have the same rules. Some of these rest areas have wifi service so you can stay connected to your loved ones while you are traveling.

Not all of them have the same amenities so you might want to do some research and pick out the ones that would be best for you to stop at. We will be reviewing specific ones but those rest stops may not fit your plans so doing your own research is vital.

Is it legal to Sleep in Your Car in Idaho?

Different states have different rules. That is the unique aspect of traveling and also what makes it complicated to travel. No uniform rules are governing all rest stops when it comes to sleeping in your car.

There is if you want to camp as all states prohibit that activity. The good thing about Idaho is that they don't make a distinction between sleeping in your car or your RV. You get the standard 8 hours at the interstate rest stops and 16 at the state highway ones.

As long as you are resting from your long hours on the road, you should have no problem with sleeping in your car. Be careful as many other states do not allow it and you may be asked to move along if you are caught doing it.

Some of the rest stops have a caretaker and they may report you if you overstay your welcome.

Idaho Rest Area Closures


At the time of this writing, all of Idaho’s rest stops listed on this map are open. That can change at any time especially when Fall and Winter set in. We suggest you save this link in order to check if there is a change of status.

 Here is another map with most Idaho rest areas:


There is no indication that any of those rest stops are closed at this time. Weather or criminal activity can change that status very quickly. We suggest keeping tabs on these rest areas to make sure you will have no problem stopping and getting some rest.

Detailed Idaho Rest Area Rules

There are a couple of links you can go to to get a very detailed list of rules but here are some of the basic ones that will apply to everyone:

  • Maximum length of stay is 10 hours on Interstate rest areas, and 16 hours at all other rest areas.
  • Camping is not permitted.
  • Fires are not permitted, except for barbecues and gas grills.
  • Dogs and cats must be leashed, caged, or under physical control.
  • Selling services or products, or vending of any kind, is prohibited.
  • Running your generator all night is prohibited.
  • Dumping your gray or black tank is prohibited, except into a waste contained designed for this purpose.
  • Dumping trash that was brought in from your home, or another campsite.
  • Driving in excess of 15 MPH.
  • Parking your RV or trailer in a location not designated for such vehicles.

Other rules can be found at this link as there are far too many to list here. The majority of those rules shouldn’t apply to the average rest stop user but it will pay in the long run to be familiar with them just in case.

Best Rest Stop Near Idaho Falls


There are about 4 that are pretty close to Idaho Falls. The best one seems to be Blackfoot, either north or south-bound options. This rest area has 8 amenities you can take advantage including talking to the caretaker.

It is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you have a nature trail to walk, a dog area to use as well as a picnic area to eat lunch at. The next rest stops are 76 and 66 miles away depending on which direction you are traveling. The building looks modern, well kept, and safe.

Both sit at mile marker 101 on I-15, if you are headed north the closest town will be Idaho Falls but if you are headed south, you will still be close to that city but Pocatello will be closer.

In total there are 6 rest stops along this highway to choose from.

Interstate 84 Idaho Rest Stops

To get rest from travel fatigue when you are driving this federal road, you have lots of choices to stop at. There are 9 in total if you count the east and westbound directions separately. if not, then you have about 5 to stop at.

Snake River at mile marker 1 is the lone one for that section of the road, and Bliss, Blacks Creek, Cotterall, and Juniper all have an east and westbound off-ramp. The Snake River location is right at the Oregon Idaho border while the others are spread along the highway with 2 near the I86 and I84 interchange.

Right now they are all currently open and come with some nice views. The Snake River option has wifi, a nature trail as well as a patio area. The Bliss one only has 5 amenities to take advantage of and nature trails are not one of them.

Idaho I-90 Rest Stops


Currently, there is only 1 rest stop in Idaho along the I90, it is called Huetter and it is at mile marker 8. There is an east and westbound option and it has wifi, a dog area, a bike path, and more.

There is a rest Stop called Lolo located at Mile Marker 174 and the closest town to it is Lolo MT. It also has 8 amenities to use with a phone and wifi system installed. Vending machines and a family area are also at this location as they are at other rest stops in the state.

Both rest stops are open 24 hours 7 days a week, however, the visitor center is only open between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Both have handicapped parking although those spaces are very minimal in number.

The closest town to the Huetter rest stop is Coeur d'Alene, Idaho to the east, and Spokane WA to the west, (large city).

Boise Idaho Rest Stop

Heading west, Boise is the closest town to the Blacks Creek rest stop. This area has 7 amenities to it but no nature trails. It does come with 4 handicap parking spots and a family assist restroom.

The visitor or restroom building is nice, looks clean, and easily accessible. A dog area is there as well for those people who like to bring their pets with them. The eastbound rest area is also at mile marker 62 and has the same facilities that the westbound rest area has.

It is not far from Boise but if you are traveling east then the closest town would be Mt. Home. There is no wifi system at either stop but a phone is available if you need it. Right now it is open 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Garden of Eden Rest Stop Idaho


Unfortunately, this is not an Idaho rest stop. It is a truck stop with full amenities for truckers as well as other travelers including RV families. There is a full-service restaurant as well as a Taco Bell, Blimpies, and a Krispy Krunchie Chicken outlet.

The truck stop is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you should be able to get different food, some rest, fuel as well as a shower. The reviews are mixed but then we do not totally trust reviews as some people have an axe to grind. One reviewer liked it for its salad bar while another thought the French Dip sandwich was terrible.

The bathrooms are said to be dirty and food was found on the floor in the cooking area. It is also said to be one of the dirtier truck stops you can enter. Your assessment may differ as that may have been a bad day when that reviewer stopped in.

Bliss Idaho Rest Stop

This is not a full-service rest area and it doesn't have most amenities that the others in the state have but it does have the basics. You can meet your needs if you miss stopping at the other rest stops along I84.

It is at mile marker 133, plus there is an east and west-bound access road to it. 3 Handicap parking spaces are available, as well as vending machines, a drinking fountain, and a dog area.

The building on site looks modern, clean, and well taken care of. It has open ground around it so you can walk to and from the bathroom without having to worry. heading east Bliss is the closest town with Glenns ferry the one to the west.

Not too far away is Hagerman Rest Area on highway US30. It is about the same as the Bliss option when it comes to amenities.

Some Final Words

Getting sleep at Idaho rest stops is not a problem. However, we saw one website that says no overnight parking but that seemed strange since you do get 8 and 16 hours at different rest stops in the state.

You don't have many to choose from though so plan your trip accordingly. Only a few are off the beaten track.

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