Best Camper TV Trays (5 Options For Kids, Foldable, Light)

RV TV trays may only be a small niche and you may not find what you are looking for. Even an owner with Thomas Payne chairs cannot find TV trays that fit that brand of chair. If you do find them, they may be very expensive. Using regular TV trays may be the way to go.

One option, found at Amazon, would be the LORYERGO TV Tray. It slides under the sofa or chair and has 3 angle options. That makes it very versatile and convenient to use for other tasks. Adapting may be your only solution when it comes to RVs.

To learn about the best TV trays for RVs, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue and sees if there are actual TV trays made for RVs. It may not be as popular as you would think as normal traditional trays would work just as well.

Finding Camper Tv Trays


This may be a very difficult task to fulfill as most websites we have come across talk about adapting traditional TV trays for their RVs and not promoting any specifically made for campers, trailers, and RVs.

These trays may not be popular as we do know there is a brand out there that makes chairs to accommodate t.v. trays but so far those trays have not been located. This product may be only a niche item for those RV parts and accessory stores.

If so, expect to pay a lot of money for them as one owner reported a price of $300 for 2. Another person put his old dinette stand on his wood t.v. tray and used that for his dinette table.

Small RV Trays For RVs

Camping World is advertising a pair of TV trays for the avid camper. But they are the traditional fold-up style you will find in most homes. They are selling for about $45 for the pair and seem to come in different colors and patterns.

Their compact size should work for most RVs, trailers, and campers. Plus, they can fold up and be put out of the way until needed again. For some reason, they are very heavy, 16 pounds, for a 19 by 15 by 26-inch TV tray.

Folding Tv Trays For RV


One available model is found at Walmart and it sells for about $20 for one. It is an adjustable TV tray that may be what you need. The tray folds up and can be stored away when you do not need it.

The measurements are 18 by 26 by 28 inches with the 26 inches being the tabletop. It comes in a nice design and is said to clean up nice and easily. The good news is that it weighs under 6 1/2 pounds. When folded it lies nice and flat so you should have lots of storage options.

Lightweight Tv Trays For Camping

The AMERIERGO Folding TV Tray Table is a very versatile product. Not only can it be used for eating in front of the television set, but it also can be used for laptops, writing, and just about any other purpose.

The weight with the packaging is supposed to be just over 7 pounds which makes this a little lighter than the one in the previous section. Plus, it folds up flat so you can take it inside your camper and find a nice out-of-the-way spot for it.

Because of the construction materials, the price is a little higher than normal, approx. $34, but no assembly is required.

Best Camping Tv Trays For Kids


When you have small kids, it may be best to get a TV tray with built-in walls around the tabletop. The Bed Tray Table Folding Legs found at Amazon may be the best option for your kids. it is perfect for camping and allows for accidents to happen without letting a mess develop.

When opened up the tray measures 15 by 7 by 11 inches approx and when folded that 11 inches go down to just over 2 inches tall. The estimated weight is just over 2 pounds making it light enough for children to carry.

Storing this tray should not be a problem and you should be able to find an out-of-the-way spot for it to rest when not in use.

RV Cup Holder Tv Tray


When you are looking for something to hold your drink while you read, work or eat, the Table-Mate II Plus Stable-Tech Folding TV Tray Table may be your answer. It can hold up to 40 pounds.

Also, this TV tray can slide under the chair you are sitting in keeping it secure. Then it is adjustable so you can use it for any member of your family. The 3 tilt angles let you do other work, etc., after you have finished eating. The overall measurements are 21 by 15 by 29 inches approx.

The bad news is that it costs about $40 for just one.



One good idea is to use your old dinette table leg and attach it to the TV tray top. That is if you do not need that leg anymore. This option keeps the tray secure and steady. Or you can buy lightweight materials and make your own from scratch.

Some Final Words

There doesn’t really seem to be a separate category for RV TV trays. You may end up having to use the traditional TV trays made for traditional homes. But that is okay as they will work in your camper, trailer, or RV.

Plus, they should fold up nice and small when you buy the right ones. Storage should not be a problem when you own larger campers, etc. Smaller campers, etc. may give you a little storage problem.

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